Monday, January 5, 2009

Jesse's Bone Marrow Sample Video

Ok, For those who requested to see the video here it is.

If you dont want to see it, dont click play.


Anonymous said...

My goodness girl! You are so incredibly strong! That was amazing. I hope your time with your big sis is wonderful and so enjoyable as I am sure it will be! Stay strong!



Anonymous said...

Reading your earlier post, I was thinking through just the most spoken of heroes of the Bible. Caleb and I were reading a bed time story tonight and He asked, "Why would God put Jonah in a big whale?" Just the same the blazing furnace or the Lions Den....furthermore you are facing your Goliath! Brave and courageous and understanding that the one little pebble is backed by all the faith in your heart that God will pull you through. I am so thankful to be encouraged by you Jesse and your faith that you seem to hold so easy. That is so great. Please know that you are blessing us daily...same with the rest of the Catron clan.

My prayer for today is for your appetite to grow as big as it is for Starbucks...even more. I pray you feel God's love lavished on you and your time with your family to be sweet while Lindsay is in town.

Hi Lindsay!



Carl WIll said...

Wow! I'm totally blown away! That was very cool.. a little weird - but cool!

I'm really blessed to hear how great your attitude is, Jesse - what a blessing to be able to KNOW the strength and courage of the LORD and display it with such grace (and laughter!) You totally rock!!

I hope your trip to Starbucks is totally worht it! Have a great time and don't forget to get a picture of you with foam on your nose!

I pray that your joy and strength continue to lift you to new places as well as encourgae bone-heads like me. Eat. Enjoy. Take a nap. Repeat... sounds like that life of a housecat...

GOD Bless you and fill your day with family, friends, fellowship, faith and...french fries!

Mucho love to the Catron Clan

Erica said...

Oh wow! I'm always amazed at how rough they are. Amazing. I'm praying you feel better today sweet Jesse girl. Enjoy your time with your sister. Cool it on the Chocolate milk! ;) Love ya!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We are so proud of you, Jesse Dee, so very humbly thankful that you know your strength, joy and peace comes from your wonderful Heavenly Father, who loves you so very much.
You have, and are, learning lessons about God's love, care, mercy, grace, kindness, faithfulness, and who He really is, that takes a lot of people a life time to learn--and some never do! Some lessons are really hard, I know, but in the end they are worth it. (How else do you graduate from High School a year early?) And I thank God for your sense of humor! It will carry you, and everyone around you, through a whole lot of crisies.

Greetings to all the rest of the family. We love you bunches and bunches,

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