Saturday, January 17, 2009

On The Move Again

Good Morning,

As many might have guessed, Clent will be staying the night, so right on schedule we moved out of the private room, and into 207 again. For now it looks like our roommate is leaving today, so we may be alone for a little while.

Today Jesse will have a Bronchoscopy. That is a procedure where they first sedate her, then flush saline solution into her lungs. The solution is then sucked back out, and they hope to get some kind of culture from it to see if her pneumonia is bacterial or fungal. I think for the most part they are leaning toward fungal. Those results will take a few days to get back.

Jesses kidney function is back to normal, and the electrolytes have also improved. They are still wanting to start her Chemo on Monday.

Jesse has vomited all morning, and last night. We think that the first time she was coughing so hard, that when everything came up, she also lost the Marinol pill that has kept her from being nauseated. So, we are hoping they will be able to re dose her really soon. It work so well the last couple of days, we just want that chapter to be over.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,

Love, Team Catron


krazzymommy said...

I know what a difference it was when I had my kids - having a private room vs. sharing. I can only imagine how much a difference it would make for you! Praying that you guys get some privacy for as long as possible.


Jasie said...

dear jesse,

yes 2nd one to leave a comment still prayin for u girl!! Hope you have an awsome day and night! We have an awsome God and He is always in control. Everything happens for a reason. Still prayin..... you should too...... there is so much more people out there prayin for you than you know....... so many people love you and believe in our God to heal you........hope you have a good dAY!!!

sending it with love,

Jasie Trimble

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hi Jesse Girl; For every mountain there is a valley; but thank God, because of Jesus, we don't have to stay there. For every valley, there is a mountain we can climb!

So sorry about the temporary set-back. We will be praying it won't happen again, and that you can climb the mountain steadily, getting stronger as you go!

Our love and prayers,
Grandma and Grandpa

Erica said...

Oh Jesse girl! I was praying you'd be eating like a champ today! Praying your appetite returns SOON!

God's Girl said...

Hey... still praying!
We love you!

Todd and Julie

praisinyahweh said...

A journey is completed one step at a time ... praying that the steps will be improving daily ... along with your appetite. Thank you for this blog. Thank you for sharing this journey. We are with you in heart and prayer. If you need anything ...

Anonymous said...

I pray that Sunday will bring a refreshed week and a refreshed body. Praise His name Jess. He is still your King. Stay strong! You are amazing. Thank you for continuing to post and share. I lift your heart and your spirit to our Father now, that He will bless you and keep you and hold you safe under His wing. Feel His love lavished on you, just like being in your Daddy-o's arms!

Blessings and Love from miles away!


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