Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still Home!!!

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

Jesse's updates are getting funner to publish every day. To see her smile and hear her laugh is so great words can't express it. After I gave her the 4:30 meds I scooted her over and we laid there and talked and laughed for an hour. We talked about girl stuff and boys. I felt like such a "sister" and threw in some Father stuff (just to keep my man card safe).

Having Jesse home is such a blessing. All the sisters laughing....and arguing. Everything is almost normal. It's hard to believe we will be going back in the Hospital on Wednesday for round 2 of treatments with a total of 5 rounds. We keep living with this Leukemia one day at a time. To think of Jesse not being home is something I don't want to deal with.

Dee and I are getting pretty good at playing Nurse and Jes is watching us pretty close to make sure we don't mess up. She has been eating and drinking good with no side effects. In fact she is back to being a constant "grazer". Her head was always in the feed bag and she never gained weight. Now she needs to gain a little weight. She has lost 10 lbs so far and this is just the first round.

Thanks again for all the prayers and emails. We have a long way to go but I have a firm grip on the robe of the Lord and trust him that he knows where we are going.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the little things in life today like the birds singing and the warmth of the sun on your face. There is so much to thank Him for.


Erica said...

Praise the Lord! Girl this is your time to eat! The time when it doesn't matter cause you need to gain some weight. Cheetos! Eat cheetos! :)

So so happy to read you are doing so well. Praising the Lord for his provision and care. Fully believing He will heal your body. Enjoy being home, one down, four more to go! Your a strong young lady, soon all of this will be behind you. Love ya little lady.

Huge hugs and lots of prayers sweetie.


DuPeire Family said...

We are so happy to hear of the many praise reports and to know that you were all together on Thanksgiving. What a blessing! Thanks for the updates and keeping us posted! It really helps us know how to pray! Keep pressing on and taking one day at a time! Much Love! The DuPeire's

Oliphint- said...

Whoo Hoo! Eat, Eat, Eat!!

We are praying and thinking of you always!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We are jumping (HIGH mentally and in the Spirit, not so high physically)for joy and thanks-giving, Jesse, to hear of your wonderful progress back to normal!! Wish we could reach out physically and give you a big hug, but that would make us pretty abnormal, huh?

From your comment, Clent, of having a firm grip on the hem of Jesus' robe, made me think of the woman with an issue of blood that 'touched' the hem of His robe and was made whole. A picture flashed through my mind. You were kneeling at Jesus' feet with a firm grip on His robe: Jesus looked down at you with a smile on His face, and nodded to you. I couldn't help but think of how pleased Jesus looked, and of the miracles and blessings that are coming into your life as you hold firm to Him. I saw them coming.

We love all of you so very dearly.
Our love and prayers always,
Grandma and Grandpa

Charlene said...

Whoo Whoo! So awesome to hear that you have an appetite and keeping your food down. Glad to hear your time at home has also been awesome. Yesterday when my family and I took a drive into Prescott, I thought of you. Prsecott is such a beautiful town. Praying everything continues to go well at home until you have to return to the hospital.

Grandma said...

Jesse, I just saw this and thought you might like to share it with McKenzie:

In Math class, a Teacher asked a little boy," If you had a nickel in one pocket, and a nickel in another pocket, what would you have?"

The little boy replied, "Teacher, I would have on someone else's britches."

bryanna said...

dear jesse

yeeaahh!!! its good to know that your family is taking care of you 24 7!! i bet your happy to be home in your own bed and in your own room!!!!!i hope you get well sooon !!!!!!

sent with love,


God's Girl said...

Oh so great!!! Thanks for sharing such great news! We will continue to pray for you for your next round. We love you Catron family.