Friday, December 5, 2008

Chemo Day 3

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is a beautiful sunny Arizona day. Jesse is laying in her bed next to mine. She is so peaceful and beautiful. It seems like just yesterday we where at home going about our daily lives. Jesse and Kota doing their school work at the kitchen table. Later they go to each others rooms to do their makeup and get ready to go to a movie or starbucks. Those days are on hold for now, but one day they will be off again enjoying their time as sisters.

We had a good night, not to many beeps from baxter. I don't remember this couch being so uncomfortable. I guess it is from sleeping the last 8 nights at home. I think we will have to bring in some more padding. We are trying not to get to excited about the private room, they tend to move you around a lot here. We are just trying to enjoy the privacy for now.

We did get a positive report from the Doctors. On a past blog after her first round of chemo, they told us she had 3% (suspicious) cells left. We have found out after a closer look that the 3% is not leukemia!!! We are so thankful, that puts her at a higher rate of not relapsing later on down the road, and not needing the bone marrow transplant.

Jesse's CT scan went well-the lack of oxygen they detected was a bad wire in their system and not jesse.

They have put her back on TPN because she is still vomiting and has lost 7% of her body weight. If she stops vomiting, they will put a feeding tube down her nose to her stomach. This is much easier on her kidneys and liver.

Hug your kids today and tell them how much you love and appreciate them :)


Team Catron


Kirkham said...

Praise God for the Good news! I'm a very happy to hear that the 3% isn't leukemia! Although a feeding tube may seem hard to bare I think it may be for the best, her kidney's are important and we don't want anymore complications for Jesse. Well were counting down the days till she's off the Chemo and on her way to recovery and once again--Home! God Bless You guys for keeping us constantly updated. Judy

Erica said...

Praise the Lord for the good news!!! Continued prayers for peace and strength. Praying for no puking so skinny buns can get some weight on.

Jesse girl you ARE beautiful inside and out. Keep your eyes on Jesus, we're praying for you and we love you bunches.

Lisa said...

I have chills all over! First, they say McKenzie is not a match, then they realize she is! Prayer answered! Then 3% leukemia - not anymore! Low heart rate - bad wire! Power of prayer!!!! OK - we need to get real busy on the nausea!

elliott/alterman said...

well, outside of the complications and side effects of the treatment, the 3% not leukemia sounds encouraging. we are all thinking about you every day - stay strong.

love brian, amy, margaret and charlie

Allen and Teddy said...

Great news on the test results! We are still praying for the nausea to go away, and for Jesse to be able to eat something. We know the road must seem pretty long at the moment. We pray that the Lord will continue to give you a new measure of strength every day.

"Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders which You have done, And Your thoughts toward us; There is none to compare with You. If I would declare and speak of them, They would be too numerous to count." Psalm 40:5

Love in Christ,
Allen and Teddy

Anonymous said...

hey Jes.


Im glad that u had a good night, and that the 3% are not Leukemia! thats really good! I cant wait till this all is over. Still hoping and praying.

Love U Lots. <3

Anonymous said...

Jess, Clent, Dee, Kota, Kenz, and Lindsay,
We love you! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Keep hangin' tough. It is comforting to know that God is in control, even when the roller coaster ride seems longer than we wish. Keep your eyes on Jesus, praise Him.
Shom had her Friday night youth group praying for you tonight. Hopefully you guys are gettin' some sweet sleep right now!
******Anyone who wishes to help my awesome sister-n-law, Michele with brainstorming for some great fundraising, for Team Catron, Please contact her at: Maybe, if each family who writes in Jesse's comments could pitch in and donate $10.00 (or more), the Catrons could have $5,000.00 with 500 families backing them, to go towards all the costs the Catrons are being hit with. I already have had a few people from the city express to me that they are going to be giving me checks to give to the Catron's. These are acquaintances of Clent's that knew him from his jobsite in Goodyear. Cannot remember where in the Bible I read this, but I remember the message---"They gave of what they had, so NO ONE was in Need." Lets be those givers of what we have.
God Bless You!! The Baranski's xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox