Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 9 of Recovery

Hi Everyone,

Not much change from yesterday. Matt and Jesse watched TV and chatted. Matt tried to get her to play a few games, but Jesse just wasnt up to it. She is vomiting less, so we are really hoping she will try food in the next couple days.

Clent was so excited to see Jesse. It was cute seeing their bald heads together.

Jesse says HI to everyone :)

Much Love,

Team Catron


judy said...

Hi Jesse,
Just wanting to say hi and praying that everyday you will feel better and that your appetite will increase. Hope Matt isn't driving you crazy, you know my number if he gives you a hard time ;) Hope to see you soon. Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Catrons,
Praying for all constantly and asking God for a miracle. Trusting you will ALL be home for Christmas!!
Come on, Jesse, start on those Hot Pockets!!!
The Turner Family

SL said...

Hi, Jesse!

We are still praying for your recovery. We hope you have a better weekend, get to eat, and hope your ANC starts increasing so you can make it home soon.

Best wishes.
Sharon Lynch & Family

Lauren said...

Way to Go Jesse! Glad to hear that you got to see your dad again, and that visions of sugarpl- are finally swirling through your mind. :) Praying for you as always. You go girl.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hi Jesse, I want to tell you that I love your picture of yesterday, in your white "bonnet". It is adorable. (Did McKenzie pose for you?) :)

So glad you and your Dad got to see each other. I know you were both excited.
I am so into praise to the Lord for His goodness, favor and faithfulness to us! We are claiming complete victory, quickly, for you.
We love you very, very much,
Grandma and Grandpa
Thank you, Matt, for helping.--I know it is a real chore! :) I love you too.

God's Girl said...

Yay! Clent got to come. What a sweet reunion.

Love to the whole family.

We love you guys!

Todd and Julie

Anonymous said...


My prayer is that for this journey that you do not get disheartened. I can only imagine what a hard time you are going through physically along with the emotional battles. Please remember that in addition to your family you have a huge support of friends, family and even strangers praying for your health and joy. My prayer is for exactly that. Your joy and strength. I pray that the Lord give you a stronger back and carry your burden. You are His child. We dont understand the why's but His purpose is greater than we can even imagine. Hang in there hun.

Blessings and Much Love,


My Blessed Life said...

I am so glad Clent is feeling better and able to be with his little girl. Congrats to Dakota good job. We are continually praying for Jesse and the whole family. God bless you all.
The Millage Family