Friday, December 12, 2008


Hello everybody It's Matt

Jesse seems to be doing well but still feels a little sick, yesterday was a throw up free day although she came pretty close to it she found a way to keep it from coming up. She has been ordered back on TPN due to her mouth sores that are bothering her alot, which keeps her from being able to really swallow anything, she describes them as" a kancur soar but ten times worse, she has a pump that automatically releases pain medicine into her IV once she pushes her button.
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Jesse's ANC yesterday was 1095 it has now dropped to 400 as expected, by tomorrow her ANC should probably be close to zero or at zero
Last night my mom(Judy) stayed the night with Jesse, she said she had a great night only got up 4-5 times to use the restroom but other than that smooth. My mom would like to thank Clent and Deanna for letting her stay the night with Jesse although she slept most of the time she enjoyed the moment with her.
I'll be staying the night with her tonight, I'm not sure if I'm nervous or what, yeah I think it's nervous I'm usually use to someone else being with her while I'm here but today is different. I keep thinking that if anything happens while I'm here ill just blink and Clent will be there right in front of me! Jesse misses her family very much and can't wait until she sees them again, just by looking at her I can tell she misses hugging her parents and there funny humor. Jesse says hurry up and GET WELL!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!



Lindsay said...

Matt -
Thank you for always being there for my sister, you have been very strong and supportive through this whole journey. I will pray that you and Jesse have a peaceful night. And remember…you better not try anything...if you do, you might blink and my dad will be there after all :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

I got an email from your Dad today and also read Matt's blog about the sores in your mouth and the pain you are going through. That makes me so sad, but also makes me think about the strength you must be gaining inside from this horrible experience. I remember something that Arnold Schwarzenegger said many years ago. He said "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strenght." Don't ever surrender to this disease Jess. You will beat this.

Please wish Dakota a Happy Graduation from me. I think your folks told me that this was her graduation night. I hope she has a great time.

Love from up North


Jeremy Ashlock said...


It was awesome to be able to finally meet you and spend a little time with you. You are an amazing person!

Take time to read and pray together. It will do wonders for your relationship. We are praying that you will recover super fast this time and be able to go home soon. Also praying for all of you that are sick!

In Him,

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Jesse -

It's your Aunt Melissa down here in Texas. I'm sorry to hear about the sores. I have canker sores off and on...but one times 10....I'm sorry! You're one tough and brave young lady! You're a true inspiration and hero to me! I'm glad to hear you didn't throw up and I'm very hopeful that you won't. Laynie and Cory send their love and well wishes too! We LOVE you very much and we keep rooting for you every step of the way! We're your Texas chapter of Team Catron!!!

Love ya!

bryanna said...


im glad to hear your doing well!!!! and that you are having fun with your family!!im sorry to hear that your parents can't be there 4 you but you know that they love you and that they miss you !! at least you have some one right there beside you in your bed!!!!!! i hope you fill better and that you get to go home 4 christmas and to spend time with your family and friends!!!!!! i hope you get a lot of comfert and sleep because you need it!!!!! keep the streghth up jesse!!!! i know you will be fine !!!!! may god bless youin many ways!!!!

Anonymous said...

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