Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Can I get a WOO HOO!!

Jesse's ANC is 275 this morning. We are so excited!!! We should be out of here by 12:00. She has to get 2 platlets transfusions and her blood virus medicine first. She will also have to continue TPN, Lipids and Blood Virus Meds. at home.

I think we need to thank Kris Tramp. She came to the hospital yesterday and did her Elvis ANC dance. I think you might have a full time job when word gets out.

Jesse is putting on her makeup, and we will start packing up. She will not be readmitted until the 12th. She will have to come back on Monday for her Bone marrow aspiration and Spinal Tap.

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

Much Love,

Team Catron


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! :D
thats soo exciting that your going home!!!
Praise the Lord:D
<3 Chelsea

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse it's Dad,
I just wanted to hop on your site and tell you how excited I am that you are coming home soon. I can't wait for you to be bumping Mom out of the way for the first hug when I come in the door from work.
I also wanted to thank a few people for their blogs. At the risk of singling out a few, and others feeling left out, I wanted to thank my Mom for her words of wisdom. I love you Mom. I used to think you gave sermons every time you had something to say when we were growing up. Now I realize much of your patiece and persistance were for my benefits.
I also want to thank Art Day and his wife Lisa. Lisa I feel so bad that I didn't reach out more when Art told me of your Cancer. I now realize how important just a word of support goes a long ways. I prayed for you a lot but didn't give the extra minute to call you or Art. I am so sorry. I am so happy to hear you made it through. The Lord is so good.
To the rest of the "bloggers" I want to say thank you so much for your support and kindness. It does go a long ways.
To Jesse, I love you so much Hotrod. You, and all my girls (thats you Lindsay and Dee too) are my world. You guys are everything to me and each hug or kiss should feel like me telling you that even though it might not.
Life is short and very unpredictable. Be sure each hug and kiss you give to your loved one shows them that is really how you feel. You never know when it might be the last one.
God Bless you all and have a great day and New Year

Anonymous said...

Dear Catrons, WOOO HOOOOO is right.

Great news about getting to go home. Enjoy every moment of your time at home.

Way to go Kris, perhaps you will share with the Kidz at Lighthouse and they can all do the Elvis ANC Dance. They would love it.

Clent, your words touch my heart so deeply. Tears stream down my face as I read your words, knowing how much as a parent you just want to take all of this from Jesse. The Lord has some incredible plans for Jesse when this is done and he will be saying to each of you. "Well done, my good and faithful servant".

"Blessed are the people who have faith in God above, for they bless others every day with kindness and with love"


Many Blessings to all,
Norma Chastain and family

Lisa said...

We are so happy to hear the good news! Jesse, you will bring in the new year at home - and 2009 is going to be a very very good year. You will finish all these treatments and walk away from Phoenix Children's - they do so much good and their final goal is to never see you again! Clent, your words hit my heart directly - it can be a very lonely place when you deal with health issues - too easy for those around you to move on, carry on and it's not that they forget you have a challenge, but life and the busy of it take over . . . it means everything to give a kind word, offer a helping hand - and once you do it for someone, they in turn know to carry that on, and the world changes in that small but very important way. The perspective this experience has given you all, and all of us sharing a bit in it, is precious.

DuPeire Family said...

WHOOOHOOOO!!!! We are praising God and rejoicing with you that you get to go home!!!! Leave it to Kris to do the Elvis dance. She is hillarious! We love you guys and are praying and checking this site daily! Thanks for the updates! We serve a mighty and awesome God who has great plans for each of you! Clent thanks for your words I always am crying when I get done reading your posts! Have a great day and enjoying being home! God Bless! Love Matt and Kristy DuPeire and the boys

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Yay Jesse! Enjoy your time at home! Praying that God would protect you at home! May you and your family find rest in Him for the next two weeks.

Love you guys,

Jeremy & Korinne

Sarah said...

Congrats! Im so glad you get to go home!!!! I cant imagine what that would feel like!!! And you get to be there for a long time... that is incredible. Thank the Lord he is so good Jesse and He is on your side!!! He is walking by your side every step of the way. I pray that your time at home is perfect and you feel His presence daily! I hope you are able to rest well and truly enjoy yourself. We are praying for you and a Great time at home!
Much Love
Sarah Smith and Family!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! We're SO excited for this great news!! Enjoy your well deserved time at home Jesse Dee! We LOVE you!!!!!! 08' has had it's challenges but 09' will be great!!!

Aunt Melissa, Uncle Cory, & Laynie

Grandma and Grandpa said...


Catrons, Mom/Grandma is sitting here with tears of joy running down her face like a river, and words cannot express the joy and thanksgiving I feel. I am so thrilled for you all, and so thrilled with Jesus and His faithfulness, love,mercy and grace. His goodness is new every morning.
--No sermons today, I am just praising our wonderful Lord!! And oh yes, Grandpa will be crying and praising as soon as he reads this! Our love and prayers are with you always,

Erica said...

HORRAY!!! I'm so so happy for you Jess and your whole family!! Bring on the new year! God is good ALL the time! I'll see you tonight or tomorrow! Much love!!

Mark said...

WOO HOO is right! Enjoy being home, enjoy your long deserved Christmas, and hug each other a lot. I'm so happy your home Jesse. One more WOO HOO for all of you!! And Happy New Year to all from your friends in Oregon.

Lauren said...

Hey Jesse! WOW! Round 2 is DONE! I'm so glad you're progressing. I can only imagine your excitement for another home-again-home experience! Praying that you're not sick when you get home, and that your icky blood virus vanishes. ;) Have a WONDERFUL time at home girl!

Kris said...

I just knew it would work!! The King is amazing, you know which one I am talking about. The one that carries our scares on His back. I was totally blessed by the visit yesterday. I just wish I would have made it in sooner. Please let me know when you are settled into being home, we would love to bring dinner over one night. Enjoy your time at home and opening Christmas presents.
PS. Jessie and Matt, my boys are doing that DS texting thing all the time now. Thanks for showing me how to.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful news Jesse.. when your grandma called me crying today after reading your blog all we could do was give god the praise. your in our thoughts and prayer ( all of you are ) hope you all have a wonderful Chrismas on new years
love ya
Catrons in va

God's Girl said...

Yeah, you can get a WOO HOO!
A lot of them:

We are thanking the Lord right now! We pray that you have a wonderful "Christmas" with your family Jesse. : )

O.K. what is it with my timing. I have a sore throat so I won't be able to see you. : (

Please know that we will come and see you as soon as we can.

Love to you Jesse and to the whole Catron Clan.

Hugs to you...
Todd and Julie