Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jesse Pulls Through

Good Morning,
Wow, that was a really tough day yesterday. The nurses kept her hydrated, 3 bags of potassium and magnesium. The hydration helped bring her kidneys back functioning, and decreased her bilirubin. Although the counts are not back to normal, they are getting better. There is a huge difference in Jesse today. Yesterday she was lethargic, slurring her words, and barely able to move. Today she is laughing, doing her school work, and enjoying a starbucks that Matt brought. Yesterday I apologized for almost killing her at home. Jesse said "At home you are suppose to be safe". At that point, we knew Jesse was coming back around, and showing her humorous side. Jesse will not go for a CT scan today for her lungs. The contrast they have to give her will stress her kidneys more, and they would rather wait until they are back to normal. She is still coughing, and they are afraid she might have lung fungus. This is very common for leukemia patients and can be cured, but if left untreated it is life threatening.

On a good note, Jesse still has no Leukemia. For the time, we are in a really big room,This room comes with a flat screen TV, play station and Wii. We are very blessed and thankful for our room.

Thank you for your faithful reading and prayer.


Team Catron


Kirkham said...

I am touched! In so many ways...Jesse you are a blessing to me and I am so happy you are part of our family. You have taught me to love and appreciate the little things in life...and I have developed a better understanding for my children (one in particular) and have more patience for their "ways". Thank you!

I am relieved to know that you are well and on your way to feeling more normal, miss your "smart remarks". You are AMAZING! Miss U!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

What a wonderful, wonderful Heavenly Father we have!

"And it came to pass", not to stay, nor even to camp out for a while, but it only came to pass on.

Jesse, we love you! We need you to keep everyone glued together with humor! Without you, they all run around with frayed edges. They look funny that way. Proverbs 17:22 says 'A merry heart does good like a medicine'.

We just keep praising the Lord and trusting in His faithfulness for you, Darling Granddaughter. His victory is ahead!
We don't speak the problem, but speak the victorious answer!

Kris said...

Wow what a wonderful report! We got home late last night from scouts and before I got into bed I was able to check the blog and we all fell asleep praying for you. God is so good! You guys are all totally awesome and I am so greatful that you are sharing your journey with all of us. Really a day does not go by that we dont check in with the blog. Jesse, your strengh is amazing. It is a testimony to all of us who whine when we get a hang nail. It has made me a tougher woman. Seth was sick over the weekend and he kept saying how miserable he was and I reminded him of what you are going through and that really quieted him down. He ended the evening praying for you and your family. Thank you for that.
Your in our thoughts always,
the Tramps

Sarah said...

WOW!! What an answer to prayers! Glad to know that you are back to your old self. Sarcasim and all. Praying that this will all be over soon. Much love across the miles!
Sarah and the family

Anonymous said...

Wow, we are so thrilled to hear you are doing better than yesterday when your Mom almost killed you lol! (Not really lol though!)
Seriously, reading your blogs can just Drop us to our knees!! God has sure used your situation to bring our whole family into a deeper depth of prayer than we had before.
"Sorry Lord that it takes this kind of a situation before we come to you as you would like us to daily anyway."
We love you all and will continue to pray that round 3 goes by quick and easy. (Of course that's the way we want our whole life to go, but sometimes God's allows long & difficult instead, so we will seek Him and take on His character, and be more like Jesus)
Never the less, We will pray for God to strengthen you and your whole family, uphold you with His righteius right hand, and that His Perfect and Pleasing will would be accomplished through your life Jesse. (& Clent, Deanna, Dakota & McKenzie & Lyndsay)
Love Michele Alvarez & Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Jesse -

We're glad to hear today you're much better. We were worried but hoped for the best for you today. I'm glad to see you've got that humor back!

We LOVE you!!!
Cory, Melissa, & Laynie

Erica said...

Praising the Lord with you! You were prayed for so much yesterday. (every day but yesterday even more often) Thank you Father for watching over this sweet young woman. Love you girlie! Praying for continued healing on your body.

Jill said...

I prayed and prayed and the lord has answered. I am sure Jesse will continue to improve. She is a true fighter!! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!!

Carl Will said...

Woo-HOO!! JESUS loves you!
Good morning Catron family! Praise GOD that HE is so good, eh?

You know, I realy love reading these blogs and catching up on what's going on... It scares me to think of the enormity of what you're going through, Jesse... it's really overwhelming...

But then I see how you are handling this with such strength and grace... I read how you are such an inspiration to so many others... it fills my heart to know that, through you - GOD is blessing others.

Even in the midst of this attack by the enemy, GOD's strength is being made manifest in you - for your strength - for the encouragement of others - and for HIS glory!! (can I get a woo-hoo!!?)

Jesse, you are the absolute best! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get out to visit with you while you were home, but I sure am looking forward to seeing you!

GOD Bless you and fill you! Be nice to your Mom and Dad - you can be a little rotten to your sisters (but just a little, K?) Rejoice! For the kingdom of GOD is at hand!

DARLA said...

OH mY Gosh Jesse I feel so bad... we were so careful to not visit (having been around kids during holidays and stuff) and I have been busy getting Meg situated and preparing to go visit colorado that I did not poston your blog!!!!! I have read several times but missed out on how bad it was yesterday. I am glad you are dong better. I will try to post something cheerful later. WE still pray though all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!! as it says in Phillipians without ceasing. You are in our hearts.

Love you Jesse girl.. hang in there. Is the fungus valley fever? Hopefully they can treat right away without CT.