Saturday, December 13, 2008


Good morning to everyone!

wow, I never thought I would be staying here two nights, Ive wanted to so I can give the Catrons a little break or whenever they would like me to if that day ever came,
yet here it is.

I really enjoyed the alone time with her we talked, laughed, watched a couple movies haha she called it a girls night in. Our night went fairly smooth only got up about twice, and threw up once, the smell of the saleen got to her.

Jesse has always worn a hat when I'm around and has refused to take it off. She didn't feel really comfortable and thought I would feel different about how she looked, until last night. Jesse finally said forget it, took it off and looked at me. I said see that was easy it's not about her head, I told her. Jesse looks extremely cute without it on! and hopefully Jesse can start feeling more comfortable without a hat always on.

Hey everybody! Yes I finally took off my hat although I don't like not having it on, and I didn't like it on either. =)
Last night was a good night I really liked the night nurse Jody. Shes pretty radical. She gave me this new "Magical Throat Rinse" that is supposed to numb my mouth. I like the feeling, it feels weird lol.
Today my ANC is at 120 now and I feel horrible. My white blood counts are dropping too. So far its only going to get worse from here =( Prayers are deff needed. Thanks =) Jesse & Matt


Erica said...

Oh sweet girl! I'm so sorry your feeling like crap. :( This STINKS! Praying for you always. Praying this passes quickly and your recovery is faster then last time. Matt's right - you look AMAZING with hair, without hair, with a hat, without a hat. Your inner beauty shines no matter what style your sportin.

Praying the joy of the Lord is your strength as you walk this path of recovery. I love you bunches and bunches. HUGE HUGE HUGS!

kirkham said...

Hello Jesse,

You look beautiful Jesse with and without that hat! Glad you and Matt had a girls night--I always thought my son was a panzy! Lol! Jesse know that we are praying for a speedy recovery once you hit zero on your ANC count...prayer warriors, let's pray that she can go home in two weeks max! God is Good and ALL things are possible. Love ya! Judy

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse Dee- Dad and I are so sad that we have not seen you for a week. I am pretty sure I will be there tomorrow, if not for sure Monday. Dad cant come yet his is lasting much longer. We really miss your smiling face!! We feel like we are missing so much not being there, but we know Matt is taking good care of you. We are happy to hear you took your hat off for Matt-Everyone who knows you, all know that your inner beauty is why they love you. You have a gentle spirit that shines through hair or no hair.

I love you Jesse!!!

Anonymous said...
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God's Girl said...


You are one absolutely gorgeous girl (with or without hair)! God's beauty is not just skin deep.
It radiats from the soul.

Prayers to you, Matt and your whole family!

Hey Matt, can you tell me some of the families' favorite snacks?

Thank you!

Jeremy Ashlock said...


You looked great when Troy and I stopped by to see you. You are a very beautiful girl inside and out, with hair or not, sick or not sick. Your heart is huge and is what makes you beautiful.

We are praying for you and hope you recover super fast!

Jeremy & Korinne

Mormor and Grandpa said...

Good night Jesse girl, hang in there. Love Mormor

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse!

(Natali L)

Ewweww throught sores are Gross and hurt really bad. I dont know what type you ave but i get them sometimes and i know how you feel. lol. So im glad that your not throwing up as much. Just keep trudging on, and everything will turn out for the best...

ps. Still paraying 4 u..<3 u lots

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