Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change in plans

Good Morning,

We have had a couple of really busy days. Monday Jesse saw a cardiologist, and Tuesday she was at the hospital for an echo. Both test showed the same results, Jesse's heart is weakening. The "squeeze" of the left ventricle started normally at 40 in October. At the end of round 3, is was 24, and with just the week at home, it is now 20.8. They have started Jesse of heart medication to help her out. For her next round of chemo, it means that she will not receive one of the drugs, and will only have the cytarabine, which she has every round. She will have an "easier" round, but will miss a very important chemo to treat her Leukemia. Round 5 drugs do not affect her heart, so they will stay the same. Jesse's check in date is March 4th, and that will also be her first day of chemo.

Clent is still in pain, and has had 12 hours of sleep total since last Thursday. I am sure he wishes I would just club him over the head so he could have a few more hours of sleep :)

Lindsay has made her plans to come for the next visit, March 15. We are excited to have her help and just having ALL the girls together.

Have a blessed day, and enjoy our 80 degree Arizona weather.

Love, Team Catron


judy said...


I'm praying for you, that God strenghtens your heart. Keep your head up, your a tough girl. Will see you soon. Judy

Erica said...

Praying the Lord strengthens your heart Jess and that there are no ill effects by missing this chemo drug. Love you bunches.

Anonymous said...

God is the lifter of our heads. He promises His goodness to us and for us. Continue to stay strong. I am sorry about the pain and the recent news of Jesse's heart. I am so thankful when reading that you are a family that serves and knows the Lord. We love you! Great to hear that Lindsay is visiting soon and the family will all be together very shortly.

Love you all,


Elissa Hill said...

We are still praying for you Jesse!And praying for a stronger heart. We love all of you guys.

Anonymous said...

(brianna Leaton)
when i saw "change in plans". my heart feel. i thought that they were going to send you back to hospital early! Well I"m glad that you will have an easy next round, I think that your body can use a break from some meds anyways. (I'm no doctor, but God apparenlty wanted it to happen that way) I'm just siding with Him. :D Anyways, you are very strong, and in the past, you have totally proved that! Keep it up! You are doing aweseom! You are The Crowned Creation Of The Glory Of God! Just rememeber that! you are a specail princess to him, he will do whatever it takes to protect you!
I love you Jesse! Sleep well! Goodnight!

Lauren said...

I totally agree with Brianna Leaton! :)

God's Girl said...

I pray that the Lord strengthens your heart physically and in every way!! You have been through so much! I am amazed at your beauty and strength!

Love to you! Hugs to you! And lots of prayers for you!!!!

Julie K