Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recovery Day 10

Yesterday was a great day and today will be even better. Jesse's ANC is 129 this morning!! She is half way to going home. Her rash is much less than it was, and her fever is very low for the most part. Much of the day she does not have one at all.
It was great to see her yesterday sitting on the couch doing her makeup by the window. The photo above is the result of her beautification routine.
For round one, we can finally see the light at the end of the long tunnel. I don't want to think about the next 4 rounds, it seems mind numbing that she has not suffered enough, but needs to be repeated 4 times with 3 and 4 being the toughest rounds.
God is good, the blessings through this storm are showing in different ways, and in people we don't even know. If you read this blog today, please post a response for Jesse to read, it encourages her.
Team Catron


Anonymous said...

you look so beautiful Jesse! See it's not that bad....but its a good thing that you are homeschooled, because you would have no way to hide your iPod earbugs. so proud of you! and the count ot sp good lol

well i g2g to work! nice seeing such a good report. love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse!
yes! the first one to leave a comment. Omg! im soo happy that ur ANC count went up!. I have been praying EVERY night 4 u!. And God is answering prayers.....YAEE. So just keep trusting jesse and everything will work out ok?....

hope you get to go home soon.
Natali leaton

Anonymous said...

ok bri beat me to it...oh
\ natali

Anonymous said...

the first post btw was by me (brianna) haha

A&P AZ - Sharon Lynch, PC said...

Good morning, Jesse!

I am SO happy to hear your ANC is up and I know you are anticipating going home for awhile. Be strong. Be brave. Be postive. You have a wonderful family and amazing friends to stand behind you and support you. Again, my family and I keep you in our prayers daily and look forward to great news of your full recovery. Have a great day! Be happy!

Oliphint- said...

Good Morning Jesse!! I know you don't know me really that well (I played Bunco a lot with ya---you would kick my butt most of the times!) but my little girl Morganne sure knows you! She says how much she misses you in class.

I just want you to know that we have been praying for you and to let you know what a strong gal you are! You have blessed me more than you can ever imagin. What an encourager you are! I will be going to see a surgeon next Tuesday about having a mass in my leg removed that they believe is cancer. When I get overwhlemed and just start having a pity party about it...I think of you sweet girl! If only I could be as strong as you!

You are so beautiful Jesse...with your new look!! Just remember that God has great plans for you!! You are a miracle and such a beautiful blessing!!

My Mom lives in CA. When I told her about you she started praying for you right away and prays for you daily! She made her own braclet with your name on it so that she could remember to pray for you.

Much Love!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse!
So glad your count is going up!! Is it possible you could be home by the weekend?? We will keep praying for that.
By the way, you look great! I just knew you would.
I am sure this is so difficult and not at all what a 16 year old girl wants to go through, but I KNOW that you will reach a ton of people for the Lord. Your reward will be great!
Your strength is blessing and encouraging our family.
With love and prayers,
The Turner Family

Anonymous said...

Good morning Jesse. I wanted to let you know that even though I don't know you, you and your family have been on my mind and in my heart since learning of your illness. I am whole heartedly sorry you and your family have to experience this, and that you have to experience this horrible illness. You and your family are some of the strongest I've come across. You seem like one of the sweetest girls around and, by the way, you still look beautiful even with all the change you've taken on and illness that you hold.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today and until you overcome this.
~Reyna (I'm Matthew's cousin)

Kirkham Family said...

Jesse you look beautiful! Love the scarf, very classy. You must be listening to some tunes on your new ipod touch...lucky girl. I'm happy to know that your ANC count is going up can't wait for you to get out of the hospital and enjoy a week at home. We miss you terribly...we will be by soon for a visit. Love you and God Bless you.

Donna said...

Hi Jesse,

We are praying that you get to go home soon.

The Mannings

DARLA said...

Jesse: Wow girl I love the colors on you! You are looking beautiful as always. It is so good to see you, you have no idea how awesome it is to see your picture! ! !

Glad that the cell count is on a good upward trend. WE love you and pray for you. All our relatives are praying for you.
Even little Anjie.

