Saturday, January 24, 2009

Everything is as expected

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

Just like clock work. I show up and Jesse starts throwing up. Even the Nurses are joking about it. Jesse is in decent spirits though. Almost like she expected it too. There is no sense in laying my heart out on my sleeve because by now everyone knows how heart breaking it is to see Jesse dry heaving up the only thing in her tummy....medicine. And there is nothing I can do to help or change the outcome. She proceeded to get this terrible itching rash too. It looked painful. They gave her some medication for it and after the quick shower she took, and rubbing lotion on it, it looked better and didn't itch as bad.

Of course Jesse is freezing cold, in a room that I am piping hot, so I curled up next to her and we started watching a movie. Jesse fell asleep as soon as she got warm from my body heat. That was the first time I saw her comfortable since I got here.

Besides the multiple trips to the bathroom I think Jesse slept pretty well (no throwing up). Of course there is the Nurses waking her up for the treatments she needs like eye drops ect. She got her last dose of Chemo at 5:30 this morning so technically (in my book) this is the last day of Chemo. I can guarantee she will be sick most of the day.

Besides the beeping and all the pain in my body associated with being old it was a normal night sleep at the Hospital (you don't).

I want to thank everyone that reads about Jesse's journey. I know she has a lot of supporters and people praying for her. A special thanks to those who write to her. You are her "life link" while she is in the Hospital. To know you have taken the time to wish her well lightens the load that she is carrying. When I see her smile when she reads someones letter makes my day too. Jesse's smile lights up the room and even through the sadness in her eyes there is a twinkle that I see that reminds me of the Jesse I know that meets me at the door for a hug. Those days will come again. But for now keep the letters coming and the prayers going in to "The Man" and we will all get through this.

P.S. I saw Baby Brady and Rachael in the elevator yesterday. He has something forming on his skin that the Doctors wanted to take a biopsy of so he is being delayed on the bone marrow transplant. Like the rest of us parents she looked tired and weak from "our side" of this ordeal. Please keep them, and everyone else you know going through this trial, in prayer.

Thanks again and the Catrons send you all our love


Jill said...

I am so very said that Jesse has been having a rough day. I am glad that she is finished with the Chemo. I will continue to pray for you Jesse and Hope you get strong enough for a burger soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess (and all of Team Catron) -

Another round of Chemo has come to an end.... We check out your journey each and everyday to see what's going on. We know there are VERY tough days but we gain hope with each day that passes. We all have journeys in life...some fun some not so fun. It's these journeys that mold us into who we are as individuals. Cancer sucks but it teaches us just how precious life is. Your journey has reached so many! You've taught many great lessons! You've impacted the lifes of people you don't even know! How cool is that??? Your journey has helped others and I think that's pretty cool! Your so inspiring!

We love you ALL dearly!
Melissa, Cory, & Laynie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse and Clent!
Praying you can both get some rest. I am sure the sheer exhaustion doesn't make dealing with any of this easier. Round #3 is done and now we will pray for Jesse's body to get strong and healthy so that soon all the family can be home together. I am sure Kenzie is ready to see Jesse!
We appreciate you sharing your story with us. Many members of our church are regular readers and when we start women's study on Monday, you can rest assured knowing that you will be lifted up!
The Turner Family

darla said...

Jesse.. I have not been on for a few days because I am visiting the grandkids out of state. The baby is beautiful...Keep strong!!!! Love you!!!

Oliphint- said...

Jesse, I just wanted to tell you that my daughter Morganne (4 years old and is in the class you help with at church) says she misses you. She asked me today, "When am I going to see Jesse? I really miss her." It broke my heart. Maybe one day when you are up to it, I could bring her by. I know that she thinks a lot of you. I still remember when we all were at Jill Florant's daughter's birthday party at Pump it Up. Morganne kept coming up to you and your Dad, making you guys laugh. My husband says that he thinks Morganne will look like you when she is older. He has always thought that. Jesse, you are a special girl. You have touched the hearts of so many, including our family! You have Jesus shining bright through you and out! We love you!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hey Catron Clan, guess it is time for the "older" Catrons to check in. I hoped it would't be "as ususal" when you showed up, Clent. Be encouraged; you are doing thnigs right, or the devil wouldn't be working so hard.

The climb has some slippery slopes, doesn't it, Jess? I am so thankful for the angels that surround you,and Jesus holding your hand to help steady you as you take another step up. In ways, this climb reminds me of a baby learning to walk. They take one or two steps, fall down, sometimes cry a little, get up, try another step, their little hands always stretched out in front of them reaching for the goal they are striving for; either someone's hand, a chair, etc. ---Falling isn't failure, it's not trying to get up that is.

Our best friend, Jesus, is always there to catch, help, and encourage us. What a comfort He is!

Praying for you all, always. We love you so very much. Praying for a good, healing rest tonight, and a better tomorrow!

Meghan! = ] said...

Jesse, Love and miss you lots. I'm glad it was the last day of chemo today hopefully you will start to feel better soon. = ]

It's been too long since I've seen you... I can't wait till this is all over so we can hang out like we used to! =]

Stay strong Jess, I'm keeping you in my prayers!

Love you <3

<3 Meghan

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