Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recovery day 20

Good Morning,
Jesse's ANC this morning is 360!!! Her platelets are also way up at 117. Just last week they where only 4.
We are getting so excited to have Jesse come home. She has already requested a cheese burger for our first dinner. (It will be Dakota's birthday, so she may have to settle for Dakota's choice) Every morning she has decided she would like an egg mcmuffin. Jesse is not going to be able to eat outside the house, so she will have to suffer through our version of the egg mcmuffin.
Clent and I have received some training on how to administer medication through her broviac line. This line is embedded in her chest and runs straight to her heart. Needless to say, we are a little nervous to do this. Besides the medicine, we have to clean the lines by pumping in saline about 4 times a day. Poor Jesse, she has to trust us with her life!!
Jesse had several meals yesterday. She had 1 1/2 turkey sandwiches, baked potato chips, toast, peaches, crystal light and sprite. She did throw up last night at 11:20, but it had nothing to do with the food, she was just nauseated from certain smells. Hopefully it will not set her back at all.
We just want to thank everyone again for their prayers, support and encouraging words. This blog really helps us get through day by day and not feel like we are isolated from the world. We log on almost every hour just to see what people have written to Jesse and our family.
Thank you!!!

Team Catron


God's Girl said...

This post brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart! God is so, so good!

Jesse, I've been wearing a bracelet with your name on it just to remember to pray for you everyday. I am so thankful that God is hearing and answering our prayers!

I love you and I can't imagine all that you've had to go through.

Keep clinging to Jesus girl!

Love you,
Julie K

Allen and Teddy said...

Alright Jesse! Can we buy stock in "ANC"? It's going up fast!

We are so thankful that you are strengthening, that you get to go home for Thanksgiving, and that the cheeseburger is almost on the grill.

We pray that God would really refresh you in body and spirit during your recovery. Keep displaying that amazing strength you have. It's an encouragement to us all!

Team Catron: Great job on the blog. It really helps us to pray (and praise) down to the details.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14

Love in Christ,
Allen and Teddy

DARLA said...

WOOOOO HOOO !!! LOL at Allen and Teddy. I have asked all my twitter friends if anyone knows vin diesel. So far no one does! drats.

It will be so good to know Jesse is at home with family. And you guys will DO well!!!

Tell Jesse that Meg stayed up all night finished a couple school projects. Evidentally she didnt' get the internet away from me quite as much as she should have.

I dont' have anything special for today - just too tired. So I will just give you a link to a little girl with a powerful voice! If you see one of the related vids she has a great testimoney with eye on the sparrow TBN video.

Anonymous said...

God is so awesome HE listen to our every cry. Jesse, God keeps your tears in a bottle, thank you for letting us be part of your lifes, it has been a deep blessing for us.

LOVE TODD, DAWN, KENNY, JR, LISA, AARON, VALERIE & VANNESSA (oh uh can not forget the twins, we will not stop praying for you.

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Woohoo Jesse! It's great to hear that your counts are going up and your body is beginning to get stronger. What a thanksgiving this will be!! It will truly be a time of giving thanks to the Lord for He is good! A cheesburger Thanksgiving would be something to remember forever and it gets my vote!!

We hear you are really good with kids and we just had 3 of them so we are looking forward to the day you get to meet them! You can see pics on my blog.

Hope you have an awesome time at home! Keep trusting in the Lord, He will never let you down!

In Him,

Jeremy & Korinne Ashlock

Nat said...

Hey Jesse!

Even better today! WOW!!!!!!!! You get to be home for kota's B-day. How exciting! Thank God that your finally healing and that you can finally have your own bed, and


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAKOTA!!! jESSE, it will be like a celebration for the both of you....what a more specail way to make those happy memories be warm. I'm so happy for you that you have come out of this so great!

Love you girls...and the family...(Brianna)

Oliphint- said...

Fantastic! Praise Praise! God is so good!! I am so excited for you!

I agreee with Teddy--Team Catron: Great job on the blog. It really helps us to pray (and praise) down to the details. Thank You!

We will all have something to be very thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

There are no words to describe how thrilled we are to hear how well Jesse is doing! So, we can only imagine how it must feel to all of you, Jesse and Jesse's family. I hope to log on tomorrow, OK maybe Monday, and read that Jesse is home! We will bring you all into our prayer of thanks this Thanksgiving Day - bless you all and thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I know there is still a ways to go in this journey, and we plan to follow and root all the way!

Jasie said...


So happy that your ANC is going up!!!! Love you!!

Sending I In God's Name,

Jasie Trimble

Charlene said...

Praise the Lord! God is so good! To hear this good news brings even more tears to my eyes. We have so much to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving season. What a wonderful birthday present for Dakota, she gets to have her sister home on her birthday. And, even more exciting for your family to have you home for Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work Jesse girl. And, Team Catron keep up with the blog, I always look forward reading them. Jesse, the cheeseburger is on it's way.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Dearest Family, we are so thrilled and excited with the good news! This will truly be a memoriable eighteenth birthday for Dakota, and an extra special thanks-giving day! There will be great rejoicing from Virginia to New Mexico to Washington state, and all in between. McKenzie, we know it will be a very happy, exciting day for you to have your Jesse home where you can help take care of her. And talk and talk and talk, when she is not resting.
To all of you who have helped, prayed, and supported our children, THANK YOU!! You have been an encouragement to us, also. We thank the Lord for you. We pray God's blessings, favor, provisions and protection upon each of you and your families; and pray we will all meet in heaven to rejoice together in God's unfailing love.
"O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy endures forever" Psalms 136:1
Please tell little Brady's mother that we won't forget to pray for them.
With hearts overflowing with love for you all,
Grandma and Grandpa/Mom & Dad

Jean (catrons in va) said...

what wonderful news, you are all in our thoughts and prayers daily. keep up the good work Jesse.

Anonymous said...

Question do you have a list of some of Jesse's favorite foods and flavors?

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