Love ya, DARLA (ps click on name for song/video.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Jesse! It's so good to see your beautiful smiling face. We check in with your site each and every day. Laynie enjoys seeing the new pics each day and so do I. I cannot tell you how your story has touched my family and friends. We speak of your bravery often! You're a true inspiration to people who don't even know you. Uncle Cory has always bragged about you and your sisters and how you make him so proud. He does so now more than ever. Another thing you've changed for me is taking the small stuff for granted....a warm Texas day (even in the fall...LOL), a flower (well techniqually it's a weed) that my dear sweet Laynie gives to me, a good conversation with my Mom, or Uncle Cory making me laugh until I cry. These are just a few things I take a closer look at now. I'm so excited to see today that your ANC is higher!!!!! This has made my day! Say hi to your parents and sisters for us! I'm glad Lindsay is there for a visit! Keep marching on our little Warrior!!!

Love you,
Aunt Melissa & Cousin Laynie

chelsea galindo said...

Hey Jesse!!
you still look absolutely gorgeous!!!
i enjoy reading your updates and knowing that you are doing better.
It's great that your ANC count is going up! My family and i have been praying for you and your family.
Your a trooper Jesse and God has great plans for you and you are so strong, hang in there God is by your side.
I love you and I hope to see you soon!

with Love,
Chelsea Marie <3

Mark said...


I am so happy to see that your counts are going up. Judy and I went to Prescott Sunday thru Tuesday and of course it wasnt the same without you. But soon you will be able to be on that trip with us again. Your new look is absolutely great! I will be up to see you probably today when I go and pick Matt up. Not going to the hospital on Monday really threw him off his schedule and I heard he really missed you. You are in my constant prayers and praising God daily for the healing He is doing in your body. Take care and I will see you soon.

Love ya,
Mark and Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, just wanted to say that Paul and I have not forgotten about you. It's hard togetto the hospital when there's runny noses and coughing going around. We just want you that God is Big and always will be. He doing great things it sounds like and you look so good. We will see you soon probably whenyou're ready to go home:)


Grandma and Grampa said...

Hello Darling Jesse, I am jumping up and down to the tune of "thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, THANK YOU". Of course, I am not jumping very high physically (wouldn't want to fall and break any antique parts), but spiritually and mentally I am soaring to the sky! How good and faithful God is! Circumstances and people change, but God is always the same--GOOD.

I love the new picture. It looks like you are preparing for the cold weather we are having. It has been down in the low twentys at night. Today doesn't feel much warmer. With your new look, you would fit right in!

I am so glad Lindsay could be with you and the family for a few days. It is wonderful to see the picture of her and McKenzie.

Think for one day at a time only, Jesse girl, and don't fret about future treatment sessions: you may never need to have them. God can heal you completely, before it is time to have more treatments. And then you would have wasted your time and energy worrying about something that didn't happen. And, when the time comes, if you do need them, guess who will be there holding you and the family in His arms, giving you comfort and strength? You guessed it: Jesus.

I love you, Darling, more than mere words can express, and thank God daily for you and your family. God has blessed me so greatly. (And Grandpa says, 'hey, I had something to do with that, and I love them too!')

Matthew 6:33-34
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Take no thought of tomorrow, for the things of tomorrow shall take thought for itself. (Don't fret) Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

We keep praying and praising, and trusting God every day!

Anonymous said...

No matter how busy my day gets, or how tired I am, I make sure to say a prayer for your recovery. You are an inspiration to us all and your spirit, strengh, and will to fight makes me a stronger and better person. I thank you for that, and I thank your family for the same. Continue to be strong, and continue to hold Jesus in your heart. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! You are so beautiful sweety, I can't belive you look so great after all you have been through. You have been through so much, you must be so excited to go sleep in your own bed, and hang out in your theatre.
So many people are on their knees for you in prayer and petition.
We are praying for God's mercy and His peace to cover you in the midst of this trial, and that your body recovers quickly. My whole family gathers around the computer each day to see how you are doing. We deffinately pray more as a family because of you my dear.
God is truly allowing us to weep when you weep, and rejoice when you rejoice. He's teaching us all how to grow and rely on Him as believers.
Keep the faith and be strong in the Lord Jesse, you are doing Great!
We love you-
Michele & Chris Alvarez & family

Lisa said...

