Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 4 of Chemo

Good Morning Everyone,

Jesse had a pretty good night. We both slept through all the beeps and she told me she only got up twice to go to the bathroom.

As I look at her now she looks so cute in her black beanie, all cuddled up in her Elvis blanket, but wait... now that shes all comfortable she has to go to the bathroom again. Just her luck!

Yesterday was a very good eating day. I want to thank you all who prayed for her increase of an appetite. She ate THREE hotpockets, two candy carmel apple suckers, life savers, fruit and tea. That girl can pack it all away I tell ya.

We were both surprised when our parents came back to the hospital around 6:00 p.m. with an old family friend. His name is Mark and my parents have known him forever. I can only remember that him and his sons had a full headset of red hair. It was really awesome to see him again, and also to hear him and my dad talk about the olden days. We all got to see pictures of them and all my dads friends. It was weird to see him "chilling." Also there's an image of him wearing short shorts that I will never forget, THANKS DAD!

Well, I am off to Prescott for the courthouse lighting, I am so excited.

Thank you team Jesse for everything, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



Kris said...

HI Catron team!! ELVIS BLANKET!!!
Jessie, are you a fan?? Seth and I both LOVE Elvis and his music. Have you checked out his new christmas CD? Well, sort of new. New to us I guess. But we can all wish that Elvis is taking shelter in some backwoods town eating peanut butter and bananas sandwiches. (Have you tried them? There really goos) THe CD is remakes of his Christmas songs with new people singing with him. My favorite is him and Wynonna. Anyways, continue fighting!! We are praying.
The Tramps

Lauren said...

Jesse! So Glad to hear that you ate so much! Awesome job! :) Praising God that you had a good day, and praying that it continues this way. You go girl! :)

PS. Sounds like your nausea may have subsided a bit? God answers prayers. That is for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

hey pookey i love you so much im so excited im with you but bummed next week is my last week at the hostpital. well your still looken good i bet matt still wants a peck lol bye love you

love kenzie

Erica said...

YEAH!! So so happy you ate! Thrilled you had a good nights sleep! Praise the Lord!! Love you sweet girlie, I'll see you sometime this week. Only four more days and then its recovery time again!! YEAH!

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Awesome job Jesse! Praising God that you felt good enough to eat and eat well!

I only wish I had the bond with my brothers and sister that you girls have! It brings joy to my heart to see this because Jesus is the source of that love. We are praying for you everyday and also for you Dakota and family.

Praying that peace will fall upon you all and strength will fill your hearts.