Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Houston we have ANC

Good Morning,

Jesse and I had a pretty good day and night. She threw up a few times during the day, and nothing at night. She really misses waking up in her own bed and just seeing all her family in the morning.

We played Scene It, and founds out how little we know about Green Acres and other really old shows. We will have to have Clent play with us next time. Thank you to the Lyons family for the gift.

Jesse is finally making some bone marrow. Her ANC is 8. The higher it gets, the better Jesse feels. We still need the magic 250 by Christmas to go home.

We are still alone in our room, which is very nice to have the big space. My knees are not touching her bed, and she has plenty of room to walk to the bathroom. There was another boy on this floor with AML, and he got to go home on Sunday for good. He finished all 5 rounds. Jesse can do it, she just needs to look ahead at recovery and her trip she will receive from the Make A Wish Foundation. Jesse's wish is to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.

Team Catron


Erica Shubin said...

HORRAY!!! Praise the Lord for ANC!! Continuing prayers for her ANC to rise so you can all be together for Christmas. Love you all bunches! See you soon.

Grandma and Grandpa said...


We agree with Erica all the way!!
With so many in agreement, and we know God's will is for you to be well, healthy and happy, why would He not want you home for Christmas? I praise Him for being God Almighty, and for His powerful, wonderful acts of kindness.
We love you bunches,heaps and mountains!

Jeremy Ashlock said...


Praying for your ANC to rise. May God continue to be glorified through your life!

Erica, let us know if we can help in anyway with Jesse's return home.

Jeremy & Korinne

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