Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 8 of Chemo

Good afternoon prayer warriors,

Sorry for the late blog. Jesse had to be taken down to get an ultra sound of her belly a little while ago so that the doctors can figure out why shes having the cramps and what not. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough fluids in her bladder to they had to delay it. Hopefully Jesse will be able to hold it because she's not exactly aloud to go to the bathroom.

I was told by Jess that she slept pretty good. I really am immune now to all the beeping so I don't know how Jesse is doing during the night unless she wakes me up for help. This whole "staying at the hospital" business really wears you out. I can basically sleep through anything now...I can't really say the same for Jesse though. Shes always being woken up by the nurses so they can take her vitals, and also the eye drops that they have to give her three times a day.

This morning while I was still in bed, Jesse was up and about. She took a shower and then got ready for when Matt came. When we got back up from the tests, Jesse ate a hot pocket and watched some of Jeff Dunhams Christmas was HILARIOUS!

We are all now just pretty much chilling...Matt will be leaving shortly so that leaves me and Jesse time to watch more movies. I have been dieing to see The Dutches.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.



Anonymous said...

Hi there girls!
So, Melissa and I have been checking the web page all morning...we start to get worried when nothing new is posted..but,hey, we aren't supposed worry cause God is in control, right??
Just know that you are thought of so very much!
Hope the day goes well and happy movie watching!!
The Turner Family

Lauren said...

Praying for that Ultra Sound. Tell Jesse that I've never heard of anybody eating so many HotPockets! Way to go! Sounds like you may go through a box of 4 in one day! Hoping that you can get enough sleep, Jesse too. I can only imagine how the hospital must wear on you. Praying for strength that only God can provide.

judy said...

Glad your holding up truly are a great sister to Jesse! Hang in there you too will be in your own bed soon. May God Bless you're kindness and consideration towards others. Praying for you all.

We love you and continue to pray for you daily. Judy

Erica said...

Great job Kota! Praying the ultrasound reveals whats up with your tummy Jess. So sorry your not feeling good. Praying for peace and wellness. Be strong and courageous girlies! I'll be up for a bit tomorrow afternoon. Love you all bunches.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Sounds like the iron got patched, Jesse. Praise the Lord! What kind of Hot Pockets do you like?
I do pray the Ultra Sound will reveal what is causing you the discomfort, and it can be "fixed".
Dakota, you are a princess! I think the best compliment I can give you, concerning your love and care for Jesse, is that you are just like your Great-Aunt Merna. My sister always took such good care of me, loves me unconditionally, and is always 'there' for me when I need her. Of course now, it is telephone support, as we don't see each other, but she is there. It really hurts my heart that I can't be with her to help her physically, when she has needed it, but she knows I am only a telephone call away when she needs to talk. She is the greatest lady ever! Her love is not only in the natural, but also in the Spiritual. I can't remember where it is found, but the Bible says: "They shall know you are my Disciples, because you love one another." Your love for each other goes beyond sisterly love; it is rooted in God's love also.
It is time for me to get us something to eat and get ready for Church.
We love you all dearly and beyond words,
Grandma and Grandpa

DARLA and MEGHAN said...

Jesse and KOTA: Meg will text. We just read your blog together. There are some great movies coming out.

OH YES, the only thing nice about nurses waking you up is that you know you are still doing okay!

Hope nothing is wrong with tummy that its just too many HP's.

Have you ever stumbled on It is kind of fun. I found the end of the internet that way. There is an AWESOME NASA picture of the venus, jupiter moon line up. Wont' be seen again for 40 years. See picture link in my name.

Praying for you

Lisa said...

Jesse, when I was little and had a bad stomachache, my Dad would give me a lomey lomey (I'm sure that isn't spelled right!). A lomey lomey is a Hawaiian belly rub - it is what the Hawaiian Moms do for their little ones when they have tummy aches. It's gentle pressure given by loving hands - apparently in Hawaii they even do it in the hospital pediatric wards, so there must be something to it! You have so many loving hands around you, the hard part will be to pick which ones can do the lomey lomey for you!

I hope your pain passes and you sleep well tonight - our family prays for you and yours,

God's Girl said...

Ya know? As I was praying for you Jesse (and the family) I really sensed that with this tough time you are going through, God desires to do a deep work in each one of you. A good work, but not an easy one. He is deepening your roots in Him so that you will be like that tree firmly planted by the water (Psalm 1).

Just when we think we are firmly planted..... God deepens us even more.

I thank the Lord that God has given you such an awesome family! You guys are a wonderful testimony of faith in God.

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

to Grandma and pa.. .you are blessing more than Jesse with your posts! thank you .

Anonymous said...

I know what it is like trying to find comfort in a hospital. Thank goodness for ice chips and blanket warmers. I pray that the noise of the commotion around you both will be quieted and you are comforted by the presence of each other. Dakota I can only imagine the huge blessing that you are being to the family and Jesse staying right by her side. It is not easy but the Lord will fill your strength up. I pray the hands and presence of the nurses treating you are like being in the hands of angels. I will continue to pray for your comfort and health.