Friday, November 21, 2008

Recovery Day 19

~Good News~

Jesse has an ANC of 276 BABY!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!

That brought a huge smile to me and Jesse's faces. As Dr. Haskins told us this we got more and more excited. She also mentioned that her HHV6 is untraceable. They still will be giving her treatments to just make sure, but her blood virus is GONE! The doctor says that she might be able to come home Monday, and that would be so awesome to have Jesse home on my birthday. If not though, she will definitely be home by Thanksgiving.
God Blessed us with an awesome night once again. Our nurse that we had stayed on top of all the beeping and little Brady rarely even cried. The only time that I ever woke up was when Jesse tapped me on the arm to say that she had to go to the bathroom. She went close to 10 times last night. I didn't mind though because after every time we finished doing her bathroom routine, she would sit back in her bed and tell me thank you and that she loved me. Hearing her say that makes me so happy and especially thankful that I am the one who gets to stay with her and help her. This is making us that much stronger. We are back to being the best friends we used to be before she was diagnosed.
Since 7:40 a.m. I have been making Jesse walk into the bathroom now. She is doing so much better and she is definitely getting the exercise she needs to strengthen her body.
I just want to thank you all once again for all of your prayers, we appreciate it sooo much.

With LOVE,



Oliphint- said...

Praise God! Whoo-Hoo! Yahoo! Celebrating with you guys! Fantastic!! Thank you Jesus for answered prayers!

What a great Thanksgiving that will be! The best gift!

Donna said...

We are so happy to hear the great news. Praying for you all.

The Mannings

Darla said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! This is such great news to see in the Morning! Praise God. Tears of Joy! Keep up Jesse. LOVE YOU GIRL>

You know I heard once that common trials make us closer. That is why the best family memories of camping trips are of the ones where the rain breaks the tent roof. It bonds together.

I am so thrilled that Brady Baby slept peacefully. Will continue praying for him too. Give the mom a hug from me.... we may never meet but I pray for her too. I once had baby in NICU and remember how hopeless it feels.

God Bless ya, I found a video you might have seen it. Of funny animals. Click on my link.. .I am not familiar with the song which has some pep (yea) so dont' hold me responsible. :) and I know dogs are more fun but it has a lot of cats. OH well.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!! What a great Thanksgiving this will be and hopefully a great b-day present for you Dakota!!!! I'm so excited!!! This is just what I was hoping to hear today!!! YAY!!!! We love you all VERY much!!!

Cory, Melissa, & Laynie

Anonymous said...

Okay......... I thought just Once I could log onto Jesse's site and Possibly NOT CRY....NOT!! Wow, Tears of Great Joy!! God is in control of Every detail in Jesse's life. So far He's touched the hearts of Thousands of people who lof onto this site and pray, and see the incredible Faith of your family And friends who incourage you daily IN TRUTH.
He's Strengthening ALL of us through Jesse's illness.
We need to CLING to God's Word and ALL His Promises to us.
Proverbs 3:5
I love it!!
Nothing in all this world can touch us with out God's permission, and when it does.... he Promises (Romans 8:38) That ALL things work for the Good of those who love God and are called according to His Purposes.
WE CAN'T LOSE... No matter what, we win!!HE never promised us that nothing bad would ever come our way, but HE does promise to go through it ALL with us. He will Never leave you or forsake you. What a loving Father we have.
I keep on thinking of a Very applicable scripture so I'll share it with you so you can hide it in your heart as well.
Ephesians 3:20
Nothing is impossible with God.
We are Rejoicing with you now!!
(Good job Dakota, what a great sister you are, Jesse is so Blessed to have you, as well as you are so Blessed to have Jesse as your sister.
We love you lots-
Michele & Chris Alvarez & family

Anonymous said...

Also Just wanted to let you know that it appears the DONATE button is working! YEAH

Kirkham's said...


Erica said...

Yeah baby YEAH! SO SO SO excited for home coming day!!!

Praising the Lord with all of you! Jesse girl, keep walking, keep up the good work! You'll be home SOON!

We serve a MIGHTY God!!

Nat said...


I'm sooo happy for you Jesse!!!!! Home for thanksgiving!!!! Thank God! OMG! Words cna't explain how happy i am for you! :9

Bergstroms said...

Praise the Lord... what Fantastic News, God hears and answers prayer!! We read the updates regularly, but I finally figured out how to leave a post...Matt tried to explain it to me, but...well, anyway, I finally figured it out. You have certainly been in our prayers daily. Brianna and Zach have your name and picture up in their classrooms at school and the whole class prays for you often during the day. Stay Strong! "I will love You, O LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised" Psalm 18:1-3
The Bergstroms

Jasie said...


