Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Day At The Hospital

hey its Jesse,

Today is another day, my anc dropped down to 60. The doctor said everything else is rising really good and this report could be based on a smaller sample of blood than the next. Who knows it could be 250 tomorrow. I am getting blood today and some other meds.

Dad and I watched movies and played cards yesterday. He is not very good. He said he was letting me win because I have Leukemia. I say I beat him because he stinks at cards (mom would agree). He took it like a girl.

I want to thank Mr. and Mrs Suazo for the wonderful afghan that Patti made for me in my favorite colors. It's awesome. I want to thank everyone else for their gifts, prayers and support.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I can't wait to have mine.


God's Girl said...

I can't wait for you to have your Christmas also! We are praying for you and cheering you on!

Good things come to those who wait.... : )

Lisa said...

Jesse, you are very sweet for your thank you . . . it was a pleasure to arrange the blanket for you. We hope that magic number climbs back up and then some, and you'll be home very very soon. I can imagine how that will soothe your parents' hearts to have you snuggled in your own bed.

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Hey Jesse,

Praying for your ANC to go up! I'm glad you had fun with your dad. Hey if you can, please pray for our son Jonah. He was admitted to PCH last night with bacterial meningitis. He has to stay there for 10 days. Thanks!!

Read and pray,

Jeremy & Korinne

ALRADY said...

Not much to say tonight.. .We met some mutual friends. I will tell you more later. We love you Jesse. Keep Strong. I love the verse on your blog.

Cards and games: I can never win Meg at anything. I quit. War was the worst. I'll bet you are the same, you just keep getting the good cards. Its like parking, some people always get the front parking spot.

Would love to see your afghan, can you take a picture and post it?

DARLA said...

OOPS posted with wrong ID. I am Alrady but really I'm DARLA LOL

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hello Sweetheart; we hope you are doing super-well this evening. I have been praising the Lord for all of His wonderful blessings, and telling Him how great and wonderful He is, then saying , "But God, I want you to heal Jesse and get her home NOW." In a sermon today, He reminded me that life isn't about what and when I want, but it is all about HIM. He also reminded me of several instances in my life when I was delayed in doing something I wanted or needed to do, and it saved my life; or I was able to minister to someone, when I got my eyes off of myself.---So I asked God to forgive me for my selfishness, and asked Him to give us all grace to be patient as He works everything out for your good and His glory. It is hard to remember, sometimes, that as Christians, our lives are not our own, but His. And because He loves us so much, and desires the very best for us, we can just "rest" in Him and let Him work everything out for us. ---Sunday sermon number ?

We love you all so very much, and hold you close in our hearts.

Meghan! = ] said...


Its meghan, and Allison.

We just wanna tell you that we hope your ANC count goes up fast so that you can go home and open those christmas presents. = ]


Me and Ally are going to record an ANC count for you tonight. Hehe hopefully we look foolish enough to make you laugh = ]

We love you and we are both praying for you. Love you!

<3 meghan and Allison

Anonymous said...


The walk through cancer was one of the most spiritually challenging that I have ever done. I remember the dread as the days ticked by and my next treatment ticked closer ... knowing that my side effects would increase, I would feel sicker, and all the other things that came with it. In the middle, it felt like the end was so very, very far off. It can be so disheartening. Know Jesse, that looking back it was the most amazing journey of my life. It is when I learned about the very heart of God, and how much He loved me. It is when I felt Him most, depended on Him most, and learned that all things are truly possible, although not necessarily pleasurable, for those that believe in Christ. You, my dear cancer warrior, will never be the same for this trial ... and that is a GOOD THING! Your life will be richer for it. You will be more dependent on God for it. Your life will be sweeter for it. You will see every minute so differently than those that have not learned just how much of a gift each minute of life really is, and to some degree ... so will all the people that walked along side you during it. God is speaking through this trial to people my sweet little friend. Some day you will know the things that He has accomplished through your family's obedience. The things He did for others through my trial made every second of it worth it ... a small price to pay ... a sacrifice of health that brought others to accepting Christ as their Savior ... because they saw what He was doing in my life ... they saw His strength radiating from my broken body. I see that in your family and hear it in the words you write. So, keep fighting. Keep laughing. Keep sharing. Keep praising God for every moment of this and soon it will pass. The day I had my last treatment was July 4th of 2003. I walked out of the chemo room, got to my car and started to bawl. All I could think was, "It is finished." I had such joy in my heart, such love for the God that got me through it, there were no words. You too will have that moment Jesse and it is coming faster than you can imagine at this point. Let our prayers surround you on their way to God's ears. We are with you today and every day.

Lisa Day

Darla said...

LISA That is so insipring... Thank you

Sharon Prochello said...

Jesse and all of Team Catron. I have been reading your posts daily since you started posting. It has become a regular start to my day, just like brushing my teeth! I "accidentally" stumbled upon you through Judy. I work with her. I say "accidentally” in quotes because I believe it was no accident. God works in many ways and He brought you to my attention by a mis-sending of an e-mail by Judy which was meant for her husband. It was because of that mis-sending that Judy had come to my office to explain the content of the e-mail to her husband and the rest is history!
I am drawn to you and your family and the strength you all have shown through this walk. I feel as though you are all a part of my family and I pray for you each individually by name before I close my eyes at night and before I rise from bed each morning. I am so strengthened by you all individually and collectively and by the way you have all carried yourselves every step of the way. I cannot imagine the walk your are having to walk at this time but the dignity and grace with which you all have cautiously (and humorously) stepped is awe inspiring.
I have shared your story with so many people, most importantly my children. I have a couple of pretty selfish teenagers so for them to be able to also somehow connect with you, well I can only pray they can open their eyes a bit wider at life, the trials we are given and the One who stands by our side through each and every breath. I have also shared your story with a friend of mine who is a non-believer who, in turn, regularly reads your posts with her non-believing teenagers. I pray she can come to the Lord through your strength and grace as well and bring her children on the journey, too!

Jesse, you are MY hero. I mean that in every sense of the word. My prayers for you are endless and I KNOW with every fiber of my being that God will bring you through this illness. He WILL heal you and you will be able to look back with that sense of humor of yours and beautiful smile and laugh about the journey. It will make you an even stronger person than you are at this moment (if that is even possible).
I pray you get to go home in a day or two and have that long awaited Christmas you have ALL been looking forward to! McKenzie has been quite the patient little girl!
Mr. and Mrs. Catron, you are inspirational parents. From what I have read over the past couple of months from you and your girls, you have done good! Your outlook and faith are incredible and I have been able to learn and take from you and your perspective. Thank you for that gift.
I will continue to pray for you and your family for continued strength and healing. Before you know it, this will all be over and you can get on with the life you have planned! May God’s blessings continue in abundance for each and every one of you.