Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 4 of Recovery ANC 40

Good Morning,

Is is Tuesday already? Jesse and I kicked back all day and watched movies. We were interrupted just a few times with "I need a bucket". Jesse's mouth and throat sores are so bad, she can barely get down her medications, or talk. It seems to be tolerable if she does not swallow or speak. Jesse's "tan" is fading, and doesn't really itch any more. We had a pretty good night, no vomiting-just a few trips to the bathroom. Her ANC is falling, and we hope to get that to 0 within a few days. Dakota will come and save the day. She will be here for 3 days straight. Jesse really looks forward to Dakota special foot rubs and their special time together.

Much Love,

Team Catron


Lindsay said...

Hey Sister,
I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you…I wish I was there to spend time with you and Jo…although I don’t know about the foot rub thing :) I am planning to be there round 4, so see you soon.
Dear Lord,
Please take my sister in your arms and bring comfort to her Lord. Please bring rest and comfortable to those around her and strength to my family as they venture through this difficult journey. And Lord please give me the courage and strength to continue caring for my family here in Eugene, to be a good wife and mother when all I can think about is being a sister.

Anonymous said...

Jesse we are still praying for you, the Hill's

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hello Precious Girl, I do hope your mouth and throat are feeling better: mine hurts so bad for you! Both of ours shouldn't have to hurt.:) I will keep praying and trusting.

We have had a very dark, deary rainy day, today, but that has been okay: the northern part of the State has been getting freezing rain and snow.

I just read this, and laughter is a good medicine: A couple works in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a sales representative and she is a pharmacist. When asked what they do for a living, he is quick to reply, "She makes drugs and I sell them."

Loving you all, and thanking the Lord for you.

Grandma and Grandpa

"some people make the world special jut by being in it" That is the Catron 6+ family.
'What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.' --Doesn't the Bible say something about that?

Tim Blake said...

Dearest Catron Family,

I can barely read the progress updates without getting emotional because as the loving father of a daughter I am indirectly facing my worst fear...anything happening to my precious daughter. Perhaps there is comfort for your family in knowing that many are inspired by your faith, loving family dynamic and the utter bravery being exhibited by your entire family, especially by Jesse.

I know your family indirectly by my daughter Emily's friendship with McKenzie. I have to pass along something that happened recently that still makes me tear up. When McKenzie went to the Cheetah Girls concert with Emily and 10 other girls recently they had a great time. They enjoyed the concert in the suite and the Hummer limo. It was great to see the girls having a fun time. However, one special little girl had a difficult time enjoying herself. In the midst of the fun, precious McKenzie was crying and when I asked her why, she said she felt guilty having a good time while her sister was suffering. After composing myself I took the license of telling her that I am sure her big sister would like her to have a little bit of fun, considering everything your family has been going through.

McKenzie's selflessness demonstrated so many good things it is difficult to articulate, but it showed me how strong your family is and how much Jesse is loved.

Faith and love are powerful medicines and I have no doubt Jesse will fully recover and do great things with her life. She is already inspiring people she has yet to meet!

Warmest regards and heartfelt prayers,

Tim, Deborah and Emily Blake

Matt said...

hey baby
hang in there beautiful! those mouth sores are killer hopefully they`ll go away sooner than last time I miss you rest up and glad to hear your itchy tan is fading:P thats good looking forward to you going home soon love ya -yours:)

Meghan said...

Aw glad to hear you had a good night. Sorry to hear about those throat sores though, I can only imagine how painful that is.

But you amaze me Jesse by just how strong you are! Keep staying strong Jesse, you'll make it through this. =]

Love and miss you a ton!!!
Keeping you in my prayers always. <3

Love you,
<3 Meghan

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