Hi Jesse - You don't know my family, but we feel like we know yours! My husband worked a bit with your Dad, and spoke so often of him because he is just so impressive, and then we heard about the battle you are in. I check your site each day . . . you are in my prayers. I'm new to the prayer world - we found out a year ago our sweet daughter would have a life time of health challenges - and prayer often helps me focus and get through some of our bad days. I read how you and your family look at the blessings around you and feel inspired. You really are touching my life and teaching me a better way to cope and accept. I have shared your story with my friends, so there are many prayers being said for you all over this country! I sent a text out today when I heard your counts were up - I so want to read soon that you have gone home! Bless you Jesse, and your lovely family.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Its nakyna and christiana...we just wanted to say we love you and you still look absolutely gorgeous. were praying for you. and were really happy to hear your doing better. well, we love you and miss you, keep getting better.
<3 Nakyna&&Chrissy

Erica said...

Hey beautiful girl!!! Its SO good to see that smile of yours! We're praying for you!!! Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Your on the homeward stretch! Praising God for His faithfulness.

Love you girlie!

Jeremy Ashlock said...


Your smile testifies to the strength that the Lord has given you in these times. Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever! No matter the situation, He remains the same and faithful to you! I pray that one person might come to Jesus through your situation. Whether it is a nurse, fellow patient, family member, or complete stranger, I pray for you that God would shine through you and continue to use your heart! We're praying for all of you!

Draw near & He will too,

Jeremy & Korinne Ashlock

Jeremy Ashlock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Jesse, your one tough Girl. We really don't know how it feels for you to go through what your going through but we do believe that this trial, this test, this unfortunate illness appears to be bringing people closer to Christ and we know that may sound strange but God is using your situation as an instrument to bring glory and honor to his name. we are willing to bet that there are people that may be looking at your web site that may have been struggling in their faith or maybe they may have been ignoring God and since then have been reading the messages people leave you and they realize that God really is real and that prayer really does work and that your family and friends are so positive and acknowledge God's hand in everything, you ms.Jesse are a miracle with a capital M, God bless you. Locks of love is a good recource for wigs, they specialize in youth and children with hair loss. We pray that Gods healing hand guides you to an ultimate recovery and for now we pray that God will allow your ANC count to rise to the right level so that you may sleep in your own bed again. We are constantly praying for you every day,

Elissa/Darryl Hill

The Ybanez Family said...

Hey cutie pie! You have an award winning smile that lights up the room! So glad to hear your counts are going up. We are praying for you and your family every day. You are truly a special person and God has chosen you to touch people's lives that you don't even know. You are a blessing to so many...keep that beautiful smile on & keep marching forward!

Meghan! =D said...

JESSSSEEEE! I am extremely happy to hear that you are doing better. =D

That picture of you in your hat looks awesome. You look great! =]

I love you So MUCH!

Love Meghan! <3

Jasie said...


I am one of Mr.Ruiz's students. He talks about you all the time and asks us to keep you in our prayers. Well you are always in my prayers. You will get through this. You are doing a lot better. I hope my comment helps!!

Sending it with love,

Jasie Trimble

Melissa Olivas said...

I love the doo-rag! You look absolutely stunning, as usual. Jesse, you have such a great family. I read these posts and it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you all for sharing this with us. I will hug my girls and hubby extra today. (Although I make no promises about my mother-in-law.) :) BTW happy belated birthday, Dakota! We're still praying!

My Blessed Life said...

You are so beatiful.We are praying that you will be home soon with your family and sleeping in your own bed. You are such a testimony to all of us. God bless you girl.

DuPeire Family said...

Hi Jesse! Wow! We are so excited to hear that your count is going up! PRAISE GOD!!! You look beautiful! Keep pressing on! We know this must be very hard and difficult for you and we are praying God's strength for you! What a terstimony to God this blog is and I know your rewards in heaven are great for your perseverance and your testimony! Praising God for answered prayer and we are continuing to pray that you can get home soon! Much Love, The DuPeire Family!

Angela Olivas said...

hey you guys this is angela one of the youth kids *Katie's sister* Jesse, I know I never got to talk to you but I want you to know that your story gets me all teary! One good thing coming from all this that I have been able to experience, is that it's a very easy way to talk about the gospel to people, they will see my Jesse braclet and question me on it! Keep holding on babe, it will all be over soon! :) And you are in my prayers and the prayers of SOOOO many others!!!!! oh and my mom commented the happy belated birthday to Dakota, well it was very early in the morning and she had no sleep so she wanted me to correct that and say happy birthday Dakota! :)

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