Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hey its Jesse, Wow it is already Christmas Eve!!! Today my ANC is 20 and have a lot monocytes, which is a good sign that my ANC will continue to rise. Hopefully I will be able to go home friday, so keep prayin =)

Today, my mom went down stairs and got me gifts because they were giving out 8 gifts to the patients. My mom got me a portable dvd player, make up brush set, nail care set, 2 traveling games, fuzzy posters and some things for McKenzie and Dakota =)

Dakota will be staying the night with me tonight. My mom and dad will come on Christmas day to see us. We are not going to open up our gifts until I get home. It just stinks being here, when I should be at home.

Have a Merry Christmas


Lauren said...

Hi Jesse! :)
Merry Christmas~! I'm prayin for you that tomorrow you are able to find strength and joy in the holiday at hand. I am no one to speak, but I'm at the same time praying. Oh I'm praying that your ANC shoots to the sky as well. Maybe you should google foods that raise your ANC? :P

Praying as always..

Lauren said...

One more thing... so glad that you're almost through round 2! Wohoo! This is progress! You're almost half way done. You go girl.

Mark said...

Hello there Jesse,

Merry Christmas Eve to you. Keep your faith up because your ANC is going sky high here VERY soon. I have Matthew here very ancy to go to your side so I better hurry up and write this post so we can take him to see you. We are praying for your speedy recovery and know that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. God Bless you and we will see you soon.

Mark and Judy

Mor Mor and Grandpa said...

Dear Jesse,
Mor Mor and I and the three puppies are in Portland at Brian and Amy's. We drove from Seaside and Astoria yesterday in the cold weather. The roads were icy in spots and some had packed snow and ice, but we made the trip without incident, and without having to put the tire chains on.

The snow in Portland is as deep as I have seen it in years. We truly will have a white Christmas this year.

Debbie, John, Dara, Omar Sofia, and Kala will come over later today, after they drop Danielle off at the airport, so she can fly back to Great falls, Montana. We didn't get to see her because of the hazardous driving conditions, the slow trip, yesterday, and the difficulties getting around.

And we of course will miss seeing you and your family. Please know that we think of you each day, and read the messages daily. We were hoping that your ANC count would come up enough before Christmas so you could go home. But it will come up soon, we believe, and then you can celebrate a belated Christmas at home.

Please give our best to your mother and father, and your sisters.

We all send our love, and our fervent hope that you will be home soon.

Mor Mor and Grandpa

PS: We will begin soon preparing for the Danish open faced sandwiches which we will have later today. Brian wants to have this as his Christmas Eve meal when we gather at his house. It will be fun.

Kris said...

HI Jesse, Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:6,7-
This is one that I run to often. I hope it gives you peace and comfort on this day. You will be in our thoughts and prayers all day.
Love, The Tramps

Lindsay said...

Merry Christmas Eve Jesse,

I can't wait to see you...only 11 days. All I want for Christmas is for you to be better! I love you very much.

Mark said...

Hi Jesse & to all the Catron's

I hope you have a Merry Christmas in spite of having to be in the hospital Jesse. If you only miss by one or two days, that's okay. It's being together as a family that counts, whatever day that is. Keep doing what you need to do, & be as strong as you can. You will beat this. We have lot's of snow on the ground here in Oregon right now. It's so beautiful! There's nothing like a white Christmas. I'll forward some pics to your Dad after the holiday. All my love and prayers for the whole family.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
We are thinking of you!! Praying that count rises fast and you are home opening presents soon!! At least you will be able to ring in the New Year at home! Hang in there, sweetie, by the end of 2009 this will be behind you and you will be sharing with everyone about God's grace and faithfulness!
Love to you all!
Merry Christmas,
The Turner Family

Darla said...

Hi Jesse
It does stink to not be home. I wonder if its hard on nurses pulling Christmas shift too.. Will pray for them and you.
My Dad and Sharon came over from Califronia for viist. It has been busy with Anjie's birthday too. Fiished shopping today and we are trying a new tradition. Spanish pasta for dinner - it is called Peasant Pasta. I found it on Dr. Mommy's webblog.
Today there was a news article about a boy that did a christmas light display like the one I sent you from transiberian orchesta. He is only 16 and did it all himself. It took him all year.
I hope you get to come home friday and we will be praying. More of my online friends are praying too.
I love you give KOTA big hugs andcongrats again on graduation!
DARLA link on name is to a link Meg likes when wanting to do something different

Nichol said...

Hi Jess! I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Jesse, I hope that God will just give you the strength so that your ANC will shoot up and that you can go home. Merry Christmas
Praying for you,

God's Girl said...

Hi Jesse,
O.K. Praying for you to get to home Friday! Celebrating the love of Jesus, family, and friends is the main thing even if it is a day later.

Love to you sweet girl!

DARLA said...


I hope you get what you really want for Christmas! My Dad and Sharon are visitng with their two dogs. May be you can pray for me. :)

LOve you and hope to talk later.

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