Sunday, November 30, 2008

Road Trip!

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

Jesse got out of the house yesterday! She put on her wig and dust mask and went to the storage unit with Mom and I. Doesn't sound like a great get-a-way to Prescott or anything but it's the first time Jes has been out in the real world, for any length of time, since she was admitted to the Hospital on October 17th. We are being very careful of what she is around or subjected to because her immune system is still very low. Maegan came over to visit and we sterilized her at the door. It's the price you pay to see Jesse.

We are still trying to put the weight back on Jesse. She is getting around much better but still feels weak. She is getting back to normal (I use that word loosely) as far as running any temperature or feeling any stomach problems.

Not much else to say. I know that must shock some of you. It is hard to keep your hearts feelings out of this blog. Through the bad times and now into the short good times we have shared what we can and we appreciate what you have shared back. There hasn't been one time that when I start reading what you folks write that I don't get all emotional. Just to see that other people care and love my Jesse like we do is over whelming.

Thanks again for all your support. We love you all.


Lisa said...

I can't say how much I appreciate that you share this journey with all of us . . . I too am on a journey with my daughter and her illness, and I believe that you all are teaching me how to better cope and accept. My daughter is so strong - I'm the weak one and fight each day in my mind what she has been given to endure. So you all are giving me a gift and I pray each day for Jesse and all who love her that her journey will soon lead her to good health, feeling well, and back to being all that she is and can be. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey jes,
Its shombri. My mom wanted to know if we would be able to come visit you. We miss you guys! If so, when would be best for you and your family??
Well, I love you lots and your are in my prayers every day.

~Lotsa lovee
Shombri Baranski

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Many Greetings from Virginia!

Your Aunts, Uncles and cousins all gathered together with us today, and said to tell you hello, that they love you and pray for you, and are so GLAD you are feeling better! Our Church family send their prayers, praise for your healing, and well wishes to you. They, too, are holding you up in prayer continually, and are thrilled you are doing so well.
Keep eating well; you know, not a lot of sugar and salt, but good things like oatmeal, greens, buttermilk,cornbread,saurkraut, red and pinto beans, pancakes and things like that. I have been told that groundhog and opossum would be good weight-gaining foods because of their fat content.--You might check it out.:)
We love you-all, and pray continually,
Grandma and Grandpa

Touching the Almighty, we cannot find Him out: He is excellent in power, and in judgement, and in plenty of justice: HE WILL NOT AFFLICT. Job 37:23

bree said...


yeah its nice hear that your doing fine at home! i bet your happy to be outside the house!

im praying 4 you

sent with love,


Erica said...

Yeah for road trips! Next time maybe you can convince them to let you go somewhere a little more exciting then the storage unit!

Love you bunches girlie - its SO good to see you up and around.

God's Girl said...

Awesome...Out and about is great.
Next time, maybe you can go somewhere with a little more beauty and atmosphere. : ) Hey, it's a start though.

Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with us. We care and we pray for all of you!


Jen said...


The road trip sounded wonderful. Sounds like you are going back in the ring for another round but I know you are stronger and will win. You are as beautiful today as you have ever been because everyone can see your strength. All my love and prayers are with you to keep you strong.


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