Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 7 Recovery

Hello Faithful Followers:

To answer a few questions, Jesse is on 4 anti-nausea medications that rotate through out the day. She is also on Narcon that is suppose to take away every side effect of every drug. I am not sure her real problem is nausea as much as it is vomiting every time she sits or stands. I think Jesse has 6 lines running into her at all times with different meds, food and anti-biotics.

Her CT scan was clear, and they did not find any infection. The blood virus is way down, so they will be giving her the medication only 2x a day. Her ANC today is at zero!!! YEA-this is the only time we love that number, we can only go up from there. Dr. Wood said today that he really thinks she will go home on Christmas Eve :) We are so excited. She still must not have a fever, and her ANC has to be really close to 250.

Thank you for checking in today to see how Jesse is doing. (Dakota will not need a ride until Monday the 22nd-She will need a ride home from the hospital)


Team Catron


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear that numbers are on the way up!! What an answer to prayer to be home for Christmas. Hang in there, Jesse. You'll make it! We are all praying for you.
The Turner Family

Anonymous said...

Hi's Dad.
I know how bad it hurts to talk but asking who ever is sittng with you questions is hard for me. I even went as far as texting you! That was an adventure. I don't get why that is the "craze".
I also called your phone but your voice mail wasn't working. I called it about three times just to hear your voice. You said "Hi it's Jesse" and I lost it. You sound so healthy and happy. Something got in both eyes, while I was driving, so both eyes were trying to clean it out at once. And stupid me...I would call you again.
I miss you Peanut. I miss holding you, after one of your "extreme events" and kissing your head. I need to be there with you because it is to painful for me to not be. I feel like my whole life is on hold until you are through with your battle. I want to say sorry to my wife and other girls for my actions (or lack of). You guys know I love you all very much. It's just a difficult time we are all going through. I would so like to take this from you and let you be the one trying to comfort me (you know how well trying to comfort me would go).
It sounds like I will be there Friday to visit even if I have to wear a yellow suite and mask. I just need to hold you and feel you in my arms. I will try not to break you.
Try to sit up a little (or on an angle) today. See if that helps you not to throw up every time you sit up.
Keep the faith Hotrod. You(we) will make it through this and think of all the stories we will be able to share. The ones you don't remember are good ones too.
I am here for you always. I love you so much and am so proud of you for how you are taking this terrible sickness head on. You make me so proud to be your Dad.
Love you...see you Friday

Lisa said...

OK - time to put all our heads and hearts together and we pray for that homeward bound trip on Christmas Eve!

Hey - I'm off Monday afternoon - and able to be a taxi to Dakota if needed - or 623-341-4295 cell.

I THOUGHT I'd be going to the airport to pick up my son, coming home for the holidays - he's in the military. Gee, for some reason, he's opted for his girlfriend to pick him up and I'm second fiddle - they grow up, they move on, it's a wonderful thing!

So keep me in mind if I can be of help - you all don't know me (my husband met Clent on job sites) but I can provide references and I have a very good driving record. I've also done many sleep overs in the hospital for people who had no family to do that . . . Jesse is very lucky and blessed with so many loved ones around, but should a need pop up, I'm very willing.

My prayers are with you all daily!

Anonymous said...

praying that God is pulling you through this time in your life. That God will give you peace through his holy spirit and that all your needs will be met through God's mighty grace. Merry Christmas to you and your family Jesse. Stay strong, your a brave young woman. We know you love God and that he is with you every step of the way. Have a great Wednesday Jesse. Darryl/Elissa Hill

Erica said...

Jesse babe - SO SO excited to see you may be home for Christmas! What an AMAZING gift from the Lord! We'll be praying that happens!

Your dads post made me cry. Poor guy. You are one special girl! He's right, your taking all this with such grace and endurance. Praying the Lord continues to strengthen you physically and emotionally. Know that we're praying and love you bunches.


Allen and Teddy said...

Hi Jesse:
We are so glad to hear the blood virus is down, and we're praying for your ANC numbers to bounce up quickly. Clent: we are praying for you too. Hang in there!

Love in Christ,
Allen and Teddy

Psa 116:5 The LORD is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.

