Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lindsay's Home!!!

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

Today will be just like Christmas (again!) for me because Lindsay will be in town around 8:30pm and is coming to the house from the airport (thanks to my generous brother the "taxi driver"). All my girls together again! Lindsay wanted so badly to come when Jesse was in the Hospital to help out and allow Dee and I to have a little time together. This will be good though because I can see her more this way because I wouldn't see her much if she was with Jesse in the hospital.

As we continue to give Jesse medication through the day and night we realize what a long journey this is going to be. I talked to Jesse today asking her what her feelings are about it all. I asked if she really thought about the meaning of some of the great verses that people send. The word of God is clear and precise. If you are a believer you believe the whole Bible not just the verses that you want or like. Jesse said she understands and believes the Word of God to be true. He is with us and will never forsake us. Of course it's hard to accept or understand the why some times. Especially as a 16 year old. I have problems understanding some times myself. It gives me comfort that she can get her strength to get through this from that knowledge too. It's at that point when you realize there is nothing you can do (in of yourself) and you give it over to the Lord that you realize he is always in control (sorry about the Sunday sermon). Dee and I hit that spot a long time ago.

Back to Jesse

She doesn't eat enough to take her off the TPN yet. She isn't throwing up any more but doesn't have much of an appetite. Nothing tastes good. It's not really Dees cooking either. Everything she eats needs to be either frozen or in a wrapper for bacteria reasons. That type of menu doesn't appeal to her much.

Thanks for all the faithful followers. The prayers and encouragement mean a lot to Jesse and all of us. She looks forward to reading your letters every day. She knows how much you all care for her and that blesses my heart more than I could ever explain.

Have a great day and when you are giving thanks today remember to thank Him for his Word that guides are lives with encouragement and blessings.


Erica said...

Yeah! So glad Linds will be there tonight. I know it helps keep everyones spirits up. Continuing to pray for Gods steadfast love to surround all of you as you truly walk out your faith. Its much harder to do then to just read about it. Our prayer is that you grow deeper in your walk with the Lord through this. We love you all bunches. See you later today.


Jeremy Ashlock said...

Glad to hear your have all your girls there to love on!

It's awesome and encouraging to hear that Jesse understand and believes the Word to be complete truth.

We want to thank you for pouring out your hearts on this blog. It has helped us greatly, as we are going through things with the triplets. Again thank you, and we are praying for you guys!

Jeremy & Korinne

Charlene said...

Hooray, your sister Lindsay is coming home to see and be with you. Your dad must be excited to have all his girls together again. I'm excited for you all. Enjoy your time with your sister and continue to keep the faith. Our prayers and thoughts are always with you and your family. We love you Jesse and the rest of the Catron clan.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Oh happy Day! I am so glad, Deanna and Clent, that you will soon have all of your girls together under one roof again!! I well understand what that means.

God knows the whys and wherefores, and in due season, He will reveal them to us. Genesis 12:1 says "Now the Lord had said unto Abram, 'Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show you.'" Check out the next few verses, sometime. Later it says Abram was 75 years old when he left. ---God never told Abram where he was going, except to a land He would show him. But He did say that He would bless Abram abundantly if he would obey.---And He did. (Sermon number 2 for the day:)) We cannot fathom how much God loves us, but we know He gave us His ALL. And we know that He is faithful to His Word and to us. I guess that is all we need to stand on, when the 'whys' come.

We love you all so very much, and are rejoicing for you and with you, and taking this journey with you, one step at a time, as the Father leads. --Enjoy this present! Hug each other and Lindsay for us.

Gandma and Grandpa

Carl Will said...

Wow... another awesome day! Praise GOD for HIS goodness and HIS strength...

You know, you really hit it on the head earlier when you mentioned that HE is with us and will never forsake us...

We really need to cling to HIS love especially in the times when we don't understand they "why" of a situation...

HIS Word tells us that HE loved us enough to save our souls... what did it cost GOD to do that?? HIS own precious SON... (thank you LORD)

We may not understand "why" things happen, but it must be enough that we trust HIM to get us through the tough times...just as HE blesses us at all other times.

HE loves us... that's why HE gives us children - so we can share in the joy (and pain - but mostly joy) of being a parent...

That's why HE gives us parents and brothers and sisters - so we may know the gift of the hard times as well as the times of joy...

That's why he gives us friends (and pets) - so we can know what love freely given is like...

That's why HE gave us HIS Word - so we can know how to love beyone our own limited abilities...

That's why HE gave us the Catron family... we might know the joy of HIS strength in time of trial. we might know the love that fills HIS heart - as we cry out to HIM for guidance... we may know the peace that teaches us to not fear... the peace that overcomes the understanding of the world...

I could go on and on...

We love you Catron Family!
Jesse - you are a wonder! Clent & Deanna - you have been and will always be the very best example of GOD's love to others.

GOD Bless you! I'm looking forward to getting a chance to see you all...

In JESUS' name!
Carl Will and Family

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