Monday, January 5, 2009

Bone Marrow Sample

Sorry so late with the post, Jesse went in this morning for her bone marrow sample. This was done in outpatient, so Lindsay, Dakota and I (mom) where able to watch the procedure. Apparently I am the only one who has ever video taped the procedure. It was very interesting, and really not for the faint of heart. Lindsay didnt care much for watching, but dakota did see the entire process.

We had fun with Jesse when she was waking up. She was laughing non-stop with everything we said to her. Something about saying "Vin Diesel" that makes that girl smile:)

Jesse will have to stay on the TPN at night, she is not gaining any weight. She will also continue with the blood virus medication 2x a day.

I dont think Jesse cared about the whole process, she was just happy to be driving around. Jesse's big question to the doctor was can she go to Starbucks. Her ANC is 1100, so they said it would be all right. We will be making that trip tomorrow if she is feeling well.

Thank you for taking the time to read Jesse's update-

Love Team Catron


Anonymous said...

A girl's gotta have her Starbucks!!!
Glad the whole family is together.
Enjoy your time at home!
The Turner Family

Lauren said...

Yummy! What does Jesse usually drink at Starbucks?? Hmm...I Think you should post the Bone Marrow Sample! Did Jesse like to see it?

Jesse, sounds like you're feeling better if you're asking for Starbucks! Glad to hear that. Praying that you only get better from here. :) You're such an inspiration to all of us! If you need to kill some time, check out Facebook, they have all kinds of games and quizzes that take up hours and hours of time. Check it out! I took the Myers Briggs Personality test which was fun... try it! Praying like usual! :) Wow Jesse you're almost half way through!

Erica said...

Can I get a WOOO HOOO!!!! Uh huh uh huh!!! Seriously AWESOME! I so want to see the video! I would have been watching too for sure.

So happy she can have Starbucks! Are you really going to drink a frap in this weather?!

Glad you made it here Safely Lindsey! Huge hugs to all of you!

margaret and charlie said...

i hope you have had a good christmas and new years at home. on new years my friends and i played playmobile. my favorite drink at starbucks is flavored hot chocolate. i hope you get better soon-love margaret

on chritsmas i watched the APPLE DUMPLING GANG we saw the jonas brothers....i do not like there music. bye-bye happy old new years from:uh uh uh uh o yaa charlie

lovecobs said...

Sending lots of love from the Willamette Valley here in Eugene. I started watching the vid of the blood marrow procedure, but got shakey, couldn't do it. Am sure you're happy it's 'behind' you now, Jesse. Lindsay, so glad you are able to have time with your family. Am hoping you ALL enjoy Starbucks tomorrow.
Love, Cindy

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