Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Good Morning,

Happy New Years Eve!!

We finally had Christmas last night. We started off with Christmas dinner and all the trimmings. Finally the girls got to open their gifts. It was so much fun, even though it was a week late.

Home Health Care came in the evening to show us how to get Jesse set up for her TPN and Lipids for the night. Thank you Maribel for your dedication, she had to make an extra trip back to Tempe to pick up medications that where left out. We finished up around 12 midnight.

Jesse is up and around this morning, I promised her a trip to the post office, but she has to remain in the car. I guess anything is better than the four walls of her hospital room.

We are really praying that she would start eating, and just have a fun relaxing time at home. We dont go back until the 12th, so there is a good amount of time to just feel like a 16yr old again. Her sister Lindsay is coming this Sunday to stay for 5 days. We will finally have all the girls under the same roof. It is amazing how just the simple things that are normally taken for granted become so important.

Have a Happy New Year Eve, and be blessed in 2009 :)


Anonymous said...

hi jesse im so glad your home i thought you were going to come home to day but god made a big merical for you and he is kepping hes wonderful hands on you just to keep you safe he loves you alot and we love you the same amount i love you dearly.

love mckenzie xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Team Catron,

It has been a blessing to meet all of you! You are an amazing family filled with the love of Christ. You guys are truly an awesome example for us as family. God has used you guys and your trials to strenghten us as we've been going through our own trials.

Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and for sharing your hearts.


Jeremy & Korinne Ashlock

Anonymous said...

Amen!You're blogs are always such a blesing & so spirit filled.
We're so happy & praising God with you all! Hope your late Christmas was the best ever. Wishing & praying for a Blessed New Year for all of you.
We love you guys.
Michele & Chris Alvarez
ps- Your family looks so beautiful, especially now that you're all home together.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you FINALY got to do Christmas with the family! I love the updated pics, thanks for sharing! Wishing you guys the best, and praying that each day gets better and better.

Sarah Abbott

Erica said...

YEAH! So so glad you are all home and able to just relax as a family!

Your strength is amazing. Your love for one another is beautiful! We love you, we're praying for you! Enjoy this time at home!

God's Girl said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (this statement is really true for you since you are celebrating them together).

I am so glad you get to be together as a family! That time is precious! I pray that many memories are made this week as you spend time together! God is so good!

Are you getting good at the movie trivia game?

Love to you Catrons!
Todd and Julie

Anonymous said...

I lost a day somewhere BUT am so thrilled to here this. GLAD YOU GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS! How awesome to remember during a less rushed time, the birth of Christ.

Sorry I did not have more time to help out but we think of you constantly!

Enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

One more thing for us all to celebrate as we bring in this New Year. 12 Days ... something like the 12 days of Christmas ... Now that is a gift. I know that you have all learned the value of a single minute. 12 days at home is a total of 8,640 minutes. Enjoy every one of them!

Praying for you throughout the day and night,

Lisa Day

Anonymous said...

Dearest Clent Catron Family, My heart is so full and overflowing with love and praise for our wonderful Lord, and for my precious FAMILY.--That includes all of you, Lindsay, Malea and Nick, all of Deanna's family, Ken, Anne and her family, and Micci. And then there is all of my precious Virginia Family. Oh, Praise the Lord!

However, tonight I want to thank your dear friends, Clent's coworkers and Employers, your Church Family, and all others who have supported the Clent Catron family during these past months of Jesse's illness. To each individual, THANK YOU. You will probably never know how much I appreciate you. You have stepped in with the help, love and support my children needed, when I couldn't. I wish I had the words to express what it has meant to me, and I don't even know a fourth of what you have done! I had pity-parties and cried because I couldn't be there to help, and God brought me up short one time and asked me,"What could you do if you were there? Stop your crying. I heard your prayer, and I will send people in to do more than you could." So I did, and HE did, and I praise Him! And I have prayed for you, and asked Him to bless you more abundantly than you can even imagine in every way; physically, spiritually, financialy, menatlly, with exceeding great joy, and more. And that you know His salvation and love, that when our life here is over and we meet in heaven, that the circle will be unbroken and we will all be there. I don't want anyone missing.

I cannot say it enough, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
It is almost midnight here. I pray for each of you a very SPECIAL happy, healthy, BLESSED New Year! Mom/Grandma/Stella

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