Monday, December 29, 2008

Were Almost There!

Today Jesse's ANC is 121. It's not exactly what we expected, but it is a lot better than yesterdays. Obviously God has a reason for making us wait a bit longer. I read today a comment from yesterdays blog written by our friend Julie, the pastors wife. She said GOOD things happen to people who WAIT. That was very encouraging, thank you for that.

Jesse told me that her night was pretty good. There was no vomiting and she only got up to go to the bathroom twice. This morning has still been puke free, please pray that it stays that way. It makes such a difference when Jesse is able to sit up, do her make-up and nails and play games. It just creates a more pleasant atmosphere. As each day goes by, there is more and more happiness in the air when Jess is feeling more like herself.

I'm hoping that this day will be productive and more fulfilling for her. I'll be praying from a distance for I will not be able to spend the rest of the day and night with her again. It's da mommas turn!!!

Thank you all for everything! We appreciate it so much, you have no idea.

Much love,



Grandma and Grandpa said...

Way to go!! It won't be long now before it is home sweet home! Let's just accept that God knows the whys and wherefores, and we can let Him take care of them, and be thankful He knows how. I know it is a drag, waiting, but we don't know what blessings are in store for you as we wait.
We are so very proud of you, Jesse Dee, and all of the rest of the family. You are doing so good, in such a difficult situation. We thank God for you all being part of our family. God has blessed us abundantly!
Our constant prayers and praise for you,

Carl Will said...

Hi Jesse...

Just checking in to see how you've been doing. I sure do miss seeing your family's faces...

Sorry to hear that you're still feeling a little yucky... I felt that way a bit over the holiday... I had too many cookies and a little too much eggnog - eeew who's idea was "eggnog" anyway? - you get the idea... it wasn't very pretty.

Speaking of pretty - the other day, I was catching up on your blogs and my little girl, Gabby (she's 10 now), wanted to know who the pretty girl was in all the pictures... so I told her all about you and your family (she barely remembers you all) - I busted out my copy of my Dakota Jo CD (yes, I still listen to it :) and showed her...her comment was that it must be cool to be part of a famous family...

Evidently she was impressed with your website... (big smile!)

I know that the rest of your family is patiently waiting for you to come home...I'm sure that you're just going nuts waiting (patiently) to go home...

I sure am looking forward to being able to visit... please let me know when's a good time for visitors...

Miss U
Carl Will and Family

"I am your Father and I Love you even as I Love my SON, JESUS"
John 17:23

Anonymous said...

Heyy Jess:)
im glad to read that you are doing better!
im hoping to see you soon before I go back to school! I have been talking with dakota to figure it out:)
I hope that you continue to do better and be able to go home and celebrate Christmas with your family:)
I am continuing to pray for you and your family!<3
much love to you and the rest of your family:)
chelsea galindo

God's Girl said...

Praying for you ... Lord I pray that You would give Jesse some wonderful time at home - soon!
I pray that as she waits, You would show Yourself to her in sweet, special ways.

Love to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for your stomach and your rest! It is great to hear that the comforts of home can come to you. What's a gal to do without makeup, nail polish and a good movie?

Time reveals all things and my prayer is that you are comforted by the Lord's faithfulness to His word and promises.

The New Year will bring great things!

Blessings and Love,