Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

If you are reading this post today I want to give you a special thanks for taking time out of your busy Holiday to check up on Jesse. We all have been so blessed by so many peoples letters to her.Every time Dee and I read them we are touched by the love and comments that are written. So many people are leaning on the Lord and laying Jesse's life at his feet. We feel so humbled and honored by this.

This is a special Thanksgiving for us. We have always been a very close family and everyone that knows us know how very close we are. This whole ordeal has only made us closer...if that's possible. To have all my girls home for Thanksgiving (except my precious Lindsay) is all a parent could ask for. I can't seem to stop hugging on them. To hear their laughter in the kitchen makes it feel like all this has never happened.

Dakota turned 18 Monday. She has grown up so strong in the Lord it fills my heart with so much pride and love I can't express it with words. She is so helpful with Jes. She is sleeping with her at night in case Jesse wakes up and needs anything. When I am giving Jes her meds at 4:30 I sit there on her bed and look at both of them sleeping. They take up the whole length of the bed. They are growing so tall.

Jesse has gone a full day with no throwing up (yesterday). No fever since we have been home either. She has eaten very little but is starting to eat more and looking forward to the dinner my brother Ken and his wife Ann is going to cook for us at our house today (we all are).

I want to thank everyone again for all the prayers. I lean on Psalms 91:2. He is my refuge, my fortress in whom I trust (my wife has been deputized to help Him. She is my other rock.)

Today, more than any other day, hug your loved ones and tell them how very much you love them. Count your blessings and thank each other for being a part of your life. Our life here is short. Our treasures await us where there is no pain or sorrow.

We love you all and have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Kris said...

Taking a quick moment this holiday to see how you all are doing. I am sooo happy you are able to spend this holiday at home with each other. So, as I know you will, soak up every moment with each other. We all wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Love the Tramps'

Anonymous said...

hey Jess!
I am glad to read that you are doing good :)
I hope that today you have a great day!
from what I have been reading you are such a trooper and you are so strong! that is just amazing! you are a great girl Jesse! don't ever forget that :)
i love you and im praying for you!

x's and o's
Chelsea Galindo :)

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day to you all, Ken and Anne included! Jesse Girl, don't try to eat everything all at once: just a bite or two at a time. It will stay down better! I know from experience how hard that is. Everything smells and looks so good. Okay, okay, enough lecturing from Grandma!

I wish words could express how very much I love and appreciate
each of you. God has blessed me more than abundantly in giving me each of you as my family, and that includes ALL--Lindsay, Malea, Nick, Ken and Anne. I couldn't have asked for more or better. Grandpa feels the same. He is so very proud of all of you, loves you very much, and like me, doesn't know how to express it.
And THEN, God blessed me more abundantly with my "Virginia" family! And what blessings they are! They all send you their love and want you to know they are praying for each of you, especially Jesse, in this time of need.

Psalms 145:3, 8,9:
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His geatness is unsearchable. The Lord is gracious and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. The Lord is good to all: and His tender mercies are over all His works.

Have a great rest-of-the-day and a great and blessed night.
Our love and prayers,
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sure hope you all had a wonderful day together. It sounds like just being home and together is really blessing you all right and we are so glad that you have been able to spend this holiday home.
With our love and prayers,
The Turner Family

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Catrons!
Glad to hear that all of you are together for such a special day. You are all in our hearts and on our minds constantly. Jesse, I don't know if you remember this, but when you were about 10 years old and were going to Calvary Goodyear, for whatever reason you kicked Shea in the shin, I know he probably deserved it, but he whined about how much it hurt for days!!!!!! So, when he reads the blogs about what a strong person you are, he says they have no idea!!!! Enjoy your family time and know that we will be praying for you!
With Love,
The Hamrick Family

bryanna morales said...


happy thanksgving!! ihope u have a lot of fun spending time with your family!!! hopethat turkey was good!!!!!!

sent with love


Kala said...

Hi Jesse.
I'm sorry it took me so long to write, i just moved out into my own apartment so i havent had a chance to get to the internet lately. I just wanted to take a minute to say that I'm glad you're doing well. I couldn't believe it when I first heard the news. I'm so happy to read all of your posts and see that your spirits are still up though. It takes a strong person to endure something like this and I hope you to know that you will be a stronger person after this. Keep your head up, your family loves you :)

With love,

Oh, and for Dakota, happy to hear that your finally 18! Welcome to the club. I hope you're enjoying your new adulthood! Not sure when i'll be seeing you guys, it seems like we go years at a time, but I can't wait until the day comes..

Happy Holidays.

Erica said...

Happy Thanksgiving Catron Family!

It thrills my heart to know you were all together today - AT HOME!!! Praising the Lord with you, clinging to His promises and praying for continued healing for Jesse.

Keep your eyes fixed on Him.


God's Girl said...

It is truly a gift from the Lord to have you all 'home' for Thanksgiving. Thankful can have so many layers to it! I'm sure, you guys have felt gratitude to a deeper level this Thanksgiving like no other.

We love you Catron Family!

The Krombein's

Oliphint- said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! You were in our family prayers today as we prayed for our meal and what we were thankful for! We are thankful Jesse that we know you and your family! We are thrilled that you are all HOME together on this sweet holiday.

Anonymous said...


I am so happy for each and every one of you. Happy Birthday again Dakota! I am so excited for another one of the Lord's women to be entering into this time of your life. Thank you for being another heart for the Lord.

More importantly-a family for the Lord! Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best of Thanksgiving and the most to keep coming. Praise God for keeping the food down.

Much Love from Oregon.


Allen and Teddy Lyons said...

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you enjoy the long weekend. We are so happy that you have some time home together. Our prayers continue to be with you for healing and strength.

Love in Christ,
Allen and Teddy.