Wednesday, November 26, 2008

3rd Day At Home

Hey guys its Jesse. This is my third day home and I am loving it. I love the feeling of being home in my own bed and waking up with my whole family =) Today I was able to eat a half of a half of a bagel and feel good this morning. I went into the hospital with 100% leukemia and now only have 3%. I am very excited and happy =) Thanks for all the prayers and support =)


Lisa said...

So good to hear that you ate - and I will pray that little bit of bagel stays put and you'll be able to eat more later on . . . I can just imagine how good you did feel being in your own bed! And you know your parents and extremely thankful too. You are on the road to recovery - you are so strong! I'm headed out to do 100 errands, but had to check your site real quick - so glad I did!

Lauren said...

Jesse that is AWESOME!

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Jesse you are a soldier! Keep it up and we are praying for you! Enjoy your time and cherish every moment!

Jeremy & Korinne Ashlock

CORY said...

our class is praying for you. we all hope that you will be able to stay home for good. p.s I am one of mr.Ruiz's students.


JESSE said...


So happy you feel good and can keep down food. Still here for you girl. Still praying for you..... I will call in my prayer warriors and we will pray deeply for you.... That there will be 0% lukiemia in your body.

Sending It With Love,

Jasie Trimble

JASIE said...


Donna said...

It's one of those times when 3% is much better than 100%. Praise God! We are praying for a 0%.

Donna Manning :-)

Erica said...

Yeah! So glad your feeling a little better today. Praying for strength sweetie. Cling to Jesus.

DARLA said...

VERY AWESOME, we are waiting until After T-day with baited breath to see how you are doing! I imagine being home is AWESOME. Did Jericho wag his tail off?
We will pray that the 3% will be healed. Love you girl and we hope to see you soon! The link in my name is nothign special today. I just put in my TWIT WALL.
Give you sis's and parents hugs from us! OH and you get a hug too!

Bryanna Morales said...


i SO glad to hear that your doing good in your own house!!! i heard MR RUIZ wnt o visit u last night!!!! i hope u get a sleed andgood health!!! i bet your ready 4 thanksgving!!!! i hpe hav a wounderful thanksgiving!!!! im praying 4 u!!!!!have a good night sleep!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jesse 3% that's Wonderful!!
We're praying that the last 3% will be gone as well, by the time you go back for your next check up.
There's Nothing too difficult for the Lord to do!
We're so happy to hear you're able to chill, and enjoy your precious time at home with your family, what a Blessing.
We sure do take so much for granted huh! It's time like this that really allow us to truly see how Blessed we are!
"Thank you Lord we have families & nice homes and All that you've Blessed us with."
We love you, and are rejoicing with you and your family Jesse.
Michele Alvarez& family

God's Girl said...

So nice to hear such an awesome praise report! Our mighty God is so good (even though life can be really hard).

Keep running to Jesus!

In quietness and trust is your strenth.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

hey im glad your home and your with jerico that is unbeliveabul to me ummm well i love you so much you know but im really happy your my sister and deep inside of me feels like you that is what makes me cry and get eamoshenal i really want to tell you your the most wonderful thing in my life and i love haveing you by me all the time because your a huge chunk of my life that i keep hanging onto and will never ever let go you mean so much to me and if i could never see you again i would be lost in the blue but when i do see you i see a beautiful light i wanted to tell you this because i want you to hear how i really fell so jesse i love you alot

love mckenzie

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! 3% that is SO amazing!!!!! I am so happy for you that you get to be around all your family at once in your own comfort zone!!! Cangrats!!! :D

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hello Jesse and All, what wonderful, wonderful news!! It's just like Jesus to roll the clouds away, It's just like Jesus to keep you day by day; It's just like Jesus, all along the way, It's just like His great love, to do such a wonderful work!
Psalms 113:1-4
Praise ye the Lord. Praise, Oh you servants of the Lord, praise the name of the Lord. Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and evermore. From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised. The Lord is high above all nations, and His glory above the heavens. --And you need to read the rest of the chapter for more blessings.

We are standing in prayer and faith with all the others who care, that the 3% will be gone by your next check-up; and praising God that 97% is GONE.
Grandpa said, "Be sure to tell Jesse I am glad she is better, and I love her." We love you all, and trust you have a good night, and a BEAUTIFUL day tomorrow!
We love you barrels and heaps, bushels and pecks, and lots of hugs around your necks!
Grandma and Grandpa

Meghan =] said...

Hey Jesse! I love getting to see you write on the blogs. Its pretty cool =D

I'm happy to hear that you are eating and enjoying being at home. I can only imagine the feeling.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving too!

love you lots,


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