Monday, October 27, 2008

Update From Clent

I wanted to update everyone this morning (Dad). I wanted to thank everyone so much for all the prayers and so many acts of kindness. The company I work for, Adolfson and Peterson, is truelly the best company on the planet to work for. They have allowed me to be with my daughter in this critical time. The outreach of love and prayers from everyone has touched Dee's and my hearts.

Jesse has not eaten any solid food now, and held it down, for six days. She had an appetite last night but couldn't hold down the cracker. They are going to look at feeding her through a tube when they are done with one of the three chemo chemicals. She hasn't lost to much weight though because of the IV content. We found out last night that Jesse is suppose to have two spinal taps a week. She is still having bad back pain from the one she had last Tuesady. She will have one today to see if the first one killed the Leukemia that was found there. It is very important this doesn't get in her nervous system and go to her brain. The blood treatments through her IV does not work on the nervous system Leukemia like injecting the Chemo in the vein that houses the spinal chord. This process will be every Monday and Thursday untill the test results come back that he is clean. Then they will do two more to check and be sure. This broke our hearts because of the pain Jesse has to endure and is just now starting to come out of the first one.

Through this all we know God is using our family for his good. Jesse crys and wants to go home (so do I) but when we talk and pray she agrees God's plan is what we want to be a part of ...for his glory. Pray for her strength today (and mine). As the time gets closer to the spinal tap she knows what this is going to do to her back. She is trying to be brave through it all. Thanks again for all of your support and friendship. We love you all