Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 9 of Recovery

I have been tasked with posting the daily blog. For those who are regular readers I cannot begin to describe how hard it is to put this exhausting, emotional, and surreal experience into words. As I look at my sister sleeping, she finally looks at peace...everything is calm, everyone has gone home for the evening. The break in chaos leaves room for my first in hospital emotional breakdown, I can't help but bawl into coffee filter like tissues, a whole day of trying to be strong and trying not to cry in front of Jesse has finally worn me down. Although this trip will probably be one of the hardest things i will go through i have already found a huge blessing in day one; appreciation. To appreciate every moment we have with our children, to feel blessed and appreciate the fact that we can tuck them into their own beds, in their own safe warm home.

I feel very blessed to be able to be here, to be able to give my parents a break from the night shift (they haven't been together for 3 weeks). Jesse did really well last night ( just the normal throwing up and diarrhea) and now has an ANC count of 40! Thank you for supporting and praying for my parents and family. May the prayers continue and may Jesse find comfort and rest in her recovery.


DARLA said...

This is for Lindsey. I am so glad you are there. Meg and her sis Melody are very close and I know the power of sisterhood from watching. Melody is praying for Jesse too.

I know it is hard, very emotionally draining but you have found the best step, appreciation. I am praying that Jesse will have that "shoot" up in white cells that is desperately needed.

Stay strong. DARLA

Erica said...

Lindsay your a ROCKSTAR! I know your parents appreciate you coming. It was great seeing you again, we're praying for your whole family.

Jesse girl way to get that ANC up! Keep fighting!! Love ya bunches!!!

Lauren said...

Lindsey -
I am in youth group with Jesse. Jesse is one amazing girl and I am sure her parents much appreciate you giving them the night off. I am praying for Jesse and your strength!

Stay strong Jesse, Keep fighting you are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad that you and your sis can be together! and to you Lindsay, yes, I totally agree. I have learned from this experience, to cherish every moment we have with our friends, and family. You never know when they will be fighting for their lives, and it'll be your turn to take care of them. I'm thankful that God has allowed me to learn things from this. (thanks Jess!) I'll keep praying that you get a good nights sleep at the hospital with her. I would totally be with my sisters or brother if something like that happened. Thank you for being there for my friend when I can't. :)

Joke of the day-What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef.

(haha ithought this was pretty cute!) ttyl and I love you guys so much!

Debbie said...


Our prayers are with you. We don't know you personally, but Rita Sellar is our neighbor and I understand you are her grandsons sister-in-law?
I read your blog..You are an amazing young lady! Keep fighting the good fight, God is with you and everyone going through this with you. greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.
Keep looking to the Author and Finisher of your faith Jesse.
God bless you~Debbie