Friday, January 9, 2009


Oh Boy-We took Jesse to Starbucks yesterday. She had a Raspberry Passion Fruit Tea. She loved it, and best of all, kept it down. I did look up the calories, and found it to only be 60, I was hoping it would be more like 200. She has lost more weight since being home, she just has not kept much down. Today is looking good, I made her a smoothie at 7:30, and looks like it will stay down. The doctors decided to omit the vitamins that we where injecting into the TPN to see if that is what is making her so nauseous at night, I think it did help.

I also want to thank Lindsay for her visit, you are such a big help. This morning I had her leftover breakfast burritos she made us for dinner. YUM Lindsay has turned into quit the cook and caretaker. We Love You :)

We did get a report on her bone marrow, and it looks clean. She did have a few suspicious cells, but the Dr. did not think they where Leukemia. I think they have someone else take a closer look. So far so good, she is still in remission.

I think we will take another trip to starbucks today-maybe they can add a few hundred calories to Jesse's drink!!

Much Love,

Team Catron


Anonymous said...

YAY for the clean biopsy!!! Have a good & high calorie trip to Starbucks today Miss Jesse!!!

We LOVE you all!
Cory, Melissa, & Laynie

Lauren said...

That Passion Tea is what I drink at starbucks too! :) Yummy!

Glad to read the clean biopsy report! Remission is a good place to be. Enjoy the rest of your stay at home... and drink lots of starbucks!

matt said...

SWEET BABE STARBUCKS YESTERDAY! must have been good you kept it down. cant wait to see you! missin you.

Kris said...

Hi there Catron Crew. So glad to hear about the outing to Starbucks. They make some kind of vanilla shake thing there, that Don LOVES way to much, and I am sure there are plenty of calories in it. I am so happy you all got to have the whole family all together for a visit. There is nothing more comforting then to have everyone together. Even for a short visit. God has his hands on all of you right now and He will be there to get you all through this and give you the strength you need to take this journey. Clint wrote it really well the other day in the blog, that you can not even wrap your brain around how many many people you have touch through this experience. Grab onto His robe and let the Holy Spirit bless you as you have blessed others.
Love the Tramps

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Praise the Lord for wonderful reports!! Great to hear the good news on the bone marrow test, thrilled to hear you have been able to hold "stuff" down. Do hope you know I was sitting right beside you while you were having your Starbucks drink, enjoying a French Vanilla Coffee. --Grandpa, of course, was having a Sprite.

"Being confident of this very thing, that He which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." Phillippians 1:6 God does all things well, never leaves a job half-done, but completes it in perfection. Praise His name! Don't look at circumstances, but to the finished work.

I don't think our weather here knows what to do with its self. A day of fairly nice weather, then days and nights of high winds of 50 to 60 miles an hour, a little snow, and temperatures down in the 20s and teens.---Sounds like three kinds of winter, doesn't it? It tried to snow a couple of days ago, and the winds blew so hard and it was so cold, the snow couldn't stick! I guess it quieted down a little during one night, as we have a remenant of snow. It got above freezing for a little while today, so some of the snow melted. It is ice, now.
Stand firm, Catrons, victory is just ahead.

Our love and prayers always, G&G

Anonymous said...

(Brianna Leaton)
Dude..I like the sound of the whole *remission*. haha Its the best word I have ever heard in my life so far. so encouraging!! I'm so glad that you are doing better. = ) I have been praying for you and everything else! Hope to come see you soon...I just got over a cold...and i dont wanna give you anymore germs. ; \ oh continue to give God the glory and the praise...amen.! And i will for saving my friends life. you have a HUGE calling, Jesse. And i pray for His will upon you. = ) goodnight!

God's Girl said...

We rejoice with you for a clean biopsy! : )

We love you Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Team Catron,

Praise God for the clean biopsy.

Starbucks, WOW, I am sure that they can fix something there with more calories than you can even think about.

Jesse, in Joshua 1:9 the Lord instructs us to be "Strong and Courageous". You are clearly the strongest and most courageous young lady that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your Dad said it perfectly in his post on Thursday, "You" Jesse have touched more lives than you will probably ever know about. God has really great plans for you.

Praying daily that your spirits are lifted and your appetite increases.

God's Blessing to all,
Norma Chastain and Family

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
Praise the lord on the biopsy... So glad that you have been able to be home..I would love to come and bring some dinner over the family. But I know that things have been busy, I will try calling soon and see when is a good time for me to do that.We have thinking and praying for you daily.. Denton's prayers are so sweet for
you Jesse. Love you guys, and please know that we are here and if there is anything you need, we are just down the road...take care Missy and we look forward to more praise reports...

Erica said...

And a WOO HOO for Starbucks! Another one for clean biopsy's! Love you little lady!