Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

I hope everyone is waking up to a great new day and new year. The new year resolutions should include a new view on how precious life and family is. I know mine is. It is such a blessing to have Jesse home ......and my wife. The hectic schedule of transporting people and times rushing here and there are over for a small amount of time. It was nice just to sit on the couch as a family and just rest, laugh and talk last night. Jesse had her head on my shoulder as I was keeping her warm and we just enjoyed the moment. We talked about several things including how blessed we are. God has protected my family and myself from harm ever since Dee and I got together. He still has His arms around us.

Jesse slept well with her "back pack" medicine holder. It's better than being hooked up to a pole. She had TPN for 12 hours through the night then her virus meds twice a day at 8am and 7pm are through the pole. The back pack is easier to carry around and Jesse named it Jack (because it has a Kangaroo on it). She ate an Eggo this morning and is taking a shower right now. This day is starting off right!

I don't know if anyone else feels it but every time I read the blogs or write one I get all emotional and yet comforted. I feel like I am holding Jesse in my arms and yet being held. It's hard to explain. God has his hand on this tool of ministry and everyone that writes on it is involved. I feel like I am talking to a dear friend or hearing from one (because I am). There is several people that are being touched and spoken to when they read your wonderful messages (besides me). This is truly a God thing and part of his plan. I would have never been involved in something like this if it were not for Jesse.

I hope everyone has a great New Years day and starts it off with counting each blessing and living life to it's fullest in an effort to be more Christ like.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers


Kris said...

HI Catron family and Happy New Year. So glad to hear you had a nice evening last night with the family. That is something that we really hold dear to our hearts, that nice quiet family time. I love the shirt Jesse has on in this picture, pretty sure it looks like Elvis. Very cool. I hope you have a great day and Jesse gets to eating up a storm. I would be happy to give her some of my holiday pounds, let figure out how to do that. I am sure it would be a hit! Anyways, enjoy your day and talk with you soon.

Erica said...

Happy New Year sweet Catron family!!

I love that picture of Jesse!! Her hair is so light! Beautiful.

Jesse girl I pray you can eat and eat and eat!! Pack on some weight there little lady! We are so thankful that you are home. Praying for you always and trusting in Gods plan for your life.

Clent you are an amazing Daddy. I know this is tough on you and reading your posts always make me cry. Its easier to talk about our faith but walking it really puts us to the test. All of you are a beautiful testimony of faith in action. We love you and we're praying for you. Enjoy these days. Relish in the moment.

See you soon.

Erica and the fam.

God's Girl said...

Happy New Year to you too! I know it is having the family home. That is what is truly precious. Clent, you do an awesome job of sharing your heart in such a way that it moves me (and all who read it). The Lord is using your family to touch so many lives.

Jesse, we are so happy for you to be home and doing some 'normal' things outside of the hospital.

When the Bible talks about when one part of the body suffers, the whold body suffers... it's so true! We continue to pray and pray for you Jesse!

Love you guys!

Todd and Julie

Grandma and Grandpa said...

A glorious, joyous New Year to each of you! It thrills our hearts to know you are all safe and sound and under the home roof together. (We know that only an awesome, loving God could have orchestrated that so well!) We can 'see' McKenzie dancing around, talking and showing Jesse all the new things she has learned. Kenzie, I want you to know that your notes to Jesse are wonderful. You did such a good job typing them!(And I love you dearly!)

I understand what you mean and how you feel, Clent. I feel the same; you just describe it better, and no sermonizing:)

We love you so very much. Aunt Merna, Woody, and Unc send their love and blessings also. Always praying and praising,
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Catrons!! So glad everyone is home. Please don't let my sister think her Elvis dance really helped (She doesn't need any encouragement!haha) So glad she got to see you all and report back to us. Enjoy your time home and having ALL the girls under one roof. We just got home from camping in the desert and it was great to have our whole family together! Time is precious!
Love, The Turner Family

DARLA said...

It is so great you get to start the New Year out right with your family together in the same home for a while.

Jesse has such a great attitude. God bless and I will write more next week as time should stabilize for a couple of days.

Carl Will said...

Woo HOOOO!! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear that you will all get to spend family time at home!

Praise GOD for HIS goodness! In the face of darkness HIS way shines with brilliance! Our weakness and frailty is turned into HIS strength and glory!

We are all so happy for you, Jesse - and for you Clent and Deanna, and for all your girls! How joyous! I can hardly imagine the celebration going on in each of your hearts right now!

I love you and miss you all... again, let's all praise GOD for HIS strength. Remember that we are no longer HIS sheep, no longer HIS servants, but HIS freinds!! (John 15:15) How cool is that??

Welcome home team Catron! What a great day!
GOD Bless you!

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