Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 15 of Recovery

Hello faithful readers,
The photo is a tattoo her older sister Lindsay had put on her back shoulder. She seems to be following in her dads footsteps. The orange is for Leukemia.
Jesse and I had a pretty good night. She is definitely getting better as the ANC count rises. Today it is ??? (I don't have it yet). She will have another CT scan this morning to check on the colon and digestive system and the thickening of the walls. We are hoping that is looking much better so she can begin clear foods.

Yesterday we had her walk many times to the bathroom, and it really wore out her legs. She is now begging for the little foot bike back to exercise her legs. I am sure the physical therapist will be happy to hear this information.
Dakota will be taking over today, and staying the night. Clent and I have a Thanksgiving Feast to attend at Mckenzie's school.
Thank you again for all your kind words and encouragement.
Team Catron


Kirkham Family said...


That was brave of you (I'm afraid of needles) to get a tatto, looks great, Jesse will be honored and Matthew will be jealous, since he is currently prohibited from getting any tattoo's! Lol, yes this is his mom. I pray you and your family are doing well and will return soon so Jesse can see your tattoo in person. God Bless You.


Wow, your sister is really Catron girls are amazing, Dakota, can you beat that?? Lol. Jesse, I'm so glad to hear you want to "workout", that is one step closer to going home! I'm routing for you and miss your smile, since your ALWAYS sleeping when I get there :( Keeping you in my daily prayers, Love Judy

Erica said...

Lindsay - the tattoo looks great. What an awesome way to honor your sister.

Jesse girl - so glad to hear your feeling a bit better. On your way to hot cheetos for sure! Okay okay so maybe a burger first. Or chicken! Praying your CT scan shows you can eat, even if it is just broth.

Your a step closer to home little lady! Love you bunches!

Psalm 57:10
For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

Anonymous said...

Catron Family-
It seems Every time I log on and read your blogs & comments, I find myself crying!!!!
I'm finally learning to do this BEFORE I put my make up on.
Wow Linsay, you did it for me this time!! What an awesome sister Jesse has in you. The tattoo is beautiful (Trust me I don't think I've ever called a tattoo beautiful before, except maybe your Dad's)
Jesse, I'm so thrilled to hear you are asking to work your legs out Atta girl. (and that your blood count is continuing to rise) I'm praying you'll all be HOME together for this Thanksgiving, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH THE LORD.
Dakota I'm so proud of you too! What a sweetie you are to take care of your sister, she will always remember your kindness and love you are showing her, I'm praying you will both be BLessed today, and that you & Jesse have the Best bonding time together, filled with All that God has for you both. I'm continuing to pray for God's Peace that passes All human understanding to fill your hearts. He promises us this when we are not worrying about anything, but praying about everything in (Phil 4:6). We are cheering you all on. We love you all.
Michele Alvarez & Family
(PS) Dakota, Christiana may just beat you at getting her license today!! lol- love you.

norma2427 said...

Dear Jesse and Family,

WOW what a message of FAITH you have to share with the WORLD. I am so encouraged everyday when I read your blog. The entire Catron family is amazing.

Praying that you WILL indeed be home for Thanksgiving.

Acts 14:9 "Paul looked directly at him and saw that he had FAITH to be healed" Yes Jesse, you also have that FAITH and the Lord hears your prayers as well as the thousands of others out there also praying for you.

Thinking of and praying for you daily. All our Love.

The Chastains
Norma, Daryl, Ashlee and Bonnye
Lighthouse Fellowship

Anonymous said...

hey Jesse!
That was soo sweet of Lindsay to do that. I'm glad to hear that you are doing good. I really don't know what to write today, so I'm going to leave it short and simple.

Keep working towards your own comfy soft warm bed. Your almost there is you think about it

Natali L.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "if you think about it"....heehee


Lauren said...

SO glad to hear you are on your way to going home! That is AWESOME! Praying that your CT scan goes you can have something to eat! You are such an inspiration to me and remember we are all praying for you all the time...:)

BTW...I love your wig...adorable!

Love in Christ,

Jasie said...


Amy in Friday's comments was my step mom. Like I said I am one of Mr.Ruiz's students. It's good to see that your doing better. I pray that tommorrow will be even better. Don't lose hope. God is with you. I might be little, but in God's hands I can do whatever I put my mind to. I might be shy, but I speak words of Faith. God is always there Jesse. Don't forget that. God bless you.

Sending It In God's Name,

Jasie Trimble

Anonymous said...


ugh i think that im running a day late on your updates. i'm sorry. lol Hey Dekota! I miss you so much! I hope you remember me, cuz if you don't, then we have a problem. haha I'm so glad that you are going to be there with Jesse. Jesse, I'm so glad that you are feeling better! I'm sorry about your legs, it'll get better. i was really sore yesterday, but that was from the zipline, and all the hiking from the day prior. haha And that tattoo was amazing! It looks cool, and I bet that was very special to you. Keep up the faith and keep strong in God, and he will lighten your path. I love you gals! ttyl!

One day a lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw a guy eating grass He told the driver to stop. He got out and asked him, "Why are you eating grass".

The man replied, "I'm so poor, I can''t afford a thing to eat."

So the layer said, "Poor guy, come back to my house."

The guys then said, "But I have a wife and three kids." The lawyer told him to bring them along.

When they were all in the car, the poor man said, "Thanks for taking us back to your house, it is so kind of you."

The layer said, "You''re going to love it there, the grass is a foot tall."

(hilarious!) lol

well im taking some college assesment tests here in about an hour! I'll be back to check TODAYS update. lol

Mormor and Grandpa said...

Dearest Jesse,
Please know that we think about you constantly and follow your progress, and your improvement. Our hearts are with you, and we hope to be able to come see you and your family soon.
Dutchess, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was just in my lap watching the screen, helping me send this message to you. She loves to follow the mouse on the screen and watch things change.
Our new house is going up rapidly. We visit it every day to keep an eye on things. As soon as the roof is on, and the siding is complete, things will slow a little. There are many things yet to do, but the progress so far is amazing.
We hope you make it home for Thanksgiving. Give our best to your sisters, and your parents.
Love, Mormor and Grandpa