Sunday, February 15, 2009


Good Morning everyone, hope your Valentines day went well. I came yesterday hoping to see her smile when I walked in the door with her huge balloon and gift and wish her a happy valentines day, but her schedule was a bit different than mine. I had to find the right time to give Jesse her gift and let her know I was here, so I did it as soon as she was going to take her meds. and take her trip to the restroom, She slept the remainder of the day after that. haha

Jess had a pretty rough night last night and has continued throwing up about every hour and a half to two hours. watching her go through all this and seeing her cry out of frustration because she wants to go home really hits you hard and has you feeling helpless. I just hold her and tell her everything is going to be okay.

She is now sleeping which is better for her so that she doesn`t feel the need to throw up or feels any pain. Jesse is expected to go down for a Test on her lungs, and a ultrasound on her liver tomorrow so please continue praying that all goes well and will be home really soon!

Thank you all for everything, your prayers and support



Erica said...

Oh man. Cancer STINKS! My heart breaks yet I know know KNOW our God has a great big plan for her life. None the less its so hard to see her struggle so badly. Matt your a rockstar! Keep trusting in our amazing Heavenly Father. Cling to the promises that he will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. His ways are not our ways, may His name be glorified through all of this.

Praying for healing. Love you all.

Toni said...

Wow Clent, your Valentine's blog was very touching. Your love for your family is wonderful to read about. But, as soon as Mark read it he said you won't want this gift Toni! I HATE to have my feet touched, and I HATE to touch other peoples feet!!!! hee hee, but he did take the garbage out right then for me! That's love. Also got flowers and a really nice card. Andy Parsons, Joe Parsons and Joe's little guy Camdon came over for dinner last night. Had a really nice time and I got a picture of all the guys I will have Mark email you.

Jesse - hang in there girl. You are so much tougher than most. Keep your faith, you have lots of people praying for all of you guys.

Hope you feel well enough to go home tomorrow, being in your own house and own bed will be very healing.

Love & prayers from Oregon
Toni, Mark and the gang

Allen and Teddy said...

We are continuing to pray that those little ANC's get busy and get you in shape to go home. We know that "hope deferred makes the heart sick" (Prov 13:12), but God's timing always proves to be perfect. May He bring you back home to your family soon for a time of refreshment and strengthening!

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

Love in Christ,
Allen and Teddy

Anonymous said...

Catron Team,

You have such a great heart for Jesse. What you can do is tell her, just like you are doing because you have a trust and a hope in the Lord....that it will...Be Okay! Thank you for being there for her. Jesse, please remember that our prayers and arms are wrapped around you constantly lifting you up to the Lord. I pray that as you lay in bed you remember that He is holding you continuously and loves you tremendously.



Grandma and Grandpa said...

"For ever, O Lord, your Word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness is unto all generations; you have established the earth and it abideth (stands)." Psalms 119:89 Nothing can be any more sure and 'written in stone' than that! What is settled in heaven is settled, it cannot be changed. So we can stand on His Word, regardless of the circumstances surrounding us.
--I am so very thankful!!--

Precious Jesse, we wrap our love and prayers around you continually. We are so very aware that this is not an easy journey for you, or any of the family. When one hurts, we all hurt. KEEP THE FAITH! God has not deserted you. You are His favorite. He loves you very much, and cries when you cry. He did not cause this illness, but will use it to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and glory to His name---if we will allow Him to do so. When you are vomiting and in such horrible pain, I know that is all you can think about. But when you can, don't forget to just say "Jesus" several times, and think about Him for a minute. His precious Holy Spirit will make his presence known to you. He will come in a quiet way, bringing comfort and peace, like a warm blanket being wrapped around you. I know he will. There is so much more power in speaking the name of Jesus than we realize. The Bible says all power was given to Him on earth and in heaven.
Sounds like I am sermonizing again, doesn't it? I really don't know what else to do: I just want you to understand and grasp the knowledge of the power and life we have in Jesus Christ, so much. I don't want you to live as many years as I have,learning it. I want you to know it now! I love you so much.

All of the family here love you, and they and their church families are all praying for you and your family.
You WILL be victorious over this illness, and bring glory to our wonderful Lord. You WILL get home; just remember, God's timing is always right, and sometimes the delays that frustrate us so, can be a blessing in disguise.

A lady couldn't find her luggage at the airport baggage area, so went to the lost luggage office and told the woman there that her bags never showed up. She smiled and told the lady not to worry because she was a Trained Professional and the lady was in good hands. "Now," she asked, "Has your plane arrived yet?"