Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 1 of Recovery-as expected

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

As expected there is always adventures on my watch. The night Nurse plugged a new pump, for Jesse's meds, into our electrical "pig tail" that we have the computer, phone, and games plugged into instead of the pig tail they have attached to Jesse's pole so she only has to unplug one chord when she needs to go to the bathroom in the hurry she is always in. Of course Jesse and I didn't see her do it. The computer and stuff is stored on the shelves right over my head on the bed (I use that term loosely) I sleep (again for description purposes only) on. When Jesse woke up and charged to the bathroom the phone and game boy came crashing down but I got her stopped before the computer came completely off. By the time I got the pump chord unplugged and untangled it was to late for Jesse. Such excitement. I am sure she can't wait for Mom to come save her.

Jesse's ANC is 3330. We have learned that just because that number is high doesn't mean Jesse is in good shape (last stay at home). That number will need to hit 0 and start working it's way back up to 250 for Jes to go home. We have learned that as that number goes down means she isn't in very good shape. Kind of confusing. Lets just leave it at Jesse is not in very good shape regardless of where that number is.

Her new roommate, Anallely, is 14. She has a leg tumour and is on crutches as she makes her way to the bathroom. Last night she and Jesse were competing to see who could throw up the most. They were in stereo a few times. I am not sure who won (or lost if you were in their shoes) but it was very disheartening to be a part of. Jesse is throwing up blood again. Her throat is so sore it hurts to drink and talk. We think it is from the acid from throwing up and coughing so hard and so much....not the mouth sores that you dread getting. They usually start in the mouth and go to the throat. She had a temperature for part of the day yesterday but medication has that in check...partially. She still has an itchy rash that is driving her crazy (Mom bring anti-itching cream and underwear). Other than that we are having a great time:(

Just a short story. I know the Lord has been with me my whole life. I have walked away from several things that I never should have. Once I was in a rollover (with Pete Walker) coming down from MaGoon Lake and when we went off the side of the road it forced my arm on top of the hood (the windows were down). The car rolled up on the hood (rolling over might right arm to the shoulder) then back to land on its wheels. There was an indentation of my arm on his hood and my arm was barely scratched. That part of the cars metal is pretty thick for frame support. That should have taken my arm off or crushed it. We laughed uncontrollably because his car started right back up and off we went to town. That's just one of many.

I say this because I know He is sitting here with me now. He has His arm around me as we sit and look at Jesse sleeping peacefully (finally). It is like we are talking without speaking. I ask him why. He says "Was I not with you? Did I not take care of you? Jesse is my child too. I will always be with her". As tears roll down my eyes writing this I want everyone to know that God is real and is with Jesse through this whole thing. We will make it through this and Jesse will have stories like I have about near death experiences and how God saw her through.

I have renewed strength this morning and hope this encourages others to believe.

Have a great day and we love you all


God's Girl said...

I am so thankful to have that assurance that God is with me no matter what! Thanks for sharing that story!

We are praying.

So sorry, Jesse, that you still feel so bad. This is so tough... we can't imagine all that you are going through. We love you and will continue to pray!

Mark said...

Great story Clent. It is reminder to all of us how fragile and precious life is. You and I have traveled those roads and many more together in our past without incident. Some old friends we both know amd remember were not so lucky. Angels have certainly been with us in the past, and one is with you all now; you can be certain of that!

Jess, I know this won't help you much, but if you look at these Chemo treatments just like a long week at school with the meanest teacher you've ever known (sorry Dee, Ha Ha). Each Chemo treatment is a long long day in the last week of school before summer vacation. You just had lunch on Wednesday with only two more full days to go before school is out. Those days to come will also be long, but each treatment and recovery period is "one step closer" to completion. Get through this treatment and look forward to the last two treatments so you can get out of the hospital and resume life as it is was before.

All my love to each of you. Go Cards next Sunday!!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

God has blessed us all with His amazing grace, mercy, and protection upon your life, Clent. --He knew the value of your life for Him, and for us, before you were born. And the same for each of your family.

A phrase from the Book of Esther, in the Bible, has kept floating in and out of my thoughts for several weeks, as I think of you all and pray for Jesse. When Esther's uncle, Mordecai, told her to go before the king and speak for the Jews, he told her, "who knows if you have come to the kingdom FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?(Esther 4:last of verse 14). The whole story needs to be read to really understand the importance of the phrase. Of course, I think we are all here, at this time, for such a time as this, the last days.

I think I am beginning to sermonize, and I didn't mean to.

I spent about 8 hours in the hospital, today, with a sister-in-law and her 50 year old son who has MS. He is completely helpless, cannot swallow, vomit, talk, or move anything but his head back and forth on the pillow. He can only utter groans and gutteral squalls, when in pain. But he smiles with his beautiful blue eyes. After many tests, x-rays, CT scans, etc., they decided he has a viral stomach infection which centered around his feeding tube, and some pneumonia in his left lung. We are praising God! It appeared that purhaps his feeding tube had come loose inside, and the food, water and meds were spreading in the wrong parts of his body. He is safely back home, and I pray they are all sweetly sleeping! (It is 10:45 here) His Dad has Parkinson's desease and bum knees and is confined to a wheel chair.

God is great, and greatly to be praised at all times. Bless His Holy name!

We love you all dearly. It sounds like you don't need to look at numbers, Precious, just Jesus.:)

Our prayers always,

Anonymous said...

(Brianna Leaton)

I love you Jesse! Get that ANC down! (its kinda weird to say that, considering it has been completely opposite. :) lol then get it back up again.

tty soon sistah!

Oliphint- said...

Thank you Catron family! You have blessed me to tears.

My Blessed Life said...

Jesse our family daily lifts you up in prayer and my kids wear your bracelets all the time. You are and amazing girl with an amazing family. We feel so blessed to be part of your church family. We will be praying. Clent thanks for the reminder.

superior said...