Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 18 of Recovery

Hello Faithful Readers!!

Thank you for all your prayer, we had a great day and night. During the day Jesse ate beef & chicken broth and a Sprite. All stayed down!!! I did Jesse's makeup and massaged her feet. Later we sat on the couch/bed and jammed to her music and played cards. Matt came later, and we played Password. The night was uneventful. Besides the frequent potty situtation, all was quite. Baby Brady also had a good night, and just cried a few times.

Jesse's ANC is upto 184 today. We are hoping the rise continues, just 66 more to go. She may get to start on some bland foods today, mashpotatoes, rice, bread and Jesse is hoping for Chocolate pudding.

I guess this is a good thing that todays post is a boring one, Im sure that means life is getting back to as normal as it can.

Jesse is looking forward to Christmas. Eventhough we will be at the hospital, the nursing staff says that alot of celebrities come and spend time with the kids. Does anyone have Vin Diesels phone # ??

Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers.

Team Catron


Jeremy Ashlock said...

Catron family,

Praise God!! It is awesome to hear of the progress that Jesse is making. What an awesome day. God is good, all the time!

We are praying for you all always and are praying that everything would continue to go smoothly. God is so amazing. We are headed for our own mini stay in the hospital. My wife Korinne is giving birth to triplets today at 1:30 pm. We have drawn so much encouragement from your battles and we just can't express the ways that you have blessed us!

God bless all of you,

Jeremy & Korinne Ashlock

Kirkham Family said...

I am so very happy to hear this!!! Great news...thank you Lord. I will be praying for you all to be home by next week. Jesse, if I could get vin's number I would, but for now I can only do posters, calendar's and some appropriate picture messages...don't show your dad!! Lol! Love that your up and active...hopefully, but not likely you will be up and talking when I get there. Will be by soon. J

Lisa said...

Wow - good news like this makes everyone have a great day! You go Jesse! Chocolate pudding is one of my favorites, so I am going to swear off until I hear you get some! Our prayers continue - the chain keeps growing . . . you so inspire us all. You will be one of the amazing walking this earth when you get through all this - such an amazing perspective you will have on life and others.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Oh hallelujah, what a wonderful Savior and Friend! I am greatly rejoicing with you, Catrons 5, for the wonderful "boring" journal entry today. What great news!
I did not know you had such a tiny roommate, Jesse. I thought you were in a room by yourself, until a day or two ago. But I prayed for Brady and his Mom, that God would touch him and give him sweet sleep and a quiet night. I know there were several others praying the same, and God heard us all.
Grandpa sends his love and prayers, and again, said to tell you he wished he was there and could take your place. He knows he can't do that, but wishes he could do something for you. --I wish the same. God bless you really good today, Darling Jesse.

Anonymous said...

I will gladly take this kind of "boring" news any day! I'm so glad to hear that you're keeping down the broth and sprite Miss Jesse!!!! I'm hoping you get that chocolate pudding you're wanting soon. I'm glad to see your ANC is on the rise!!! You've made my day Sweet Jesse!

Love you,
Aunt Melissa
(Laynie says HI too!!!)

Lauren said...

Hey Jesse, that is AWESOME! I am so glad to hear this news! I hope you can eat some Chocolate pudding soon too...yummy. :) Anyways...glad you're on your way to going home and that you are finally starting to feel better. That is such a blessing and I am thanking the Lord for that. I am SO excited for you are doing AMAZING! And just like your aunt said...we'll take this "boring" news ANY DAY!

Erica said...

HIP HIP HORRAY!!! This is AWESOME news!!! So so happy!! Praising the Lord with all of you and just thrilled that you can eat Jesse!!! YEAH!!!!!!

Keep strong girlie! Praying your ANC continues to go up and that you can be home for Thanksgiving!

Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

What good news!! After crying sad tears after reading the updates, it's great to cry tears of joy! Her count is rising and she had broth!! Interesting how such simple things become such blessings, isn't it? Hoping to read tomorrow that Jesse got to eat some chocolate pudding!
Glad Baby Brady had a quiet night, too.
Praying for you all!
The Turner Family

darla said...

I will put VIN on the wish list for Christmas. ! I wrote today in answer to yesterday's post.. .make sure to see the link I put in my name for today.

I am glad today is better.

norma2427 said...

Dear Catron Family,

Keep fighting the good fight. 1 Tim 1. WOW your physical streghth is amazing and your Faith is even stronger.

Glad to hear that everyone, Baby Brady included had a much better night last night.

Yes, Clent and Deanna we do hug our children a little tighter and the I love you's are more frequent these days.

Continued prayers that Jesse gets to eat solid food soon, even those mashed potatoes will be a welcome sight.

Much love to the entire Catron family.

The Chastains
Norma, Daryl, Ashlee and Bonnye

Jordyn said...

Hey Jesse :D

I am so happy to once again be reading good news!! I bet you've never been so excited for broth and a sprite before, but hey all baby steps towards that burger right :) While I am always glad to read the happy posts I know there are the times in between those which are not so happy, I so wish I could write just the right words to encourage your heart and uplift you, unfortunately I think I would fail miserably :( however I will tell you through your story alone I have seen and heard of families growing closer together, parents taking a little more time with their children, and appriciating the wonderful blessings God has given them.You are a beautiful young woman of God and I know that personaly you are an inspiration to myself and my family. I hope that when you begin to feel discouraged you can be reminded of this :)
Praying for you always
-Jordyn Hamrick

Nat said...

Hey Jesse!
I'm sooo glad that your feeling better! That's all I can think of to say right now. I'm just glad God is answering

ps. Your almost to that cheese burger!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
My name is Brianna and I'm a friend of Lauren Harrell's and I've heard so much about you and I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you! You are amazingly strong through all of this and remember that Jeses is always there for you and God ALWAYS has a plan!

Love in Christ,

God's Girl said...

Hi guys! We are rejoicing with you for some great news! Thank you Lord! Is Jesse up for visitors at all. If not, that's OK, cuz we are praying and praying!

We love you sweet girl! I wear a bracelet with your name on it so I pray for you throughout my day.

Julie K

krazzymommy said...

Not a boring post at all! What great news and a blessing to hear of playing games, makeup and foot massages!

Praying for you all!

~Monica L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Its Shombri and April. We, like everybody else, are crying and thanking God for all the great news today. People at my moms work keep asking about you and today there were a lot of happy people at her office. Tell your dad, Bob Hertzog can't wait to talk to him and he is praying for you too. Give your mom and sisters a big hug for us. We will step up our prayers for baby Brady. Have sweet sleep and lots of giggles!!
We love you very much!
Shom And Ape