Saturday, January 3, 2009

the eater

Kenzie & Jesse in Seaside, OR

Hi this is Mckenzie,

Jesse is eating scrammeld eggs and ham and shretid weat. I think thats really awsome. Also she is drinking juise and water alot!

To me it is so cool having jesse home up and around and doing stuff with the family. Truthly if Jesse Dakota and me lined up a docter could never tell wich one is sick because she looks normal and really beautiful.Jesse is fighting like a worier aganst this and almost everybody eles aganst it to. Espeshaly God.

So keep on praying for jesse its really helpful to us and thats probly the biggest favor that we need.

love and prayors Mckenzie.

P.S. Lindsay is coming to see us tomorow we are really excited.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

GOOD JOB, MCKENZIE!! We are really proud of you! You did a wonderful message.

Thanking the Lord, Jesse, that you can eat! I am so happy! Amazing how we take eating, food and digesting it, so much for granted, isn't it? --Until we can't.--
I am just trusting the Lord to complete the good work He started, and you will continue to be able to eat, keep it down and get strong and healthy.

We are excited with you all, that Lindsay is able to be with you again. Each of you give her a big hug for us, please.

Loving you all dearly, and always praying and praising for you,

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Hey McKenzie! It's Lauren from Church! Hey - you did a great job telling us about Jesse! I'm glad to hear that she is "the eater" and that you can't tell she's sick. That's truly a blessing only the Lord could bring. You're such a sweet sister and I love your care & enthusiasm for your sister. It's a blessing! So, see you on Sunday at church, hopefully. Praying for you and Jesse and the whole family as always! Oh and have fun with Lindsay!

God's Girl said...

Thanks for the update! We are so glad she is eating! That is awesome! Have a great rest of the weekend with your family and give Jesse a hug for us!


Todd and Julie

Jordyn said...

Hi Jesse :)

So I know it's been forever since I've been able to write to you sorry :( I have been following your updates though. I'm really glad you were able to finally get some time at home. I love all the new pictures you have up they're really cute especially the Christmas picture of the five of you. I hope that you continue to feel well during your time away from the hospital and I will be praying for you constantly in anticipation of and during your next round. In the mean time keep up the healthy appetite!

Love, Jordyn

Anonymous said...

Dear Team Catron,

Mckenzie, WOW, you did an incredible job sharing about Jesse today. You are so right about prayer being really helpful. Sometimes it seems like that is not doing alot to help, but when the Lord hears our prayers (and there are alot of them on Team Catrons behalf) and the Lord answers those prayers, you truly understand how POWERFUL PRAYER is.

I have to agree about the pictures they are awesome. Jesse you are as beautiful as ever. Heck, all of Team Catron is as pretty (handsome for you Clent) as a picture.

Enjoy your time together at home. EVERY MOMENT.....

Much Love and Prayers,
Norma Chastain and Family

Carl Will (Woo HOO!!) said...

Awesome post McKenzie! Thanks for letting us know the wonderful news that GOD is doing in Jesse's life!

It's VERY cool that Jesse has an awesome team like you and your family to pray, support, and encourage her!

Praise GOD(!) that HE is doing a wonderful work in you Jesse... coming home, eating, holding it down... they seem like such small things, don't they?

But really, like your Dad said in another blog... those are really some of the most important things... being with your family, well cared fore, well fed, warm, dry, safe.

GOD Bless you sweetie!
You totally rock!
Have an awesome, rockin' day in the Lord! HE loves you so much! It's awesome to know that you're freaky for HIM, too!

Share HIM! Teach HIM! Pour HIM into the lives of those around you!

Praying earnestly and fervently for you and your family...


matt said...

haha Kenzie your awesome that was really nice! and its extremely amazing your eating just fine once again haven't seen you in a couple days i hope tomorrow would the day i see you again :) but until then continue to enjoy your stay at home babe and see ya soon!:)

Anonymous said...

Great job on sharing McKenzie! Gotta love your heart and your words of encouragement for Jesse and the family! Happy to hear that the gang is all gonna be there for the new year and that Jess is eating again. Enjoy your time together. Still keeping the prayers coming.

Best wishes and blessings for the New Year!!!



Darla said...

so glad that Lindsey is there!!!!
We were wanting to visit Jesse but with babysitting grandkids over the weekend - felt it better not to try!

Jesse what kind of packaged food do you like?

Now I know Meg like some of the pizza (zaa)and that is the only frozen stuff she will eat besides Ben and Jerry's

Dave likes Claim jumper or Marie Calendar. The new Panini Sandwhiches are tolerable from the freezer section but Dave likes them better than me!

Me just steam me up some green giant or birdseye frozen vegetable - perferabbly in sauce. I'd even handle brussel sprouts with a good sauce. Don't give me meat with those - just the whole stinking package of greens!

My other favorite is ice cream any way I can get it. OR uhm cheesecake or carrot cake (but those are yucky to alot of people) I HAVE to have cherries on my cheesecake. What about you? AND don't even start me on PUMPKIN PIE as that woudl be my favorite BREAKFAST! Would Eggbeaters from the carton - be considered safe?

HHHMMM Maybe we could have a frozen, sterile, packaged contest and the critics choice gets a picture with Jessie and product and send it in for a commercial!!!! call it Jesse's Choice or something! : )

I know it must be tricky because tastebuds change during hospital stays it seems. AND you probably have to avoid spicy and fatty foods because of nausea.

Love you girl.

darla said...

KENZIE I didnt' see your post it was WAY GOOD. Made me feel so good knowing what a good sister you are! Wanna play another game of pool? I'll bet you rock at it!
We pray for Jessie lots! And for all of you
Love Darla