Monday, October 27, 2008

Praise Report!!!

Jesse had her second spinal tap today along with chemo in her spine. This is what caused her last back pain, so we where really dreading the procedure, since she was just beginning to get over the pain. She is happily in her bed with just a pain level of 2 without any medication!! We also have the results from her first spinal tap. Tomorrow we will work on getting her to sit up, and hopefully ease the nausea from laying down the last 6 days.

There are two ways to go with AML a preferred better gene report, or the opposite. Jesse has deletion gene 7 and inversion gene 16. This means she has the preferred kind, and she will not have the bone marrow transfusion!!! Thank you Lord for this wonderful news, we will finally have a good night sleep.

Poverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

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Meghan =] said...

AW Jesse, I am missing you soo much! =[

I can't wait till your better, its killing me just to know what your going through. I'm praying to God every day that you start to feel better and that this will all go away. I'm praying for your family too. <3

Last time I came to visit you I forgot to bring the cards I picked out, Of course I would be the one to do that... LOL

The site looks great though. Glad I was able to finally check it out. I'm trying to get my webcam going, I'm not too great with the tech stuff... but hopefully I can figure it out by tomorrow when your awake.

Well feel better Jesse! Love you!

Your friend,