Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recovery Day 3

Good Morning Family & Friends,

We had a fairly good night. She did not throw up until 6:30 this morning. The antibiotics to treat her intestine infection is still causing havoc on her bowels. She remains strong and encouraged by your responses each day, so keep those coming. We will have a result from the spinal tap she had yesterday, later on today. Right on track, with day 14 of treatment and recovery, her hair is coming out. Anyone who knows of a great wig shop locally for us, please send us a message. Jesse received a gift yesterday from the "mckenzie foundation", that is offered at the hospital. It is a suitcase, and inside she received Nintendo DS, Portable DVD player, Nintendo Games, Movies, Colored pencils, a bracelet, rubics cube, and a blanket. That put a smile on her face!! We are surrounded by wonderful people who truely care about each person and need.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support.

Team Catron


Judy K said...


Sorry it took a while to get back to you about the wigs, here is the website: , they are located in the Glendale area. Glad to hear that Jesse is happy with her gifts! Please let us know if you need anything, also thank you for your posts, it is so very encouraging and I do look forward to reading Jesse's progress. I will be in soon, just waiting for her fever to go away. Thanks and God Bless You ALL.

DARLA said...

HI Jesse Just wanted to remind you that people all over the county are praying for you. You are now officially a celeb. Can I have your autograph?

Lauren said...

Praying for ya' admiration for you is SOOO much! :)

Erica said...

Hey there beautiful!

Praying continually for you and the fam. You are such a tough girl! Your doing great! Lean on Jesus, he'll see you through.

Here's a rockin wig from that link Judy sent - It comes in lots of colors - I'm thinking the caramel delight or midnight! Yeah baby!

I'm going to come see you tomorrow. I bought you hot cheeto's so you can have em when you feel better.

Much much love sweet girl!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!!! "But you, oh Lord, are a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and He heard me out of His holy hill. I laid me down and slept; I awakened, for the LORD sustained me." Psalms 3:3-5
We are so thrilled to hear the good news of a good night. And Jesse, haven't you heard? Bald heads are in style now among the young women. You will still be so very beautiful, because true beauty comes from the inside, and you have a beautiful heart. Of course, you can do as your Dad does--wear a hat. However, you can get a beautiful wig of straight hair, and not have to spend time straightening it. That will be cool. Do wish we could be there and see you. I am glad there are so many there that love you and can go see you.

Take heart and be encouraged, dear Family, victory is in the Lord.
We love you beyond measure.

Brianna0016 said...

hey! i glad to know that you are feeling better!!!! this is brianna btw....i didnt get the display name thingy right. lol so today at work your old bus came through my works parking lot. 34 right? lol anywyas...made me think of you some more. haha and i just figured out on how to use this comment thingy,,,,so it's amazing how far you have come!!! You have so many people praying for you! well i g2g to church...i'll put a request in there too! love you and ttyl!

Anonymous said...

You ARE an awesome child of God. He loves you without end. we are praying for you daily and frequently. Our prayer today to our heavenly father for you- "God thank you for giving Jesse and her family the rest and confort that they need. We pray God that you would continue to heal every hurt and Give your rest and Grace to the Catrons. Also Lord we ask you in Jesus name to continue healing Jesse physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We ask you Lord that you would continue to pour out your mercy and grace on Jesse, Clent, Deanna, Dakota, and McKenzie. Also God we pray that Jesse would be able to find a wig that is as beautifull as her natural hair and one that makes her happy- Amen"
Darryl-Elissa H.

elliotts said...

we are happy to read the latest posts from mom and dad...sounds like there is some relief from the treatment. we all hope you are as comfortable as can be expected. we all love and think about you everyday.

margaret and charlie

Korinne said...

Hi Jesse,
Wow I am soo glad things are turning around a bit. Sounds like you have turned around and are now on the way to watching your counts go up and breaking out of there! What an awesome gift you got, sounds like some things to really help pass the time. What a neat progam they have for thier patients. Hopefully you will be able to eat something that sounds good to you soon. I had a 20 year old patient with the same thing you have, when she came in she had very long hair like you but didnt want to cut it short like we suggested but as it began to fall out she begged us to shave it. She couldnt wait to get out and get her wig. When she came in for round 2 she looked so cute in her wig and said... I found the best wig shop!! tell everyone about it! so here you go... Its called sunnys beauty supply, I believe there are 2 locations but here is the phone number 480-491-7930. They were so reasonable she was able to get a few wigs. hopefully you will have fun picking out your wig or wigs. We pray for you every single day and it is so nice to hear your on the upside of this round... soon you be all done with round one! Exciting! Keep trusting in the Lord.. he is gonna get you through this and continue to use you to reach many. If you or your mom need any more wig info or anything of the sort let me know, I have had the privelage of going through this with many of my wonderful patients.623-466-4073(korinne)
Love, Korinne and Jeremy

Agwildcat said...

Catron Family,
We continue to lift you all up and trust the Lord is giving each of you the strength that you need-spiritually and physically.
Jesse, you are so beautiful and I bet you make wigs the new fashion trend cause you are going to look so good!! Your precious, sweet heart shines through-even in this trial you are turning people toward Jesus!!
With love,
The Turner Family

mark said...

Hey Jesse,

Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that Judy and I are constantly praying and thanking God for your healing. Praise the Lord! God is still in control and has His hand of protection upon you. You are covered by the Precious Blood of Jesus and His power of healing is upon your life. We are waiting anxiously for you to come over so that I can make your tacos, rice and beans, and you and Matt can watch movies for hours. Take care and we will see you soon.
Love you
Mark and Judy (a.k.a. Matt's parents)

Villalobos Family said...

Hey Jesse, I don't know if you remember me, I'm Natalia Villalobos(Bellas Mom). I used to serve with you in the 2's and 3's for a short time. I just was blog surfing and read about you. Know that you are being prayed for and thought of over here in California. Keep up the good progress Girl! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say.....We Love you guys...! Don't hesitate to call any time of day, were here for you 24/7, for anything you need, even if you want to just chat--Gardener. :-).

Your in our hearts,
Elissa & Darryl Hill