Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 2 of recovery

Good morning prayer warriors
No crying towels this morning. Jesse only threw up a couple times last night(thank you Lord). She still has diarrhea about every hour and a half. Her temp ran between 104 and 103 the whole night. It just seemed easier without having to juggle the bucket and holding her hair and her shaking body all at once while she is going to the bathroom. It's quite a routine to behold. We didn't get much sleep though. I don't know how my little girl is getting through that part. She has been in the hospital for 17 days and she hasn't slept longer than 3 hours max at any one time. And most of the time it is the 1 1/2 hours between the bathroom routine. I feel like I sleep less than that with one eye open and one foot on the floor so when I hear the word "Dad" I already have the porta-pot in my hands.
Her Spinal tap has been pushed to this afternoon because her platelet (causes the blood to clot) count is to low. They are giving her a few bags and will check later today.
Again I can't thank everyone for all the kind gifts and words and prayers. It has been over whelming the love that has been shown for my daughter and family.


Erica said...

Thank you Jesus for a little bit better night! Praising the Lord and trusting him for complete healing.

jordyn said...

Hi Jesse:)

I love the new website! I look forward to checking it everyday to see how your doing. I am glad that last night was a lil easier for you (and your dad!) We are all praying that you continue to feel better. We love you!

-Jordyn Hamrick

Kris said...

Clent and Deanna, the strength that I read in your postings that Jessie is showing during this challenging time, makes me believe that He is working in her and will bring something out of all this pain.
I am sitting here in front of my computer trying to come up with something uplifting to say to help you out and the thing is "my" words are not good enough. Only God's words will do "HE will not give us more then we can handle." We are stronger then we think we are, because of HIM.
I continue to pray for you all continually.
Love, The Tramps'