Saturday, November 15, 2008

Recovery Day 13

HO HO HO Merry Christmas!!

Yesterday we had a visit from Santa. He told us that he was visiting all the kids on the nice list. So, if you did not get a visit, assume you are on the naughty list!!

Jesse continues to have fever off and on, and with her new medicine to treat the blood virus, they pump her full of liquid to protect her liver. This of course causes countless trips to the bathroom all night long. I did suggest that of the three times a day that they do this, two are done while the sun is up. I don't know, sounded reasonable to me.

Jesse continues to be her funny self. Yesterday, she was so hungry, she was asking every doctor or nurse that came in if she could eat. They all told her no, not yet. So, Clent and I where heading downstairs to eat lunch. Jesse said "where are you going" we said "um to the bathroom" she said " your going to eat aren't you" We had to confess, and told her we where going to eat lunch. Jesse replied " Enjoy your lunch, and I hope you get diarrhea!!"

I laughed so hard, she is so witty.

Here ANC today is down a little from yesterday. She is at 135. We really expect to go home in 10 more days. She has to be free of fever and eating on her own, with all systems functioning smoothly.

Thank you all for your heartfelt replies-Jesse is so lucky to have such great family and friends.

Team Catron


Anonymous said...

Jesse,We pray that your allowed to eat something and that you continue to have a sense of humor during this storm. We are also praying that your doctors find the right medications that will work the best for you. btw we thought that picture of you with the wig on was an old picture. Then we read the post and realized it was a current picture and that you were wearing a wig. We could never have guessed it was a wig, we seriously thought it was your real hair. You fooled us that's for sure! We hope you have plenty to do up there, you know like movies to watch or maybe a bible on video or books and stuff like that. Keep busy, you probably already know this but keep your mind busy and time will pass much faster, hang in there and have a great Saturday!
God Bless,

Darryl/Elissa Hill

cmg91 said...

hey Jesse :D

I hope that your doing better :) my family and I are praying for you. I miss seeing you!!

Philippians 4:13

chelsea galindo

Erica said...

Jesse -

Girl you crack me up. Despite being stuck in that bed and those crazy hospital peeps starving you.

Your strength is amazing, you'll be going home soon! I know Jericho will love having you back! Keep smiling, keep fighting, soon you'll be eating.

Church's in June girlie!

Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

hey jesse i really hope you get better soon. i also really want you to come home but you will soon. surprisingly your still looken good. oh yo thats right. lol. well i love you so much. please get better to come home your little kenzie.

love kenzie

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse,

I hope you feel better this weekend. My family and I still pray for you daily. Remember, everyone at A&P also thinks of you daily. We are all looking forward to your recovery day.

Be strong. Be brave.

A&P/Sharon, PC

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Jesse and Catron family,

I was surfing the web and came across this video and feel that you all should watch it.

Just copy and paste it into your browser and it should work. If not let me know.

We are praying for all of you! I love Jesse's sense of humor! God is an awesome God!

Stay faithful,

Jeremy & Korinne Ashlock

Darla said...

Okay I must be on the naughty list cause I didn't get visit from Santa. I love your sense of humor.

If they let you eat crackers eat very very slowly. I pray that this virus will be wiped out so that your ANC can go back up. You hang in there.

Since you are having Christms today my url link is to my fav Christmas song... Click on my name to see video and a real Christmas Song.

Love you. DARLA
I spent 1 hour finding it and it isn't the version I wanted with the duets but it is still good. By Michael English.

Love you and praying for you DARLA

Meghan =] said...

Hey Jesse, Its Meg.

I can't believe they had Santa visiting so early! It isn't even December yet! LOL. Cute pic though! =]

Well I was over at Ally's house today and we looked at your page together. She said she loves your new hair and thinks you look great! As she read some of the blogs though, she couldn't really hold it in any longer. She started bawling. I felt so bad, She couldn't understand why you were going through this and how come it had to be you. I still can't understand it either. =/ Were both praying for you though.

I love your sense of humor though Jess. LOL "I hope you get diarreah!!" I don't blame you though, I'd say the same thing too! Haha.

I really do hope you get to go home next week! I'll pray for that!

Love you Jesse! <3

Anonymous said...

Jesse, my wife and I are praying along with our Palm Valley Church and our home team study group. What not many people know is I was told last Tuesday that I will have to undergo some type of treatment for a very small amount of cancer in the prostate. I am not sure what the extent, it appears small at this time. I can not only imagine your feelings and fears, your tears and those of Mom and Dad. You have touched my heart as I know you have touch many others. Your wig looks great, maybe Dad will try it sometime. I like to tease him about his head. I have threathened to do that if it came to that. I saw Art Day's wife tonight at church and her hair is coming back and rest assured, yours will also. Your strength is an inspiration and your devotion to our Lord. I look forwar to the day I can meet you in person and give your Dad a big hug, (Can't do that easily on the job.) People will talk! He is a GREAT Guy as is your Mom form the writings.

Anonymous said...


I will continue to pray for you and your recovery. Stay strong in heart. The LORD is so good and He is magnified by your spirit and steadfastness. I love the comment about the diarrhea....they should be on a fast :) I trust that you will get toeat soon and that your ANC count will continue to increase as the LORD's love for you does. Blessings and Big Hugs from Oregon.


Sammy Jo

Hello Catron Crew. Your writings inspire. I miss you all and the great times that we had together. Ever think about that stinky car you were so embarassed that I would come to get Lindsay in.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at Palm Valley church.. that is where we go and the film Sunday morning was so inspiring. I can't believe what that home study group has gone through. I hope you see this... We will pray for your group too at our house.