Monday, January 19, 2009

My Time With Jess

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the late post, this day has been pretty busy so far.

Around 9:45 a.m. Jesse was taken down for a spinal tap. It was surprising to hear that she wasn't completely put to sleep like usual. She was able to feel the shot that they had to give her so that her back was numbed. The only other thing that she told me was the doctors telling her that they are now taking the needle out of her back and that they were all finished.

Jesse has to lay flat on her back for a while so that she doesn't get a headache...well at least that's what I got out of the conversation that I was overheard when the nurse was talking to Jesse.

For my first night staying with her in about two weeks, it didn't go as well I hoped for. Our Neighbor, Talia, who is two years old cried most of the night and the beeping was constant. It was hard to get any sleep when the nurses are coming in and out of the room and every time Jess went to the bathroom she would hit my bed, that I didn't mind as much though. All I could do was pray that God would calm everything so that we all could get some rest.

Were are all now just pretty much chilling. Matt is over, doing his best to keep us company.

I just want to thank everyone who helps us when I need a ride to and from the hospital. It really helps my parents out a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I also want to thank everyone for your prayers, we really appreciate it.

Much Love,



Anonymous said...

I know you will be checking the blog for responses and I want to tell you (very publicly) how much I love you. You are a huge help in many ways. You and your sister are so very close and share things Jesse wouldn't share with her Dad. You sometimes you feel left out with the attention Mom and I have to give to Jesse but I hope you know that we love you so much. The little chances I get to hug you hello and goodbye (it seems that's all I see of you) don't express how proud I am of you and how I see you as such a grown girl with a huge heart (not only for your family but for God). Mom and I could not be more proud.
Thanks for holding things together with Jess last night.
Those beeps! I am tempted to make the lines longer and park the pole out in the hallway where they have to pay more attention to it.
You are my hero too. You have taken all of this with such grace and patience. My heart brakes for you and what you are going through and also swells with pride that I can call you my kid (you are hard on my heart appearently). Have a good day today and when you are laying there just know I am here at work thinking and praying for you.
Love you guys

krazzymommy said...

Hey Dakota - If you ever need a ride to the hospital, I am home almost everyday. I know that you don't really know me, but Erica does, so she could vouch that I'm okay. ;)

My number is in the directory if you ever need me.

Monica from church

Erica said...

Hey girlies! It was awesome being able to hang with you two for a bit yesterday. Jesse your my hero for sure. Watching you take all of this with such grace is an example without words. I love you girlie.

Dakota your one tough girl. I'm praying for you, for life choices, and everything your facing with your best buddy laid up in the hospital. Your an amazing sister. Love you girlie. didn't call about your jump! I'll be around tomorrow too if you need me. Love you bunches.

Clent and Deanna - you two are amazing parents. Praying for you both.

Miss. Ayana said...

Jesse, Idk that you remeber me much but i go to CCEA and iv met you a few times (when you guys came down for events). I just wanted you to know im praying for you like crazy. I heard through Erica and I just thought you should know that
In Gods Love