Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Break out the cake and balloons!!

Jesse held down a cracker and some water last night. When she wakes up we will try for a half of a piece of toast on our way to that cheese burger she really wants.

They started feeding her through her IV tube last night because one of the Chemo's she was taking is done and that was the one that would react badly with the protein and vitamins that are in the IV food. This goes directly to the Kidney so it can't be used for a prolonged period. The next option is a tube down the nose to the stomach and I felt with all the other forms of torcher she is enduring that might be considered "piling on".

Jesse got her hair cut last night by a dear sister from our church. It's shoulder lenght now and reminds me of what she looked like when she was 8 back on our ranch in Southern Oregon. She is working her way to the short hair cut (much like mine) slowly. When someone smarter on computers shows up (that could be the next 6 year old that comes in the room) we will down load the picture.

Thanks again for all the prayers. Pray does work and God does listen to the hearts of his children. Please continue to pray that the Spinal Tap tomorrow shows no Leukemia in her back and nervous system. The MRI she had a few days ago showed that her spinal cord extends down past her Lumbar 4 which is very very rare (we knew Jesse was strange just not how much). It extends down into the sack that holds the fluids that house the spinal chord. They will be using a machine, with a name I can't even guess how to spell, that allows them to watch on camera as the needle goes in to make sure they are in the fluid area (no dry tap this time) and not hit the spinal chord (maybe cause of back pain?) Technology. Wow

We are praising God for all he is doing for our family and how He is using Jesse for his glory. The blessings that are happening because of this illness are beyond my little brains comprehension. But the ones I do see are amazing. She has brought close friends back together and caused people who don't normally pray (or pray as much as they should) to seek Gods will. It has caused parents to love their children more and spend more time with them because they grow up fast and never know when something can happen to them that changes the family. There is so much more God is doing with this. I am proud God has chosen Jesse to be the light in so many peoples lives. I don't think giving her the flu would have made the same statement so apparently my vote didn't count :)

God bless all who are reading this and have a great day rejoicing in the Lords kindness and mercy.


God's Girl said...

I am so blessed by you Jesse! God is using you and your circumstances to bring glory to God! You and your family are amazing! He is doing a good work through this most difficult time.

I pray that you would be healed and I can't wait until you have your appitite back. I'll bring you a hamburger or something. : )

I love you sweet girl!

Keep clinging to Jesus!

Julie K

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