Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 21 Of Recovery

Hey Its Jesse and I am on day 21 of recovery. I am very excited I get to go home Monday for Dakotas B-Day and Thanksgiving! This morning my ANC count was 648 and my white blood count is up to 1,800. I was totally shocked! Today I'm feeling good just waiting for my breakfast. I finally get to eat real food like the cheeseburger I have been craving!

Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. I am doing a spinal tap, bone marrow puncture and an EKG. What a busy morning. I don't mind because I am sleeping the whole time =) I told dad that if I was to tired to walk out of the hospital that I want him to pack me over his shoulder lol

I also wanted to say thank you guys for all of your support and prayers. Also wanted to thank the people who helped out financially because my parents would never ask for that kind of help. So thanks again =)


Erica said...

Hey Hey girlie!! So glad your feeling SO much better! YEAH!! Thank you Jesus! Enjoy that burger, keep getting stronger, your counts look AWESOME! WAY TO GO! So excited for you to go home tomorrow! Praying all your procedures go smoothly!

Love ya sweetie.


Oliphint- said...

I am in tears of Joy Jesse! Seeing that you are able to blog your own post is such a blessing. I am so happy you are feeling better! I am excited that you are able to join your family on Thanksgiving AT HOME! And be able to eat it TOO!! Way to go Girl! We are praying for you!

I am sure your Daddy don't mind carrying you outta that stinkin' place!!!

Nat said...

Hey Jesse!

Yaee!!! you finally get to go home! What a relief.....Thank God!

Enjoy that cheese burger. And it will be home made right? That's even better! :9

Lauren said...

Oh Jesse I'm SO excited for you! That is so awesome. I'm so GRATEFUL that you're on your way to a really great place - home. :) I will be praying that you stay feeling great during your time at home. You're awesome and I'm praying that you stay strong. You're an amazing rock.

Anonymous said...

hi, jesse!!
im so glad you will be home soon!!!
everyone at church is keeping you in their prayers and are really happy that you are revcovering well and everything is getting better.
remember, you always have the church, and God to back you up. =]

we love you!

God's Girl said...

Yay!!! What great news! Now that is something to be thankful for (getting to go home)... I join in the gratitude you must be feeling - it's a great week to come home - Thanksgiving! I pray that you have a wonderful week at home. : )

I pray that you will get to eat lots of hamburgers now.

We love you and have prayed for you daily. We would love to come see you again soon.

Love ya girl!

The Krombein Family

Jasie said...


That is amazing!! good to hear what you have to say about the situation!!! SO glad you are feeling better. I feel for you!! Its good you get to be asleep for all that. I bet your excited to go home tomorrow!! Praying all your procedures go smoothly... I will call everyone I know that knows you and tell them to pray and thank God for everything. Luv ya.

Sending It With Love,

Jasie Trimble

Lisa said...

We are very very happy in our house to read your post and know that you will be home tomorrow! I cannot begin to imagine how great that will be for all of you! What a celebration! And when you first snuggle in your own bed . . . beautiful. We have much to give thanks for! I swore off chocolate pudding until you could eat some - so tomorrow I hit the store and have some fun in the pudding aisle!

bryanna said...

dear, jesse

i'm so happy that your anc went up !!!!! i'm so glad to hear that your going home monday!!!! i bet matt is jumping joy!!! i hope that burger is good!!!! im praying 4 you!!!! may all hopes and wishes come true!!!!remeber to say your prayers!!! may god be with though every thing!!! face your jesse!!!!!

sent with love,


Anonymous said...

Praise God Jesse,

I am so excited that you are able to go home. The Lord is so good. I am so encouraged by your faith and your rise in ANC count and platelet count. You touched His hem. I love you guys and wish you the best, the very best and most cherished holiday. What a great reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thank you for trusting that God is big enough, God is bigger than what we can even imagine Him to be. Blessings. Love you guys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAKOTA.



DARLA said...

JessE !!!! WOOO HOOO or however you spell it. Praise God.

I am so glad to hear this! I've been busy writing articles and thats about it.

T-day is going to be so good.

I have no music or vids today. But then you probably dont' need one!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hi Jesse Dee, It is after 10 PM here. We got your daily report after I got home from church. After I printed it off for Grandpa to read, and we rejoiced over the good news, I hurried to call Unc and Aunt Merna until they could rejoice with us. Your Aunts, Uncles and cousins here are rejoicing also.
How good and gracious is our God! I am so happy for you, and for the family. I know you all will have a super Dakota Birthday and Thanksgiving; and every day will be especially blessed!
We love you bushels and pecks, and lots of hugs around the neck,
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Seeing your own blog, written by You made our day complete!
"Thank you Lord for the miracle your are performing in Jesse's body even as I write this. You are Good, and your purposes are far beyond Our limited understanding."
What an amazing Blessing Jesse.
We are So happy for you and your family that you all get to be together in your own comfy home.
We will continue to pray for your complete healing, and that the Doctor's and nurses will all be amazed at the miraculous hand of God touching your body.
You guys all endured this firey trial and through it God used you to touch thousands of lives you otherwise never would have.
Jesse, Clent and Deanna,Dakota, Lindsay & McKenzy
God is saying, "Well done my good and faithful servants,
enter into your rest that I have for you at home now."
Thank God we can Trust Him with all the details of our lives, even when they don't make any sence to us.
We love you guys, and are so Thankful for all of you.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Michele & Chris Alvarez & family

My Blessed Life said...

Jesse we are so happy and excited that you are going home. Our God is so awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to the Catron Family.