Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 2

Well....That was a fun night. Besides tossing and turning because I'm bigger than the couch, I woke up at 5:00 to Jesse puking her guts out. The chemo is surely taking the best of her. She also threw up last night at 10:40 just before she went to sleep. I can tell that this treatment isn't going to be very nice to her.

We had nurses coming in and out of our room, and around 8:00 the nurses were performing some tests on Jesse because her heart rate was abnormally low. She was quickly transmitted to the CT Scan room. They wanted to do some x-rays to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with her lungs. I pray to God that she doesn't have another infection.
Man, I so wish she wasn't nauseated all the time. This is causing her to not eat, and we all know how bad she needs to. It's going to really suck when she is going to have to go back on the TPN, we can't have her kidneys failing on us.

What I would give to take her place for at least one day. I can't do anything for her when she feels like this. It also doesn't help me any when I found out yesterday that my bone marrow doesn't match hers. I really wanted to be the one who was going to help her if it ever came to the point of needing a transplant. Someday I hope to understand Gods decision.

Prayer Warriors: Please pray that Jesse works up an appetite and that she will triumph over her nausea. Also, pray that she will regain her strength and happiness.

Thank you again for everything and I thank those who have helped by cooking meals for us, we really appreciate it.

Much love, Kota :)


Lindsay said...


It pains me that I am not there to take YOUR place. As your older sister it should be ME there watching over Jesse not you. I am sorry that I am not there to help!
I am pretty sure I will be coming sometime in January, to resume my shift.
Thank you for being strong and taking care of our younger sister.
I love you, Jo.

Anonymous said...

You write with wisdom and understanding beyond your years. My heart aches for all of you. We will be praying for victory.
The Turner'S

Kirkham's said...

Stay strong Kota,

I can't imagine how hard this must be watching her go through all this, makes me sad, but don't ever stop having faith that all of this will soon be left behind and your family will be home and enjoying life again. when your down and out pray that HE give you peace and strenght, not only for you, but Jesse, and your mom & dad. We love you and we keep you close in our prayers. Judy

Jordyn said...

Hey there Dakota,

I'm really sorry to hear that your night was rough. By reading your blog it was clear to see the love you have for Jesse, and I know how badly you want to take her place or at the very least be a donor for her. But Dakota you have to know that regaurdless of not being her match you have done so much for her. Staying up with her at the hospital through the night, being her shoulder to cry on, and doing what you can at home for your parents means more than words could possibly express. You have completly altered your life for Jesse and would do anything asked of you if you knew it would make things easier on her. So while God may not have chosen you to play the role of the donor in Jesse's life he has chosen you to be her best friend, and loving sister, and I am sure Jesse is more grateful to you than you will ever know. I am praying for you always.


Lauren said...

Hey Dakota,
Praying, praying, praying that Jesse triumph's her nausea and works up a big hungry appetite. She needs it so badly. I am praying that the Lord would also touch her body with immunity to infections too.

I too hope you will understand God's choice some day as far as the bone marrow. Maybe you will understand why in the days to come. I can't believe the strength all of you share as sisters. It's amazing to see from an outsider's point of view. It's truly God-given and amazing.

Prayin for strong immunity, less nausea, your strength, and no more TPN! And also that Jesse would realize who's the Almighty Savior in this situation.

So Lord, we ask that you rest Your Almightyy healing hand on sweet Jesse, Lord allow her to feel better and see your Grace through it all. Thank you for what you've brought this family through so far, and we ask for Jesse's regaining of strength and happiness that only You can provide, God. Amen.


Jordyn said...

Hi Jesse

I'm sorry to hear your stay back at the ol hospital hasn't been so enjoyable so far:/ I am praying that God will continue to give you physical as well as spiritual strength as you continue to fight this battle. You are doing such a good job through this whole ordeal, we are all so proud of you as well as inspired by you. Remember God has an excellent plan for you and by strengthening you through this experience he will be able to use you for the unthinkable! Thinking of you always!

Love Jordyn

Erica said...

Kota Babe my heart ached for you when I heard you weren't a match. I know how much you wanted to be the one to help her, to keep Mckenzie from that should the day come. There's a lot of things I want to ask our Savior when I see him. Funny thing, I don't think we'll have any questions once we see Him face to face. His power, His awesome presence will over shadow any questions we have.

No matter what - you ARE helping Jesse, just being there, just encouraging her, and walking this path with her. She needs you and no matter what I know she appreciates you and loves you so deeply. Praying for strength tonight. Praying for peace, and praying for an appetite for Miss Jesse.

Love you girlie. Love you Jesse Girl. Love all of you. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus - the author and finisher of our faith.

God's Girl said...

Thank you for the update Dakota! My heart is just so heavy for all that Jesse and the family is going through. I will pray for the Lord to fill her with His strength and for her sickness to subside.

We all love you and we are praying for you daily!

The Krombein Family

Anonymous said...


Im so sorry Jesse. I have been super busy this week...i have read all your updates but haven't had any time to write. (im sorry). It has been crazy here at the Leaton home haha. I'm glad that your ANC count is doing good! But I'm sad that you're not doing SO good. I know that you are probably week....But God is bigger then Baxter...and all the other mean machines as well...he will take care of have been keeping you ion my prayers....and everyone else too has as well. I have to go to bed exhausted...all the singing and shool and work has worn me down today. you have a good night to Kota!! I love you girls! Gnight!

Anonymous said...

Catron Girls,

I am so sorry that you have to endure such hard times. I wish that there was something that we could do to ease the burden, the pain and worries. I can only pray and you have my promise that I will do so.

Even now I lift you up Jo, to keep strong being a citadel for Jesse. To provide her wisdom of an older sister, guidance and a light heart. I pray for Lindsay too that she would be able to keep you uplifted in spirit and help carry the burden no matter how far away. For Jesse, I pray for your health. As each cell flows through your body I lift up each individual one for healing and protection. Your stomach to be calmed and your appetite increased. Hang onto the Lord's garment! For McKenzie, I pray blessings for health and your being the one that could be able to provide bone marrow is Jess needs it. He has specific plans and purposes...we all don't understand. Stay strong and trust ladies. You have a wonderful Catron lady leading you and a two great men to back her up!

Love you all,


DARLA said...

KOTA HUGS that is all I can do HUGS

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