Its Jasie again. That is so awesome!! You get to come home for Thanksgiving!!! Mr. Ruiz started crying in class because he read the recovery day 19 and was so happy you can spend Thanksgiving with him and Matt. I am so happy for you!! I could imagine your face when the doctors told you that your ANC count is high enough to go home!! God is still with you always. Don't lose faith. So happy 4 you!!!! I was crying when Mr.Ruiz told us about you and how you could go home. Still praying 4 you.

Sending It In God's Name,

Jasie Trimble

bryanna said...


paise the lord!!!!! you get to go home and be with family and friends!!!!!it nice to be with your family on thanksgiving!!!my friend is jasie trimble who sends you those encouraging messages!!!!i hope u feel beter!!!! my hole class is praying for you!! today mr ruiz was crying because he was so happy for and that he gets to see you!!!i pray esspesioly 4 you!!!! may god guide you through this!!! i hope that one day you can visit us!!!

sent with love,

bryanna morales!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Praise the Lord! I was so excited to read of the good news about Jesse! Thank you for also sharing about baby Brady too! He is in our prayers also. We are faithfully trusting in God that the ANC count will continue to rise and that you will all have an amazing Thanksgiving together at home (with so much to be thankful for).
Love ,
The Leach Family
James, Val, Tori, Alyssa and Evan

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galations 6:9

elliotts said...

oh man, that is such great news. I hope that will make for a great thanksgiving and you will get some much needed and deserved rest (no offense to baby brady). we'll be thinking about you this weekend as you continue to improve and get ready for home.

love - brian, amy, meg, chaz, pete the cat, marty the dog, panda the hamster and cornflake the fish

DuPeire Family said...

PRAISE GOD!!! We are so happy to hear the good reports and continue to pray that Jesse will be home soon! Thank you Jesus for the answers to pray!!! Dupeire Family

Anonymous said...

There has not been a day that we have not got on to your web sight that I have not been in tears.Your family blesses us so much.We have not stopped praying for you. We love you. Thank you God that you love Jesse more then even we do.Your word tells us that you are the same yesturday,today and forever.You will never leave us or forsake us. And your mercy endures forever.All our love the Carter family.

Anonymous said...

Hi jesse I am so very happy to hear your doing lot better, words can not express how me and Dawn feel about you and your family. do you remember the retreat we went on? the LORD really touch you and your sister. You both have a special place in our hearts. we are always praying for you, please draw close to the LORD and always give HIM glory.

your friend the Carter Family

Anonymous said...

Dear, Jesse
This is brittany alvarez.Christiana's little sister.
I have gone on you'r website almost every day! Im soo glad to hear that you are doing a lot better!!!almost able to go home.You have been in my prayers daily. I am soo sorry for what has been going on in your life. I look up to you.You are soo brave and strong.I pray that the lord will give you all that you need to get through each and every day.

God bless you. Sincerley Brittany alvarez

PS: DAkota you are the bestest sister in the world I wish that i had a sister like you.:) lol call Christiana and give her some advice.Haha:)

Anonymous said...

Can I get a WOOHOO?? You know, one of Carl Will's WooHoo's? Remember those?
What wonderful news! How nice to know you will be home together as a family on Thanksgiving. Certainly your most precious one ever!
How wonderful to hear what the Lord is doing in your relationships. Sisters share a special bond and it's wonderful that you girls are enjoying it.
Thanks again, for allowing all of us to share in what you are going through.
When you cry, we cry and when you rejoice, we rejoice!
Praising Him,
The Turner's

God's Girl said...

Wow! I am so, so excited to hear this awesome news! God is so good and He is faithful!

Yay Lord! We rejoice with you guys!

We love you and you are continually in our prayers!!!!

The Krombein Family

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Catrons 5, how thankful I am for God's faithfulness and loving kindness to us! I continually marvel at how much He loves us, and how kind He is, every day. If we could jump REALLY high and do somersaults, we would. We are so thankful and excited that you, Jesse, are getting better and stronger every day. We would love to be there to see you walk through the door at home. Don't let your guard down for one minute, as old Slufoot will be watching for a chance to slip in and steal your joy.
We had a good snow this morning. Close to four inches on our lawn. It stayed really cold all day. The wind blew hard enough to blow some of the snow away.
We are so happy for you all, and we are praying and praising continually, and loving you dearly.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I get Dakota to e-mail me when she has a second, my e-mail is
<3 Angie * A Youth kid*

sarah scott said...

Praise the Lord! Jesse i know you are going through alot just know that you arent alone your family and friends plus the lord are all by your side and everyday when i get in email saying how better your doind i say a little prayer telling God how wonderful he is and how great his love is that he is guiding you through these things. So here is a bible verse to remember Psalm 103:3
Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits--who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.
we love you jesse your in are prayers!
love the Scotts, Warners, Eliott's