Friday, November 28, 2008

Jesse's Thanksgiving meal stays down!!

Hello Everyone it's Matt Jesse's boyfriend im blogging for the Catron's today, Jesse's thanksgiving was AMAZING! she had her turkey and mashed potatoes and kept it all down. This morning she had her egg mcmuffin and mac & cheese for lunch. HAHA she seems to be really excited that she cleaned and washed her clothes today, I've heard her say it about 5 times now she's listening to music and dancing. Jesse had her dressing changed around 12 today, and doesn't seem to have liked the nurse to well. Jesse is enjoying her stay here at home, I asked her what she was thankful for and she said," I am thankful to be home and with my family and I get to see Matt every day =)" I'm thankful for having Jesse in my life she has an AMAZING heart and will always hold the title for world's most BEAUTIFUL girl! I've known Jesse and her family for a little over two years now and with them there's never a dull moment, they are all around a great family! Thank you Everyone for all your prayers and support God is good and holds the answers to everything!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse. I am so glad that you got to spend Thanksgiving at home with your family and have a nice dinner. Our family has been praying for you everyday! I just wanted to write to say hi and let you know we are thinking of you. Please tell your mom and everyone we said hello. Alyssa will still be in a full cast for about 3 more weeks and then it will get smaller but she is getting around better and would love to have McKenzie over to play some time :) Ps -sounds like you have a really nice boyfriend who really loves you:)
Jill Florant

Lisa said...

We are so happy for you, Jesse, and your family and Matt . . . what a blessing that you are all together. Truly, knowing that you are home made our Thanksgiving all the better - our family could not be all together this holiday, so we gave thanks that yours was. We pray for you each day.

Darla said...

Jesse I am so excited! Dancing! Wowsers. That is so great. I'll bet you are enjoying and noticing all kind of little things you used to take for granted!

Today got away from us. We went with 2 hours sleep to go to shop for bargains. HAH bargains.. I should have stayed home and shopped online!

Oh well I met some interesting people. NO links today unless you want my T-day leftover ideas. The ehow is difficult to read but works.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Thanks, Matt, for the great message! Jesse, so good to hear you are singing, dancing, and doing your own wash. It feels good to do "chores", doesn't it? We are so thankful, words can't express it!!!!!!!

"Let all those that put their trust in you rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because you defend them: let them also that love your name be joyful in you. For you, Lord, will bless the righteous ; with favor will you compass them as with a shield" Psalms 5:11,12
Our love and prayers,
Grandma and Grandpa

God's Girl said...

Let Matt know that we enjoyed his post! We are so very thankful for the good news. Keeping food down is a great praise report! : )

We will continue to pray for you girl. Sleep well beautiful!

Erica said...

Great post Matty! So happy to hear your doing well Jess. YEAH for Thanksgiving dinner! Continued prayers for healing and some weight gain girlie!