Grandma said...

Hi Jesse, your Dad uses words much better than I do, but that is the way I feel too! It made my day to read that the Drs. are talking about you being home for Christmas: That is what Auntie, Unc, everyone here, and I have been asking God for since before Thanksgiving! Remember, God has something SPECIAL and GOOD in store for you!
We love you all dearly,
Grandma & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

The possibility of you being home on Christmas Eve truely is a wonderful gift! We hope it comes true! Hang in there Jesse.

We Love You,

Melissa, Cory, & Laynie

Carl Will said...

Knock knock...

Who's there?



Hi there Jess! Hello there Catron Family! I thank GOD that I finally found you! Is it weird to pray that "all is well" even when I know that you are all having the hardest time of your lives?

I love you all so much... I think of you all and remember you all very (ver, very) regularly. And I miss seeing you very much. Then I start to feel badly for not having done a better job of trying to track you all down. My bad. please forgive me.

Jess, I'm so very sorry to hear about what you're going through. I pray that you remember that the joy of the LORD is your strength.

Not the "woo-hoo" kind of joy, but the joy that comes from knowing that your King and Best Friend is there with you at all times.

I know very little about what you've been going through... I know that it must be awful for you to have to endure so much... but I also know what a strong and fiesty person you are.

And I also know that when you are weakest...that is when HE is strongest. You can endure all this with grace and peace knowing that your Savior and Friend is with you and your family - even though it's a pain in the rear. (I almost used another word - oops!)

I'm trying to keep this a short note - but there's so much to say... to all of you. I just wanna hug you and squeeze you all and see your shiny little faces.

I'll cut this short - so as not to weary you all to the point of "OMG - isn't he EVER going to stop??"

But I do want to say that you (Jess) have been in our prayers...and your parents and sisters, too... you should hear my Sunday School class go on and on and on... it's really a blessing to hear so many kids praying for you (even though most of them don't even know you).

GOD Bless you and keep you.
Please drop me a line at I'd love to visit y'all sometime...

I love you guys!!

"When cheese gets its picture taken - what does it say?"

Meghan! =] said...

Hey Jesse, its meg.

I am extremely happy to hear that you might be going to be home for christmas! I will be praying really really hard for that to happen. You definitly deserve it. =]

Love you Jess!

Darla said...

JESS I understand totally what your parents are going through. I was wondering if you ever have wanted to play piano? or guitar? besides guitar hero!

I am praying that you get home for Christmas.

I know you would miss all those nice nurses - and miss the sounds of slamming doors, and crys from down the hall but ya know you have to sacrifice a few of those kind of luxuries you've grown accustomed to.. .like being woke up at 3AM for BP check or another procedure.

You would miss the lovely hospital food delivered to you in bed. The early morning anticipation of which doctor will visit me if at all or the waiting for the perky social people to come and ask if you need anything.

Hey if your parents get bored (doubt it) there is a great opening in NixTheNews about life as a kid. I think your Dad in particular might like it. I didn't send this for you but I'll try to have something for you tomorrow.

(see how lame my life is? ) Just click on my name and then on the show. oh and the Elizabeth girl on the "view" watches him.
God is Good.

OH and CLENT I have texted Meghan before & it is "HORRIBLE". It takes me 3 hours to say hi.

God's Girl said...

We prayed for you again tonight and my heart is so heavy because of what you are going through physically, Jesse. I am praying really hard that God would relieve you in the 'throwing up' area. I'm sure you are going through so much... I can't even imagine.

We are so excited that you may be home for Christmas! That would be awesome!

We love you Jesse!
It was good to hear your voice today Deanna!
Clint, your post made me cry too. You are a very special DAD.

Praying daily for you all,
Todd and Julie

Anonymous said...

We are so praying that you will be all together at home for christmas! Keep pressing on and we love you and you are in our prayers! Love, The DuPeire's

lovecobs said...

Dearest Jesse,
Well being and good-day wishes coming to you from the farm where Nick grew up, here in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. It's snowing, and I think of the whiteness and purity of it and how I wish that same purity for your health. Sending lots of love and good thoughts of healing, Cindy Miller

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