Saturday, December 27, 2008


Good Morning Family & Friends,

The nurses keep asking Jesse if she is doing the ANC dance, and she refuses. Most of the little kids will do a special dance thinking it will increase their ANC. Here is a dare for those who love to be crazy. Make up an ANC dance, and send it to us via We will get a good laugh, and maybe you will become youtube famous.

Jesse's ANC today is 128- We are half way there. It is looking like Monday will be the day she goes home. We are thinking about celebrating Christmas on New Years Eve. We are not sure Mckenzie will make it that long, she has been very patient.

Jesse is really feeling pretty good. She ate some peaches last night, and we watched a few movies until they gave her benadryl for her Platelet transfusion. Jesse now reacts to benadryl-she has jolts, like electric shock, her whole body flinches. I found out last time it happened on Dakotas shift, and she could not help finding humor at Jesse's expense. Oh, well-what are sisters for?

Thank you for taking your time to read about Jesse's day. We appreciate all the love and support.

Team Catron


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that your ANC count is on the rise! At the rate you are going, it looks like you may be able to bring in the New Year from the comfort of your home. Keep getting stronger and moving forward and before you know it, this will all be just a memory. As for the dance, maybe I will create one that your dad can perform since I heard he has been known to "cut a rug" back in the 50's. j/k
P.S. I showed my girlfriend a picture of your dog and she is determined to find one exactly like him. So if you could clone Jericho, we would appreciate it.

Keep getting better,
Andy Gooding

Grandma and Grandpa said...

It sounds like you are doing better, Jesse, and we are SO VERY happy and thankful for you! If either Grandpa or I thought an ANC dance would do the job, believe me, we would both be jiving. --Can't you see that? Fat, flab, mustache handles and all would be jumping and jiggling!
Is the benedryl going to be replaced? I am sure you don't need allergic reactions on top of everything else!
We are continuing to pray and thank our Father for His wonderful love, mercy, grace, and all of the goodness He gives all of our family.
Love you always,

Erica said...

Ah man! Praying for all of you!! We were so praying you'd be able to go home today!! Prayers your ANC continues to rise! Love you bunches!! We'll see you in a few days.

God's Girl said...

Hey... I don't blame you for not doing the ANC dance. Prayer works better anyway. I will see if our little one will do an ANC dance for you. We'll see. : )

The K family

Michelle Riggs said...

So sorry you were in the hospital on Christmas. Abby was home for most of Christmas, only spiked a temp during the evening. We will finish Christmas when we are home.

Praying you are home soon.

Michelle (Abby's Mom)

PS I wish you had a blog badge, so we could put it on our families blog.

Darla said...

I will try to get Meg to do an ANC dance unless she already has. After all God created dance! Might have to wait until tomorrow to do it though. :)

No link today sorry. Just came here to see how you are doing. I love the new blog look!