Friday, January 23, 2009

Last Day of Chemo

Good Morning, Today is the last day of Chemo for round 3. Normally the hard part comes when her ANC is falling and bottoms out at zero. Well, I am not sure why Jesse seems to have terrible days and nights with Jo and Clent, but Jesse and I had a great day yesterday and night. She was not very nauseated, and even thought her neighbors pizza smelled good. We ordered one up for Jesse, she took a few bites, and just didn't like the taste. Jesse has developed quit a discerning pallet since she has been here. She only threw up one time on my shift (got to love that). We had a great night nurse, I don't think Baxter beeped at all, she was right on top of it.

We had two other episodes yesterday. First she needed a blood transfusion to get her hemoglobin to 9. After it ran through her, she broke out in an itchy rash from her head to her toes. With meds, that took a little over an hour to go away. Next, jesse started retaining water, her feet, hands and face swelled up. They gave her a diuretic, and with a few trips to the bathroom, she was back to normal. Each day is a different journey, never knowing what the next day will bring. I cant remember a day here without some type of drama. Apparently, we have many life lessons yet to learn :)

Update on Talia, her MRI showed that the tumors are shrinking. She was able to go home yesterday, but will come back on Tuesday to start a new round of Chemo that will last 3 weeks. Our new roommate is 14, and very quiet. Thank you Lord!!

Have a great day, and if you are in Phoenix, enjoy the drizzle.

Love, Team Catron


God's Girl said...

Oh... we are so glad that Jesse had a better day and night. I love the picture of you two. : )

May this be the start of some better days ahead!

We love you guys and are praying for you lots!

Love to you Catrons!

Todd and Julie

Anonymous said...

Team Catron,

Great news about a better night and a quiet roommate....WOOO HOOO.

The quote from my devotional today really spoke to me about your journey. "Through trials we learn to overcome, through Christ our victories are won; Come lay your burdens at his feet and find the inner peace so sweet."

Jesse and the entire team, keep leaning on Jesus, sweet victory is around the corner.

Praying daily for all of you.
Norma Chastain and family.

Toni said...

You must have the magic touch Dee! Something about a mom I guess. Glad things are going better, Jesse certainly deserves a break from the puke bucket!

Hope your weekend is good too.

Love from your Oregon friends,
Mark, Toni, Trevor & Austin

Charlene said...

So glad to hear Jesse had a good night and you to Deanna. Praying that the weekend goes even better. You're an awesome Mom, Deanna, keep up the good work. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers each and everyday.

God's blessings on you1!


Meghan! = ] said...

Jesse love,

I'm glad you had a good day and night! I like hearing those things =]

Love and miss you Jess, you'll get through this, I know it! Your very strong and have God by your side, with you every step of the way! = ]

I miss you lots!

<3 Meghan!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Jesse, I like the background and border of your journal. And what a young and beautiful Mother you have! (I always have thought so.) It is a beautiful picture of you two.

So thankful you are feeling some better, Precious. I was praying Wednesday night, and reminding God that His Word says there is nothing to hard for Him, nothing too big, nothing too small, that He is not concerned about and aware of, and can take care of. What an awesome God we have! And He loves us so much, there is no way the human mind can comprehend it.

It is already 10 PM here, and I am praying you have a really good, restful night, all night, and feel great tomorrow. Will be praying the same for your roommate, also.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies,

So, I will post and make sure that the typing matches who I think in my head I am writing too! :) Sorry about that Jess, I meant you!

I am so glad to hear that you had a great day with your Mom. Praise God that your stomach is feeling better. Praise God for the last day of Chemo. Praise God for Talia and a quiet night.

I pray for your ANC count that the numbers are supposed to be so that you can go home and be with the family.

You and your mom look so beautiful in your picture.



Jill said...

I am thrilled you are feeling a little better Jesse. I hope you got a good nights sleep last night. I am sure it is easier to share a room with a 14 yr old instead of a 2 yr old. I hope todays update is as bright as yesterdays, because it is raining here in Georgia and we need a little sunshine!!
Glod bless and keep you!

Love, Jill your friend from Georgia, USA

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