Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Day

Good Morning,

Well, our last day at home has finally arrived. We try to prepare going back to the small room, with all the beeping and busy noise. I don't think anything can really prepare a person for what lies ahead. We decided last night after Jesse being hooked up to the TPN, to disconnect it. Within an hour she was restless, moving her legs all the time, and vomiting. I thought, it has to be all the sugar in the TPN. Wow, Jesse got a great nights sleep, and did not vomit even one time. I wish we would have done this 12 days ago. It is hard to believe that the one thing that gives her calories, keeps her from eating. Lesson learned for next round. We did finally get the first round medical bill, hold on to your seat, and hope you are sitting down. $780,000 which is about $17,000 per day. You would think we had a room at the Hilton :) Round two was shorter, so that bill was down to $560,000 for the second round. The total comes to about $3 million. We hope our Insurance company is a great negotiator as our Lifetime cap for Jesse is $1 million.

Jesse has requested Starbucks again, so we will take her later on today. Hmmm I wonder if they deliver to the hospital???

Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts for Jesse and our family. We pray for a speedy third round with no complications and lots of calories for Jesse.


Team Catron


Jill said...

I found your blog by accident. I am so sorry for everything Jesse and your family are going through. Just remember God will never put on you more than you can handle. I will pray for each of you and hopefully this is the last leg of treatment and his healing powers will take complete control.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hi Jesse, so glad you got a good night's sleep! That is so healing.

For the family; Remember to look above the circumstances and dollar signs: Your Heavenly Father owns all the cattle on a thousand hills, and all the taters under the hills. And He knew before the bills were posted what they would be. He is so great, and so faithful!

We pray the Starbuck's trip is a success, and you all have a good afternoon and evening. Also will be praying this session goes quickly, smoothly and well, in Jesus' name.

All our love always,
Grandma and Grandpa

Matt said...

Starbucks! gonna get addicted haha well ill make sure to bring you one everytime i vist, that should give you some excitment and a reason to see me :P extremely glad you had a good night sleep way to go! bites your back in tomorrow though:(! hope your back feels better babe thats gotta suck! well enjoy this last day the most you can with your familia love you see you tues. with a starbucks in hand :)

God's Girl said...

I'm so glad to hear that you got a good night sleep Jesse! I hope you finding out this new info helps you feel less sick in the future.

You've been on my heart all day. I will continue to pray for you sweet one.

Love you,
Julie K

Anonymous said...

Jesse and Family ...

I am already praying for the next round! Keep your eyes on God. The insurance part of the journey can be a little frustrating ... ok totally frustrating ... but, even they can't make a problem bigger than God! Will start praying for that as wel1. Keep a journal of conversations, names, dates, times, and outcomes of conversations you have when you have to deal with the insurance company. I did and it came in handy a couple of times!

Love and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Hello Team Jesse, Steve Warner from CC Goodyear, not sure if you remember me. Anyway, we have a fast list going on, 6 weeks this time, we have over 30 people praying and fasting for you! God Bless you, we pray for healing for you and His Perfect Will in all the lives that you will touch through this very difficult trial. HE will be Glorified! Heb 13:15

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