Monday, November 24, 2008


YEA!!! We just got confirmation that we get to go home!! Jesse just finished her EKG and Echo Cardio. She is now doing her Spinal Tap and Bone Marrow Aspiration. She should be back in her room to recover around 12:00. We will still have to give her intravenous medication for the blood virus 3x a day. This is the one that keeps her going to the bathroom constantly, but at least we will be home.

Jesse did have her long awaited Cheeseburger last night, with a side of re fried beans. After 4 hours, it all came back up, we think she just ate to much. She has now sworn off cheeseburgers!!

We hope to check out at about 3-4 today. Jesse is so excited to see her dog Jericho, she has really missed him.

Visiting is still at a minimum-she can easily get all kinds of bacteria from other people, and end up back here and her stay at home would be over.

Thank you all for your encouragement, love and support.

Team Catron


Oliphint- said...

PRARISE GOD! That has to be the greatest news!! Thank you Jesus is all I can say!! I am so happy for you guys!!!

Hmm--maybe it was the combo of a cheeseburger and refriend beans....LOL! :) :)


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!!
I'm glad to hear that you will get a small break and be able to go home. I'm sure you can't wait to sleep in your own bed!!!

I hope that you and your family will take care while you are at home. With it being the flu and cold season your chances of getting sick are higher. (something I'm sure the doctors have told you repeatly).

My neighbors daughter had AML and ALL, so I know how important it is to be clean and germ cautious. Masks and hand sanitizers are helpful.

Can't wait to someday meet you. Take care and God Bless.

Feliz Reyes

Kirkhamssss said...

ALRIGHT JESSE!!!!!! What a sigh of that your going home, Matt is excited and happy, but I'm happier!!!!!!

Will see you soon and I'm with Oliphint...Cheeseburger and refried beans????? GROSS! Lol!

Love ya, Judy

Lisa said...

There is no better news for this day! Thank you so much for letting us know . . . lucky lucky Jericho and the whole Catron clan!

Charlene said...

God is so so good! Hooray, Jesse's going home! I'm so excited to hear this news. Praying your time at home is one relaxing and getting some rest. I bet you can't wait to sleep in your own bed.

Sorry to hear about the cheeseburger story.....

Darla said...

Jessse enjoy your vacation away! I am sooooo excited you get to be at home for T-day. You can always Twitter me or Meg (finally got her on it). I know you are doing better but don't OVERDO! Jericho will be so happy to see you. I saw him one day and I thought his tail would fall off from the enthusiasm.

My newest link for you is one of my ehow article on how to talk to shaq. Do you like basketball AT ALL? if not skip the link.

On the news tonight channel 15 there is supposed to be an article about veternarian education but I only heard part of the commercial.

Enjoy your first night home!!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We are so thrilled and happy for you, Jesse, and all the family! God is so good, and so faithful to His Word, and to us, as we put Him first and depend on Him. We are praying He will touch you mightily, and you never have to go back to the hospital to stay.

Don't give up on the cheeseburgers--they will taste good in a few months.

Love you all beyond measure,
Grandma and Grandpa

krazzymommy said...

Great news! Praising God with you guys!

~Monica L.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! We are so happy for you all. The Catron family at home tonight in their own beds! The things we take for granted.
Thanks for sharing the great news with us!
Sleep well,
The Turner Family

DARLA said...

OH and send B-day greeting to D

God's Girl said...

I pray that this would be a new chapter for you Jesse! One of healing and feeling good. One of a big appetite (even cheeseburgers). One of enjoying family and friends. Lord, be with this sweet girl! Use her life to bring You much honor and glory! Amen.

Love you girl!

God's Girl said...

Oh... that picture of your dog is great. It made me laugh....

Sarah said...

YEAH!! WHOOO!! I'm so excited that you got to go home today! I hope things go well while you are at home!

[caty] said...

She probably inhaled that food too quickly! I've been reading and hearing from Erica how hungry she's been! God is so good to let her heal enough to go home by Dakota's b-day AND Thanks Giving. I just get chills everytime I think about how God is working in all of your lives. You guys keep strong and have an awesome Thanks Giving!

Caty. :]

bryanna morales said...

dear, jesse

hope that chessebuger is good and those fried beans!!! im so glad to see yur doing good!!!! hope u love to see you dog soon!!!! i bet matt misses you already!!!!MrRuiz cant wate to see you!!! i hope your friends and family will comfert you through the night!!! i praying ever day 4 yu jesse!!!!!!! may god take you though this stuff and he is guided you through this jesse and he'll be right next to you!!! remeber to say your prayers!!! i hope you have fun whle you are at home wi your family and friends i wish that u will be better and ge through this stuff!!! i cant what til u send some thing at home!!!!!!!